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* Wait, someone's making a movie starring Christian Bale as Moses? And Aaron Paul is in it? SO MANY CONFLICTING REACTIONS RIGHT NOW.

* Bob Odenkirk talks about Saul Goodman, the end of Breaking Bad, and the potential spin-off.

* I guess Bryan Cranston won't be growing his hair back anytime soon - he's been cast as Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel(s). I am suddenly really excited about this franchise, lol. Or not.

* In other superhero movie villain news, James Spader will be playing Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Another interview with Jed and Maurissa about Agents of SHIELD.

* The Marvel Experience is apparently a thing that is happening.

* LOL a TV show based on Les Miserables centered around a modern-day lawyer is not actually a TV show based on Les Miserables, mmkay?

* Will Homeland follow the path of Breaking Bad or Dexter? Read the interview with Alex Gansa and make your prediction!

* Lisa Kudrow will have a recurring role on Scandal this season.

* Sutton Foster is guest starring on Psych.

* ETA: Check out the audience member who got to sing "For Good" with Kristin Chenoweth!
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* Following the success of the movie, Les Miserables is, unsuprisingly, coming back to Broadway. Has anyone seen the "reimagined" show? I am torn - I am kind of curious to see what's been changed, but I also don't want to be disappointed if it's TOO reimagined, lol. Speaking of Broadway, I'm going up to New York next weekend with my mom. We're taking our chances at the TKTS booth, but if anyone has recommendations, I'm open. Right now, I'm leaning toward either The Mystery of Edwin Drood or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

* My bb Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick in a movie version of The Last Five Years! First of all, I am shocked this is happening, because TLFY is not a very well-known show, so I'm not sure what kind of movie audience they'd get (surely not the blockbuster of Les Miserables) although maybe they're counting on the new off-Broadway production to drum up attention? Second, I am curious how they plan to adapt it, given the structure of the show. But mostly: YAY.

* The Americans has been renewed for a second season already. After only four episodes have aired. That's how good it is, people.

* Nifty Catching Fire posters.

* Men and women apparently tweet differently. Women are more frequent users of "emoticons, ellipses (…), expressive lengthening (nooo waaay), repeated exclamation marks, puzzled punctuation (combinations of ? and !), the abbreviation omg, and transcriptions of backchannels like ah, hmm, ugh, and grr." As a frequent offender in allllllllll of those categories, this piqued my interest. I haven't read through the entire study, but the first thing that pops into my head is whether Twitter-speak might be influenced by the culture of more gendered spaces on the internet (compare the predominately female LJ/DW to the predominately male Reddit). We tend to adopt the speech patterns of our social group, and I know that I at least have been very influenced by my fandom experience. (I NEVER USED TO CAPSLOCK SO MUCH. NOW I HAVE ALL THE FEELINGS.)

And now, top fives:

From [personal profile] ever_neutral:

Top Five Dudes You Would Bang )
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* This Anne Hathaway Les Miserables parody is brilliant. "I did it all in one take, bitches!"

* Kermit the Frog talks about the Muppets sequel.

* Shameless was renewed for a 4th season. Anyone else watching season 3? I love this show so hard.

* Vampire!musician!Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton (who is also a vampire, but it doesn't even matter because Tilda Swinton is ALWAYS terrifying). I really hope this gets a distributor.

* The third part of that RDJ interview from yesterday.

* It was already pretty much a foregone conclusion, but now it's official that HIMYM is getting a 9th season.
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[1-42] Les Miserables
[43-49] Aaron Tveit
[50-52] Amanda Seyfried
[53] Jeremy Jordan
[54-57] Heidi Blickenstaff & Susan Blackwell
[58] Jeremy Renner
[59] Scarlett Johansson


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Been somewhat out of commission this week. My parents were here this weekend, and if it seems like that's really soon for them to visit after I just spent a whole week there over Christmas, you'd be right. But I had a colonoscopy on Monday, and so they came down so that I'd have someone to drive me home while I was loopy from the anesthesia. (Which I actually got this time. SO MUCH BETTER. Last time they gave me fucking extra strength Tylenol and I was awake the whole time and felt EVERYTHING. WHAT THE FUCK. I think that actually qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. And the doctor was all, "You can watch on that screen if you want!" Like I'm Katie Couric or something.)

Anyway. Links:

* It's really a shame this post is in all-caps, because it's really a fascinating and insightful take on cinematography and pins down exactly what I disliked about Les Miserables but couldn't quite put into words.

* Speaking of which, there may possible be an extended director's cut version of Les Miserables? GOOD GOD HOW MUCH LONGER COULD THAT MOVIE POSSIBLY BE?

* Aaron Tveit continues to be my favorite, giving pronunciation lessons, talking about Les Miserables and his new show, Graceland, and why he's not on Twitter.

* Sarah Michelle Gellar is trying again with TV, this time on a sitcom. To be fair, I've always thought SMG's comedic talent was vastly underrated. She was great at the comic material on Buffy.

* Downton Abbey and Entourage are pretty much the same show. I can't actually speak to that, having never seen Entourage, but the criticisms of Downton are spot-on. Having just rewatched the first two eps of season 3 while my mom was here, this in particular resonated with me: "Downton Abbey is full of tension heightened by the fact that these people have nothing better to do than sit around and worry about nothing."

* Community could totes possibly get a fifth season. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that one.

* Jon Stewart says what we've all been thinking about the gun control debate.

* This oral history of Good Will Hunting made me all nostalgic. Remember when Matt and Ben were nobodies from Boston? LOL Matt: "Ben’s still the youngest writer to ever win an Oscar for screenwriting. I’d be the youngest if it weren’t for Ben. Fucking asshole."

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* A very thorough analysis of the pros and cons of Downton Abbey season 3 (mainly spoiler-free). I agree a lot more with the negatives than the positives, although basically it boils down to I will watch this show as long as Maggie Smith and Michelle Dockery are on it and fuck everything else.

has taken a lot of (wholly justified) flak for its precipitous fall from grace, but I wonder if it's not a bit of a Homeland situation, where it hasn't gotten a lot worse so much as it just was never really as good as we thought? I mean, let's not forget, season 1 included a foreign dignitary dying in Lady Mary's bed, and a late-night cover-up to get rid of the body (or at least put him back in his own room). As soap operas go, that's pretty sudsy. I think the trouble with Downton isn't that the plotlines have gotten more ridiculous (although they have, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing). It's that the drama is focused on all the wrong things. I mean, for God's sake, NO ONE CARES ABOUT BATES. Seriously, no one would mind if he'd rotted away in prison for the rest of the series, as long as we never had to see him again. There's a lot of great conflict to be mined from these characters and their relationships, but "Will Mary and Matthew get married?" "Will they lose the estate?" "Is modernization the work of the devil?" and "What exactly is the point of Branson's continued existence?" are not the most interesting questions for the show to explore.

* The Vampire Diaries has a Big Bad problem? LOL no. While I definitely agree that there is a PROBLEM with Klaus, I don't know that the Buffy Big Bad model is necessarily better? I quite like that TVD blurs the line between good and evil, that the so-called good guys are often just as terrible as the people they're fighting against. I'm even a fan of the way that all the "bad guys" seem to switch sides whenever it's convenient for them, because it seems like a much more truthful depiction of human nature - that we are, ultimately, motivated by self-interest more than abstract ~morals. It's not about good vs. evil; it's about conflicting desires and priorities that aren't necessarily right or wrong.

The problem with Klaus, though, is that the show wants to have it both ways. It wants Klaus to be the mustache-twirling villain, but it also wants him to become part of the gang and make googly eyes at Caroline. Which is a totally valid character arc (see also: Damon/Elena), but you can't do that and then expect us to take him seriously as a villain. Damon still does some horrific, unconscionable things, but he hasn't been the "villain" in a long time. Nor is anyone actively trying to defeat Damon anymore, the way that everyone seems to be trying to defeat Klaus, except when they're not, because the show wants to keep him around forever (apparently) and so they can't ever actually succeed. And that makes both Klaus and everyone else look foolish, because they've been in the same basic stalemate for two seasons now. I don't think it's a coincidence that the mid-season finale was the first time in a while I've really enjoyed the Klaus plot, because it was the first time in ages someone's actually made an effort to oppose him and forced them out of the stalemate. (Also, ripping out hybrid hearts to Christmas carols? EPIC.)

The OP absolutely has a point here: "I can’t help but feel that if TVD were less focused on converting any potential baddie into a series regular for us to get to know and love, we could focus more on what makes Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie tick." But not because we need Big Bad Villains to root against. The cast is simply too damn big and the show doesn't have the time or interest to give them all interesting storylines and character arcs. "Potential baddies" like the Originals can still be complex and morally grey, while also being ushered off-stage when they've served their purpose. This show just doesn't know when to let go.

* GPOY courtesy of [personal profile] per_aspera_ad_astra: How I lost my virginity, in gifs.

* For any other political/musical nerds out there: Les Fiscal Miserables.

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Um, I feel sort of silly putting a spoiler warning on a 150-year-old novel - and I strongly doubt there are many people going into this movie not knowing the story beforehand - but, you know.

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And it is good. Mostly. Full review forthcoming. For now, links:

* Samantha Barks as Eponine, singing "On My Own."

* Aaron Tveit talks about playing Enjolras, plus a clip of "Red and Black." I am also very excited to hear that he's been filming a TV pilot for USA Network. (I was wondering why he wasn't at the premieres!)

* This AV Club review is actually pretty spot-on, IMO.

In non-Les Miserables news:

* The sire bond plot is one of The Vampire Diaries' best ideas ever? Well, I don't know if I'd go THAT far, but there are some valid points which [personal profile] semele made, like, two weeks ago, but who's counting?

* Dan Stevens talks about a thing that happened on Downton Abbey that I don't know about because I haven't watched the Christmas special yet, but I kinda figured it was happening? Major spoilers, I imagine.

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Guess that means I have to finish my Christmas shopping after all.

I am at my parents' house, and since I have a crazy ELEVEN days off this year, I brought a special guest with me. Chelsea (who is currently hiding under the covers on my bed) gets to come home with me and hopefully she and Patches (my parents' cat) will not kill each other. We won't try to introduce them for another few days, at least (they've met before, but it was a few years ago and didn't go well).

Pre-Christmas linkspam:

* The writing's been on the wall for a while, but Leverage has officially been canceled. I suppose it's good, in a way, since this season has very much had the feel of a final season, and the season finale episode (which airs Christmas Day) was written as a series finale "just in case." Here's hoping Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, and Beth Riesgraf find other work soon. I will miss those crazy kids.

* And yet, HIMYM goes on and on, now extended for a ninth season. DAMMIT JASON SEGEL. I was depending on him to stop this madness, but apparently he caved.

* Another Les MIserables clip, this time the full version of "At the End of the Day." Definitely better than "One Day More," but this discussion of 10 reasons the movie misses the mark is starting to look more and more accurate.

* Ben Affleck for Senate? This is apparently an actual possibility.

* Community's holiday sneak peek involves ADORABLE KITTENS.

If I don't make it back online before Christmas, hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

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Just watched a video of the full song "One Day More" (with Spanish subtitles!) from the movie. I am... underwhelmed? It's possible that this is just not a number that translates well to the screen, because the staging can't be replicated with any sort of realism. But all that cutting back and forth between the characters in different places just doesn't build the momentum the way the cast coming together into that big marching-in-place triangle does. It's a good thing the movie doesn't have an intermission, because that felt like a weak act closer.

I also am not impressed by the vocals in this song. Granted, it's not the easiest song to sing, but Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried all sounded weak. I know the live singing thing seems to impress a lot of people, but I can't help wondering if maybe they'd have been better off in a more ideal recording environment.

On the plus side, this clip does feature my Broadway boyfriend, Aaron Tveit, as Enjolras, which is the first I've seen of him. \o/ I miss his red vest, though. :(

What are your thoughts? Are you more or less excited for the movie now that you've gotten a preview? I was pretty pleased when the first trailers popped up, but the subsequent clips have been slightly disappointing. But, to be fair, I have a slight obsession with the show, so I'm hardly objective. Am I being too picky? lol
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* Damian Lewis, WHAT ARE YOU SIR, because "human" does not cover it.

* If you have not already, get thee to [personal profile] petzipellepingo's post and watch Les Miserables clips! I gotta say, though, the fact that I love Samantha Barks (Eponine) the most kind of proves my point from yesterday about theater actors. Most noticeably, Russell Crowe so does not have the voice for this. :(

The Hawkeye Initiative, in which artists take those ridiculous comic superheroine poses and put Hawkeye in them instead. Prompted by the Hawkeye/Black Widow switcheroo, though Jeremy Renner kinda already does it himself:

* Baby owl wearing a hat:

Because OWL.

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It's not just for Les Miserables anymore!

* I neglected to post because it happened over the holiday, but Chevy Chase has left Community. Good riddance. It's pretty unlikely that the show will get a 5th season, so they really don't even have to write him off if they can't be bothered. Apparently there are still one or two more episodes of season 4 to film without him, but I doubt anyone will mind if he just doesn't show up for a couple weeks.

* Downton Abbey was renewed for a fourth season, but possibly without Maggie Smith? Or Dan Stevens? (As a sidebar, I didn't realize that Jessica Brown Findlay wanted out to pursue a Hollywood career. That... does not make [S3 spoiler - y'all know what I'm talking about] any better, but at least there was a reason for it?)

* In other Brit-TV news, if you've been waiting for season 2 of The Hour to air in the US, it premieres this Wednesday on BBC America.

* In still more Brit-TV news, Sherlock season 3 has been pushed back due to the actors' busy filming schedules.

* In not-at-all-about-TV news, this excerpt from a Louisiana textbook on evolution is downright terrifying.

* From the "Australia is AWESOME" file: Best PSA Ever. I will have that song stuck in my head for a long, long time, I expect.

* Okay, fine, one more Les Miserables review.
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What? It could be a thing.

As you might have guessed, I've been MIA because I went home to celebrate the Ritual Sacrifice with Pie with my family. The table did not collapse this year, which made it a 100% improvement over last Thanksgiving.

Also, while I was at home, the early reactions to the Les Miserables movie screening started trickling in:

"In a movie season that is largely about holding onto humanity in a cruel world, Les Misérables fits the bill beautifully."

"I began to think there was this story of twin epiphanies, of the discovery of spirituality and compassion and the transformative power of love."

"If you're like me (and, if so, may God have mercy on your soul) and worry that you won't enjoy Les Miz because you're not familiar with the source material, do not let that keep you away."

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* Nick Offerman on Parks and Rec and the Internet's obsession with Ron Swanson.

* NPH thinks this is it for HIMYM. I don't normally root for a show to be canceled, even if it's one I don't like, but if it means the writers will stop dicking around and actually tell the damn story, all the better.

* Elizabeth Mitchell talks about Revolution. I admit, I am confused as to the extent to which she is actually in this show? I mean... spoiler if you haven't watched the pilot, but we find out, like, fifteen minutes in, so it's not even that much of a spoiler, but... are we only going to see her in flashbacks, or is she somehow not ~really dead? Because it seems like she's supposed to be one of the draws here, and I'll be cranky if that's false advertising.

* Claire Danes talks about playing a bipolar character on Homeland. Damian Lewis also discusses Homeland, but with somewhat less delicacy about the mental illness issue.

* Trailer for The Hobbit and a practically frame-by-frame analysis of same.

* Les Miserables preview thingy, in which they talk about singing live while filming. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE YOU GUYS I CANNOT EVEN.

ETA: WEST WING REUNION CAMPAIGN AD/PSA!!! BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER. brb moving to Michigan to vote for Mary McCormack's sister.
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EDIT: You can watch the trailer here, since the YouTube one's been taken down and this one won't embed for me.



Jan. 5th, 2012 02:45 pm
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Why did no one tell me this was a thing?? New Les Miserables movie (this time with singing!) = CLEARLY IN MY INTERESTS. Plus, my Broadway crush, Aaron Tveit, is playing Enjolras, and - as of now - there are ZERO Jonas Brothers in the cast. What could be better?

See Aaron spin!

And then this happened.


Although, when you think about it, I guess Taylor Swift IS the perfect person to play a character described as a “pale, puny, meager creature" with a voice like "a drunken galley slave’s."

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I'm still rather obsessed with Titanic (I totally cry buckets every time I listen to "We'll Meet Tomorrow," and now I kind of want someone to make a vid of all the tragic Jossverse deaths set to that song. I blame [ profile] stormwreath's post).

Anyway, I thought, instead of featuring a new musical like I usually do, I'd do a themed post today. I actually came up with this theme before I did my Strictly Sexual post, but now it does seem apropos. Way back many computer malfunctions ago, I used to have a "sad songs" playlist, and these are my "He Loves Me Not" songs. They come from three different musicals, two that I've already featured here and one which needs no introduction.

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