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15 Vampire Diaries (mostly the ones from this post but without text)
18 Veronica Mars (from my Awesome Ladies picspam)


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Aka the randomest batch of icons EVER. Mainly old stuff from clearing out the "miscellaneous" folder, some from the Awesome Ladies picspam.


[1-4] Community (Annie)
[5-15] Doctor Who (mostly quotes)
[16-18] Firefly (originally made for [personal profile] snickfic)
[19-23] HIMYM
[24-25] Ringer
[26-28] Dexter (Dexter/Lumen)
[29] Fringe (Olivia)
[30-31] Lost (Boone, Juliet)
[32-33] 24 (Jack/Nina)
[34-37] Sliders (quotes)
[38-40] Miscellaneous quotes
[41-45] My photos

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These are more icons from my Awesome Ladies picspams, plus a few others for good measure. :)

7 Doctor Who (Amy Pond)
18 Downton Abbey
10 Miscellaneous (Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and Eowyn from Lord of the Rings)


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19 AtS icons
20 BtVS icons



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31 Being Erica icons



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It's here! The end of the Awesome Ladies meme!

Hahaha, okay, technically I could've finished it a while ago, but I made the picspams and then I got distracted by icon-making and... well, then I kinda wanted to redo the picspams but didn't have time because of all the iconning and I've been very busy rebuilding Elizabethan England (the Queen was very pleased with my work, and I made over 50 million pounds - at which point, I probably could've just BOUGHT England - but there were so many droughts and leaky roofs and my workers kept dying of the plague or something. It was all very stressful).

Where was I? Right. Picspam. FINAL DAY.

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I don't think I mentioned that what initially started this whole iconning frenzy was Farscape. So a lot of these are actually some of the first icons I made, before I figured out Gimp or... any sort of technique, really, which means that I hate them already, lol. But I figured I'd put them out there in case some of them don't suck. I promise, the next batch will be better!

51 Farscape icons (mostly S1)


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TVD, also as requested by [ profile] pocochina, although I got a bit carried away with Elena and Caroline, and not so much what she requested...

41 Vampire Diaries icons


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BSG Awesome Ladies this time, as requested by [ profile] pocochina. Some of them are from my original fiddlings; others are the result of some practice with Gimp. (Let's see if you can guess which is which, lol.)

18 BSG icons (Roslin, Six, D'Anna, Sharon, Ellen, and Cain)


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It appears I have found ANOTHER thing to gobble up all my free time (and then some). I've started making icons from my Awesome Ladies picspams. I'm still at the beginner level, so concrit is welcome! Also, I'll probably work my way through the rest of the picspams eventually, but if there are any in particular you'd like iconned, let me know.

30 BtVS icons (mainly Buffy and Dawn)


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Next to last day of the Awesome Ladies meme! What am I gonna picspam now? Hahahaha, I started making icons. I am insane.

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We are nearing the end! Which means the next few posts will just be random collections of awesome ladies, lol. YOU CANNOT CONTAIN ME WITH YOUR PUNY CATEGORIES, MEME! But this one I actually wanted to stick to, because I think it's just as important to celebrate the creators who give us these awesome lady characters. Even if it's harder to picspam, lol.

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As promised, a link round-up of my favorite [ profile] womenlovefest posts of the week. Apologies to the authors/artists for not leaving the flaily comments that were in my head. RL is a bitch sometimes.

Battlestar Galactica
Cally, Dee, and Ellen: on the reviled feminine on BSG: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy and Dawn Summers Graphics


Britta Perry: What's Her Deal?

Doctor Who
A Donna Noble Crack Theory
Martha Jones: In Defense of the Unrequited Love Arc

The Hunger Games
The Importance of Madge Undersee
Katniss Everdeen, and Character Strength from Unexpected Sources

The Vampire Diaries
Five Things Nobody Likes About Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert Quotes
Elena Gilbert Vidspam
Bonnie Bennett Picspam
Bonnie Bennett is a Superhero

Caroline Forbes: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Caroline Forbes: Self-Esteem is for Everybody

Multiple Fandoms
Women We Love vids (Olivia Dunham, Donna Noble, Aeryn Sun, Katniss Everdeen)
Buffy and Caroline vid recs

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AKA: the point at which I completely gave up on the meme and just started posting random awesomeness.

Speaking of which, I am pondering possibly doing a round-up of my favorite "We Love the Women Fandom Hates" posts from this week. I missed, like, 90% of the thing and didn't get a chance to participate myself, but lots of people have posted awesome things. (Shout-out to [personal profile] ever_neutral for being the stanniest Elena stan there is!)

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We are approaching the end of this, the longest month in the history of EVER.

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Well, now that the earthquake excitement has passed (yes, I'm fine, building is fine, everyone's fine except the whiny dog down the hall), I have more awesome ladies for you.

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First, hop on over to OH MY GOD, ME TOO!: The Unusual Opinions Amnesty Post that [ profile] pocochina is hosting. It's cathartic. :) Then come back here and celebrate some awesome ladies!

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I seem to have settled into a once-a-week pattern for this meme, so hopefully it won't take me the rest of my life to finish it.

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Oh, this meme. LONGEST 30 DAYS OF MY LIFE, YO. Haha, seriously, I started it over 4 months ago. New goal: Finish before the end of the year.

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