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I am officially a member, as I had my fifth colonoscopy yesterday! And what an honor, to have achieved this at only 31, having long ago surpassed my father's piddly count of two (at 63 years of age), and closing in on my mother's more impressive six (also 63, family history of colon cancer and polyps). To be fair, though, she started at 40, so she's had 23 years to rack up that number. I did mine in six years. *drops mic*

I did the math, which is depressing. My doctor recommends having a colonoscopy every two years. They generally stop performing them once you hit 75 or so. But that's for colon cancer screening, I guess because they figure the chances of you dying of something ELSE is much higher at that point, so why torture the elderly unnecessarily? Could be there's no limit for Crohn's. So, conservative estimate, assuming I live to be 75 and don't have many more years like this one, where I had two colonoscopies in 3 months for clinical trial purposes, I'm looking at another 44 years of every two years.

That's 22 more colonoscopies. TWENTY-TWO. Conservative estimate.

That seems... unfair.

In other news, y'all know that my dad is a fairly skilled amateur home remodeler/mechanic/handyman. We always joke that he should have his own HGTV show called "Projects Without Permits," since he is not actually licensed to do any of the things he does, but that really only matters because homeowners' insurance can be sort of picky about paying for accidents resulting from unlicensed construction/electrical/plumbing work. But that's only if something goes wrong. Which it never has.

My mom, on the other hand, is very talented at many things, but home repair is not one of them (you should try her lasagna, though!). So their latest project is remodeling their master bathroom. My dad has completely retiled the floor and the shower, installed new fixtures, sink, vanity, etc. My mom's job? Paint the linen closet. The linen closet is a rather tight space, so for this job, she had a little mini paint roller with a matching mini paint tray. I am told it was adorable. I never saw it, for reasons that will soon become clear.

So at one point, my father walks into the bathroom, into what he describes as a scene from The Three Stooges: My mother is standing on a step-ladder, leaning over to reach the back corner of the closet, except that as she leans, the paint tray tilts with her, and so it is spilling paint all down the step-ladder and onto the floor. While bending down to clean up the spilled paint in the narrow space, she bumps against wet walls both in front of and behind her, and now has paint in her hair and on the back of her pants.

She resumes painting. Somehow - and neither one of them could tell you precisely how it happened - she manages to fling the mini paint roller so vigorously that the sponge part flies off the handle and directly into a hole in the wall, which my father had made in order to access the water pipes for the shower. So my mother, already covered in paint, is now sticking her entire arm into this hole in the wall in an effort to retrieve the paint roller.

Dad: "You're going to get stuck."

The paint roller is never recovered.

Later: My parents have come to visit for my colonoscopy, and my mother has decided that I need plants on my balcony. She loves flowers, and rather enjoys gardening, so I let her do her thing, even though there is a 90% chance I will kill them within a week. My father and I are watching with bemusement as my mother sits out on the balcony, digging around in a flower pot with a kitchen spoon, because $11 was too much to pay for a shovel at Home Depot, and of course I don't have one. Gardening is too dirty. Which I say, out loud, and my mother mocks me for it.

And then she accidentally flings dirt out of the pot and all over her shoes. Me: "I rest my case."

When she's finished her planting - and her side of the balcony is smeared with mud - she realizes she can't come in the house without taking off her shoes because she'll track dirt in, but she can't untie her shoes until she's washed her hands because her hands are caked with mud. Me: "Would you like some wet wipes?" Mom: "Shut up. And yes."

Once she's got most of the dirt off her hands, she realizes she forgot to replace the garden flag in one of the planters. The garden flagpole is tethered to the balcony railing, because it gets super windy up there on the 6th floor, so sticking it back in the planter involves some maneuvering. My mother's solution is to tip the planter sideways and slide it under the flagpole's bottom prongs. Immediately, it tips too far and more dirt spills out onto the balcony. My mother looks at her hands, looks at the dirt, says, "Oh for God's sake!" and starts picking it up by the handful and tossing it back in the pot.

Dad: "What'd I tell you? Three Stooges." Me: "More wet wipes?" :D
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As I mentioned, my parents came to visit on Saturday and stayed through Monday in what turned out to be a rather eventful weekend.

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Hahaha, you guys! You know how last night I did my sorta-kinda drunken gif-rant about the kitchen sink?

And this was after OVER A WEEK of zero progress on the issue. But I post and not twelve hours later? VICTORY!!!!

Yes, kids, my sink is FIXED. The maintenance guy even cleaned it, too! (which is excellent because after a week of other people's dirty dishwater flooding my sink, it was pretty frickin' NASTY)

And it was all made possible by the power of emphatic gif-spamming.

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AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH (aka who wants to hear about my condo woes?)

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Heh, so, uh, last night my air conditioner kind of... exploded a little bit? It hasn't been running much, since it's been cooler lately, but last night it started up, and almost immediately, I hear this loud clanking noise. And then, when I go over to the convector to check on it, as soon as I open the top panel, a puff of smoke wafts out, along with a delightful burning smell.

My dad thinks the fan motor broke or something and assures me that it will probably not catch on fire while I am away this weekend. Still, I am wondering whether I should've taught Chelsea how to operate a fire extinguisher.

The other two convector units are fine, which probably has something to do with the fact that they are brand new. Because, when I bought this place, as part of the settlement, the seller had all the units checked and repaired/replaced as necessary, considering that they were all probably at least thirty years old. Two of the three got replaced, but the HVAC technician seemed to think that Smokey McFirestarter in the dining room was just peachy keen! Apparently not.

Anyway, the next time my dad comes down to visit, we'll see if he can fix it.

In other news, it is STILL RAINING. Arks are being discussed. Seriously, yesterday, the creek behind my building was so high it covered the sidewalk! It was back to only-slightly-higher-than-normal levels this morning, though. (Not that it makes a difference to me. I live on the 6th floor, haha.)


Aug. 21st, 2011 09:25 pm
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Final HGTV weekend is finished; my condo is COMPLETE. Well, except for a few minor touches, but the tile is grouted, the pictures are hung, and I bought this fabulous little stain marker that covers up all the scratches and chips in my wood furniture. Works like magic!!! I went a little crazy coloring everything I own, but all my stuff looks brand new!

Plans are coming together for housewarming party. I haven't done a Cooking with Eowyn post in aaaaages, but I will probably have a few cool recipes to post from my party menu.

I am feeling better after this weekend's BLARGH. Funny thing about vomiting up whole meals at once? My abs are sore like I did a few hundred crunches! This is a new experience, since I am used to doing this song and dance on a basically empty stomach.

In other news, it is [personal profile] gabrielleabelle's birthday! My BFF in gastro nastiness! Let us give thanks for she who brings us fabulous feminism and Buffy meta.

Here, have a kitten!

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If you've been following my renovation picspams, you may have noticed that I have a divided bathroom - a washroom with the sink and the linen closet, and then the toilet and bathtub in a separate room. My bedroom opens into the washroom as well, which means there are a lot of doors in one small space. I would like to get rid of one of them, preferably the door from the living room to the washroom. Obviously the bath/toilet needs a door for privacy, and I'd like to keep my bedroom door. Besides which, the washroom door is really in the way when it's open, and it's awkward to get around.

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Here it is! My (mostly) finished condo! Still a few things that need to be done, like grouting the tile in the kitchen and hanging all my pictures, but mostly, it's done!

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Last picspam of the condo renovations! The next time you see my place, I will be living in it!

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As promised, the epic picspam of condo renovations. Unfortunately, I don't have the "before" pictures, since they're on my parents' camera, so these start out partway through our work.

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Howdy, kids. Hope all my fellow Americans had a nice 4th of July. Here in Condo World, long weekend means extra dose of parents! But we did get a lot of work done. Here is the list of accomplishments for this week:

1. Picked up my new kitchen cabinets at Lowe's. Also purchased a new bathroom light while we were there.
2. Went to a couple more stores and finally found tile that might work for the backsplash in the kitchen.
3. Installed the new pantry cabinet.
4. Finished installing the floor.
5. Installed new baseboards.
6. Built a cabinet for the bathroom.
8. Took down curtain rods in my apartment and brought them over to the condo.
9. Packed two boxes of kitchen stuff and a box of clothes/shoes/purses, and filled three trash bags with stuff I never wear/use.
10. Bought a new vacuum cleaner and hardware for the kitchen cabinets.
11. Cleaned up the enormous sawdusty mess in my bedroom where my dad had been doing the woodcutting.
12. Took down old bathroom light.
13. Cleaned medicine cabinet.
14. Installed new dining room light.

I also had hoped to have a 4th of July mini-barbecue, but unfortunately, I don't have a grill and we'd already packed the George Foreman. So my mom made fried chicken instead, along with her famous potato salad (famous because it is requested by all of her friends whenever they have barbecues). Then we went back over to the condo and sat out on my balcony to watch the fireworks. (I have a balcony, you guys! Where I can watch fireworks! This is SO COOL.) We weren't sure what we would see, but we had a pretty nice view of the ones at the Washington Monument, as well as a few others in northern Virginia. At one point, we were watching four simultaneous fireworks displays, lol.

Took lots more pictures of the condo, so expect a picspam sometime this week.

Ooh, and guess what I am doing tomorrow? NEXT TO NORMAL AT THE KENNEDY CENTER!!!!!! OMG SO EXCITED.
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Parents were back this weekend. Only two days this time instead of four, so all we did was put up the crown molding - and by "we" I mostly mean my dad, since no one else is allowed to touch the power tools. My parents also brought half the floor (that's all that would fit in their car without the bumper dragging on the ground), and picked up the rest on their way home today, to bring next weekend. The appliances arrived on Saturday, though none of them are actually hooked up to anything yet, and the dishwasher and microwave are still on the floor in the living room. Installation will be next week's project, along with the floor.

Still on the to-do list:
1. order additional kitchen cabinets, preferably ones that match the ones that are already there
2. decide on a tile backsplash (because the ones I picked out last weekend won't work, apparently)
3. get additional counter top in the kitchen
4. pick a color to paint the bathroom

And then, you know... putting it all in the condo. Good thing we decided not to take the wall down. I don't think we'd be done in time.

Top Fives!

May. 30th, 2011 01:32 pm
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I'm way behind on responding to comments, and haven't posted in a while. And I have lots of homework to do. But SO TIRED. After settlement on the new condo, my parents and I:

1. Painted the kitchen
2. Removed all the old baseboards
3. Removed the tile in the foyer
4. Went to Lowe's to buy new baseboards and crown molding
5. Painted the new baseboards and crown molding
6. Cleaned the kitchen floor
7. Cleaned the bathtub/shower
8. Recaulked the bathtub
9. Bought new kitchen appliances
10. Picked out tile for the kitchen backsplash
11. Went to Bed Bath & Beyond to look at window treatments
12. Took lots of measurements for putting in the new floor and where the furniture might go
13. Watched way too many Frasier reruns

A while ago, before I got distracted by my NEW CONDO OMG, I asked for top five lists. Here's the first few, but if you have more ideas, leave a comment either here or in the original post.

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Happy Easter! I had a three day weekend, which means the parental units descended on Friday. We spent much of the weekend visiting Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot, Lowe's, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and various other home improvement stores, looking at flooring, tile, appliances, etc. for the new condo.

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Mar. 11th, 2011 11:46 pm
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GAH epic midterm is DONE. With 20 minutes to spare, lol. Score one for procrastination, eh? :)


Okay, technically, I haven't bought it yet, because there's still the home inspection and the mortgage approval and no actual money has exchanged hands. But the seller and I have agreed on the terms and signed a contract - and I got this place for $13,000 less than the other seller was asking. SAME BUILDING SAME LAYOUT, just a different floor. I kind of want to go back to the first lady and be like, "Neener neener, you lose!" but apparently that is frowned upon among grown-ups?

Calling the mortgage lady on Monday, home inspection is on Wednesday... and in between I am turning 27. Yipes!


Mar. 9th, 2011 11:43 am
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Well, I didn't get the condo. The seller came back with a slightly reduced offer, but it was still above my price limit (not to mention the appraisal value), and they refused to come down any further.

Last night, I met with my realtor and put in an offer on my second choice, which is almost exactly the same as the first choice, lol - same building, just opposite side of the building and a lower floor. And the waiting game resumes...
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...but I put an offer in on a condo, the one that had been my first choice and fortunately was still available. The offer was pretty low, so we don't expect the seller to accept it, but hopefully she'll counteroffer and we'll agree on something I can afford. If not, I have a couple other options for similar places, but signing all the papers made it actually sink in. I AM BUYING A HOUSE OMG.
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