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* Avengers: Age of Ultron official trailer! I am... kinda underwhelmed, actually? I mean, it's all epic and angsty and apocalyptic, and I'm sure it'll be great, but what I have always loved best about the MCU films is the humor and fun.

* Speaking of superhero stories that lay off the angst, The Flash has been picked up for a full season. It's lighthearted without being lightweight, and I am really enjoying it so far.

* Oh god, someone made a chart of all the superhero movies coming out in the next six years. It's... a lot.

* LOL RDJ now owns the gigantic "A" from Stark Tower in The Avengers.

* Adrianne Palicki talks about her appearance on Agents of SHIELD, plus photos of her in her new Mockingbird costume.

* Allison Janney looks back at some of the highlights of her career.

* Tatiana Maslany on Broadway OMG.

* These Game of Thrones photos mean little to me, since I haven't read the books, but apparently it means big changes?

* Lots of new photos from the Into the Woods movie, plus an interview with Anna Kendrick.

* The Bridge will not be getting a third season.

* A memory expert weighs in on the conflicting POVs of The Affair's unreliable narrators.

* The New Yorker profiles Billy Joel, whom I still love after all these years. He was a favorite of my parents, and I grew up on his music, and it was some of the first popular music I learned to play on the piano.
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So, we all remember the guy who was allergic to making plans, right? We should, it was only a week ago, don't tell me your short-term memory is that bad. Well, this is STILL GOING ON because it turns out this is a dude who does not know when to let it go.

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Oct. 18th, 2014 09:44 pm
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* Laura Benanti talks more about her role on Nashville.

* There's going to be a Twin Peaks book that comes out in advance of the new season on Showtime.

* Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Oscars! \o/

* Jeremy Renner talks more about Kill the Messenger.

* Archie Panjabi is leaving The Good Wife, which means they won't have to keep awkwardly avoiding ever having Alicia and Kalinda in the same room.

* If you've been hoping for a la carte TV or streaming-only services, you may be happy to hear that HBO is planning an online-only subscription, and CBS just launched theirs.

* Warner Bros. announced their DC comics film schedule through 2020 - including a Wonder Woman stand-alone in 2017, which, unless Marvel steps up, will be the first female-led superhero film in either shared universe. They may also be introducing a female sidekick if Jena Malone is really playing Robin in Batman V. Superman.

* Wow, Alan Cumming's story about his parentage is crazy.

* I am all for making The Last Unicorn into a Broadway musical, but lol Josh Duhamel is involved?

* New Mockingjay trailer in which Katniss returns to District 12.

* A Veronica Mars blast from the past via [ profile] frelling_tralk: Teddy Dunn (who quit acting and is a lawyer now!) talks about Duncan Kane and why he left the show.
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Well hey, we haven't had a horrendous online dating story in a while! Mostly because I let my account expire and started planning my future as a crazy cat lady. But now [personal profile] per_aspera_ad_astra is all, like, sickeningly happy with some guy she met on there, making her the second of my college friends to have success on that site, so back I go. This is my first attempt.

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BIG announcement today. This is all still rather speculative, but it seems like fairly solid spoilers for Captain America 3, the Civil War arc in the comics, and probably Avengers 3 and/or 4, so no clicky if you don't want to know.

Sssssssssssssssspoilers )
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* Amber Benson plays Fuck Marry Kill with the Buffy characters. I might quibble with one or two, but overall she makes good choices, lol.

* I am not sure how I feel about Syfy's upcoming 12 Monkeys TV series. I am even less sure how I feel about a Little House on the Prairie movie.

* In case there was any doubt about what to get me for Christmas, the official Dancing Baby Groot is coming to a store near you.

* Neil Patrick Harris talks about his Choose Your Own Autobiography book: “I’m not trying to force my life down anyone’s throat. But if you want to read about things being forced down throats, you can go to that page.” Bless.

* Jeremy Renner did a Reddit AMA promoting his film, Kill the Messenger. He laughs a lot.

* Andy Mientus is playing a supervillain on The Flash. Speaking of The Flash, I watched the pilot episode and it was okay? I still haven't had a chance to see Arrow, but I will probably watch more of this.

* Transparent has been renewed for a second season. I spent some of this weekend watching most of the first season, so this makes me very happy.

* Very interesting discussion of how The Mindy Project deals with (or doesn't deal with) race.

* Here's a write-up of the NYCC panel on The Americans. Also from Comic-Con, the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney.

* And here's the first trailer for The Librarians, a fantasy series from one of the creators of Leverage (and starring Leverage and Angel alum Christian Kane).
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* I love Jon Stewart, but there is no way he'd have been a good choice to host Meet the Press, unless they wanted it to be a completely different show.

* Scarlett Johansson is coming to TV in an Edith Wharton adaptation.

* Yeah, the Twin Peaks thing is happening. Co-creator Mark Frost talks about why and how and what to expect from the Showtime series, as well as what they learned from that bumpy second season. If you haven't seen the original series, here's a Q&A that should convince you.

* Meanwhile, a proposed Say Anything remake got shut the hell down by Cameron Crowe.

* Jennifer Lawrence finally speaks out about the photo hacking, and she is fucking fierce. In other JLaw news, because Fox is not stupid, the next X-Men movie will be centered around Mystique.

* Better Call Saul now has a music video. Meanwhile, I'm so glad to see Bryan Cranston getting legit leading man roles in movies now.

* Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is teaming up with director David Fincher again, this time for an HBO series.

* RDJ's Reddit AMA is a pretty great read. His answers are a nice mix of serious and ridiculous. He's also been on an RDJ-ish tear, contradictorily answering questions about Iron Man 4 and whether he'll be in it. Answers range from "there is no such thing" to "okay, yes" to "if Mel Gibson directs it" to "can we please talk about something else?" (I mean. I'm assuming he said that one at some point.)

* Avengers 3 may not have (m)any of the first-string superheroes in it - which isn't surprising and is probably a positive, when you consider how big the roster will be at that point. The first film was already crowded with six of them, and poor Hawkeye got the short straw in the character development draw. Age of Ultron is adding three new heroes - plus they're introducing Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and who knows who else (Captain Marvel PLEASE GOD Captain Marvel) in the Phase 3 solo films. Possibly throw in the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Defenders characters from the upcoming Netflix series, and that's a fucking ginormous cast. So it only makes sense that they'd rotate characters in and out of the Avengers team-up films. It's what the comics always did anyway.
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* It appears that jettisoning Brody has not managed to improve Homeland. Well, then. I'm still going to watch the first episode (or I guess the first two, since it's a double-header premiere) to see for myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is it for me.

* My bb Aaron Tveit is going to London to star in Assassins.

* Joaquin Phoenix is definitely not playing Doctor Strange. (Ethan Hawke probably isn't, either.)

* Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing and starring in a musical about Alexander Hamilton? LOL that is so random I kinda want to see it.

* Laura Benanti talks about her stint on Nashville, which began in this week's ep.

* Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie are doing a British TV show together.

* The definitive history of The West Wing is fairly epic. I am most fascinated by the maps of the walk-and-talks, in which it becomes clear that these people frequently walked around in circles or took a much longer route than necessary in order to stay moving for the entire scene, lol. (Perhaps, like Sam, they were navigating by the North Star.)

* Is Twin Peaks coming back in some form or is David Lynch just fucking with us?

* Here's the first trailer for Sutton Foster's new series, Younger.

* Anna Gunn talks about Gracepoint. I watched the first ep, and while I love Gunn and many of the performances are great, it's pretty much a shot-for-shot remake of Broadchurch, which I have already seen. At some point, it's supposed to deviate and (possibly) have a different ending, but I think I'll wait until it's all aired and see if people think the deviations are worth watching for.

* Robert and Susan Downey are endlessly adorable and I totally ship them.

* Producer Elwood Reid talks about the season (and possibly series) finale of The Bridge. At times, this was a great show, but it also was just as often not great, and by the end, I found myself watching almost out of obligation more than anything, so I'm not sure I'd be disappointed if it doesn't get a third season.

* John Oliver definitely commits random acts of journalism with Last Week Tonight.

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* If you've been enjoying Outlander (as I have), you'll have to wait until April for more episodes.

* TVD is apparently done with doppelgangers (thank God), so they are sending poor Nina Dobrev over to The Originals to be overworked there instead.

* Creator Jill Soloway talks about Transparent and transgender rights.

* Another interview with Jeremy Renner about Kill the Messenger. Oh wait, here's one more. Sorry, I kinda love this dude.

* Here's a really interesting look at what it's like to be a prop master on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other TV series.

* Ben Affleck and Carrie Coon talk about Gone Girl, and Ben also talks a little about Batman.

* Yvette Nicole Brown is leaving Community. :( By the time they get around to filming the Yahoo season, there won't be anybody left.

* You're the Worst has been renewed for a second season.

* Yvonne Strahovski has landed a new TV series, Astronaut Wives Club.

* David Tennant and Anna Gunn talk about Gracepoint.

* Masters of Sex creator Michelle Ashford talks about the just-concluded second season.
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!! I have been in Chicago, so there's LOADS to catch up on. Which means you probably already saw these links two weeks ago when they were new, but in case you haven't, here they are:

Under a cut because it's super-long )
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Because some of these links are already kind of old and I don't want to sit on them until I can make a full post, lol.

* Two characters will be sitting out the next season of Game of Thrones, because they ran out of book.

* Drunk Benedict Cumberbatch is really the only acceptable Benedict Cumberbatch.

* First picture of Allison Williams as Peter Pan.

* Interview with my bb Aaron Tveit.

* Another reason to look forward to Agent Carter: it will be employing Enver Gjokaj.

* Captain Marvel may or may not be making a cameo in Age of Ultron, but the fact that she's expected to be a big part of Phase 3 is a good sign.

* The Russo brothers talk about preparing for Captain America 3. (Also, this is the first I've heard that Jeremy Renner was supposed to be in Winter Soldier. Did I miss when that went around the rumor mill?)

* Promos for The Good Wife, Agents of SHIELD, Downton Abbey, The Librarians, and Homeland. Anything you're excited about?
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[phone rings; it's my mother]
Me: Hi.
Mom: Oh, hi. I didn't even hear the phone ring.
Me: That's because you called me.
Mom: I did?
Me: Yep.
Mom: I thought you texted me.
Me: I did.
Mom: I was trying to get back to that screen. I didn't mean to call you. WHOOPS.

Anyway, snagging a meme from [ profile] fluffyfrolicker and [ profile] rosaxx50 because I have been SERIOUSLY REMISS in my icon-making lately. Haha, remember how I used to participate in all these comms and challenges and then I just posted my FIRST ICON POST in like 4 months yesterday? Yeah, we should fix that.

So! Pick a number + fandom/character/ship, whichever suits your fancy ♥ and I will make icons. If you want to give me specific caps, that''s okay, too.

1. Faceless
2. Looking Down
3. Bruised & Battered
4. Up Close & Personal
5. Scenerygasm
6. Full Body Shots
7. Colors Abound
8. Silhouette
9. My Emotions
10. The Space
11. Light
12. Tickles My Pickle (whatever. who knows what might happen)
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OMG it's been aaaaaages since I've posted icons.

[1-57] Snowpiercer
[58-66] Avengers: Age of Ultron promo poster
[67-101] Avengers: Age of Ultron cast at SDCC
[102-106] Chris Evans
[107-109] Young Avengers
[110-117] Hawkeye


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* It doesn't seem like a good sign that the Jennifer Lawrence movie Serena has been waiting so long for a release (like, who sits on a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence right now? For real), but it sounds pretty good and now apparently is opening in the UK in two months.

* If anybody still cares about Sherlock, Steven Moffat says series 4 will be "devastating."

* I find it hard to believe there is a huge demand for a Full House revival, but it may be happening anyway.

* Not sure people really want another Vacation movie, either, but I am extremely curious to see Chris Hemsworth do a totally comedic role.

* Here's the trailer for Jon Stewart's film, Rosewater, as well as Jon talking about the project and The Daily Show.

* The next season of Lost Girl will be the last.

* Apparently there are no jokes allowed in Warner Bros.' DC/Justice League movies. Because clearly that was a total bust for Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

* Even Jessica Chastain wants to know where the Black Widow movie is, lol.

* Director Anthony Russo talks about Captain America 3 without actually saying anything, in typical Marvel fashion. (And in typical fanboy fashion, this has restarted the rampant speculation that they're going to kill off Steve Rogers in the third film.)

* I... don't even know where to start here. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were at a con and someone actually asked them about Chris Evans' well-documented (at least on Tumblr) boob-grabbing habit. Which was weird and awkward and, like, joke about it online all you want, but don't TELL THE ACTORS ABOUT IT.

HOWEVER. I can't decide which is better, the fact that Mackie has NO IDEA what she's talking about ("Who is Tumblr, and why does she think Chris Evans grabbed her boob...?"), or the fact that Sebastian IMMEDIATELY GETS IT and starts nodding before she even finishes the question. LOL that poor boy has clearly been groped too many times. But the best part, of course, is Sebastian's FANTASTIC demonstration (complete with slow-mo replay).

Here's the full panel. The boob-grabbing question comes up around 20 minutes in, but these two are an excellent comedy duo and the whole thing is entertaining.
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* Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are reunited as creepy pawn shop owners in this funny Emmy awards promo with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

* TV renewal announcements: The Strain has been renewed for season 2. I haven't been terribly impressed with the show so far, but I haven't given up yet, either. Finding Carter, which I find endearing in an ABC Family kind of way (seriously, this show belongs in a double-feature with The Fosters on ABC Fam, not MTV), has also been renewed, and Masters of Sex is getting a third season.

* Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird! YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS.

* First photo of Paul Rudd in Ant-Man, which added several actors to the cast, including John Slattery, suggesting that the older Howard Stark (as opposed to 1940s!Stark, played by Dominic Cooper) will play a role in flashbacks. Or time travel, who knows.

* Here's a roundup of everything we know about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Here's another Homeland season 4 trailer.

* Emma Stone is making her Broadway debut in Cabaret.

* Director Francis Lawrence drops some hints about Mockingjay and splitting the book into two films. 

* Why you should watch You're the Worst. I really did not expect to find this show hilarious, because while I often find terrible people to be interesting to watch, I rarely find them endearing, but I don't know, you guys. Maybe it's that they are terrible in kind of the ways that we all wish we could be terrible but worry about being judged?

* First promo for season 6 of The Vampire Diaries.

* Watch the Parks & Recreation gag reel.

* Enlisted will not be getting a second life from Yahoo. :(
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Yes, I am typing this post on my shiny new Toshiba laptop. \o/ After four years, my poor Samsung has officially kicked its bucket, so my mother and I took a trip to Best Buy while she was here this weekend to get a new one. And I managed to do it without endlessly spamming y'all like last time, so good job me.

I also managed to acquire some kind of medieval plague this weekend, so that's fun. Apparently it disturbs Chelsea, if the withering stare at my death rattle is any indication. Earlier, I hacked up a lung and she went and hid under the piano. WHO'S GOING TO FEED YOU WHEN I'M DEAD, YOU UNGRATEFUL CAT.

oh god she'll probably just gnaw on my corpse

* Teaser for season 6 of Community on Yahoo.

* Outlander has already been renewed for a second season. I've only watched the first episode, but I like it so far, so yay? The Leftovers, which I've seen enough of to like, also got a second season renewal.

* There are neurological reasons why we're so attached to the music we listened to as teenagers. Maybe that's why the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack hit #1, despite being a literal mix-tape of previously released songs.

* If it makes you as happy as it makes me, enjoy dancing baby Groot.

* Will Guardians of the Galaxy's success make Marvel too cocky?

* A biologist uses science to explain how to make superheroes.

* A spectator shot a possibly spoilery video of Agents of SHIELD filming season 2.

* Here's a handy round-up of links for historical context for Steve Rogers as a dude from the 1940s.

* NBC is developing a TV musical version of Robin Hood.

* Director Rob Marshall talks about the Into the Woods movie, ostensibly to reassure us that he's being faithful to the original, but actually mentioning even more changes (the flashbacks, no "Ever After," retooling the second act) I hadn't heard reported before.

* Tom Hiddleston is being considered for a remake of Ben-Hur.

* George R. R. Martin doesn't understand why women want him to write more gay sex scenes, because apparently he (and they) have never heard of the internet.
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* In the great Batman V Superman vs. Captain America showdown of 2016, it looks like DC/Warner Bros. blinked first, as predicted. And then announced nine new release dates for unnamed movies through 2020 unless Marvel decides to claim them.

* Chris Pratt gives a tour of Peter Quill's spaceship, which looks like a pretty cool set. Plus, his TV bosses knew he'd be a star long before he landed Star-Lord.

* Glenn Close talks about her Guardians of the Galaxy appearance. I would kind of love it if she became like an intergalactic Nick Fury for this side of the MCU.

* Vin Diesel talks about the process of recording Groot's voice and getting across what Groot was really trying to say.

* The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy will change the identity of Peter's father. I know nothing about his father from the comics, so I'm not bothered by this.

* It's not looking good for the female characters of Ant-Man.

* Casting spoiler for next season of Agents of SHIELD.

* I know even less about The Inhumans comics than I knew about Guardians of the Galaxy, but I hope they'll include a few female superheroes in the lineup for the movie Marvel is apparently making.

* James Corden is maybe taking over for Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show.

* Really interesting profile of Weeds and Orange is the New Black creator, Jenji Kohan.

* Some info about the upcoming season of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi's Doctor.

* First trailer for The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking.

* Veronica Mars goes mind-bendingly meta with its new webseries, Play It Again, Dick.

* Very brief teaser for Better Call Saul tells us what we already know: Saul is a lawyer, and thinks other people should hire him. (Seriously, that could just be a cut line from Breaking Bad, for all the context we're given.)

* Aaron Tveit is single and "looking to find a very nice girl." OUTTA MY WAY BITCHES. (For real, though, you never hear actors admit that. Either they're dating someone or they're "perfectly happy being single" or they just refuse to talk about it. No one's ever like, "Yeah, I'm not in a relationship but I want to be.")
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* I want this baby Groot SO BADLY:

If Marvel doesn't come out with an actual dancing version of this in their merchandise, they clearly don't know their audience.

* Peter Quill's "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" is definitely the best Marvel soundtrack ever. I bought it the day after seeing the movie the first time, and have had "Hooked on a Feeling" stuck in my head ever since.

* Granted, GotG is definitely the funniest Marvel movie we've seen, but I feel like the "grim brooding superhero" trope is far more applicable to recent DC movies than Marvel. (The Avengers may not be as explicitly jokey, but they are snarkmasters, each and every one, and I laugh an awful lot in those films.) At the same time, though, I TOTALLY get the feeling that Chris Pratt is the male version of Jennifer Lawrence.

* Much as I loved GotG, I am bitter about the post-credits scene. I really, really wanted it to be a Captain Marvel teaser (come on, guys, Katee Sackhoff already said she would do it). I swear to God, if we get a cut for post-credits spoiler ) movie before a female superhero standalone, there will be no containing my HULKSMASH. 

* Speaking of which, Kevin Feige really wants to do a female superhero standalone movie, you guys. It's just really hard, see, because there are so many DUDES that need movies first, you know?

* I really want to believe that sexism is a "defunct idea" in the MCU, but at least as far as GotG is concerned, I think "James Gunn just thinks it's funny" is a more likely explanation.

* In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the Phase 1 and 2 retrospective video/extended commercial for the DVD combo package Marvel showed at Comic-Con.

* The cast and creators of Agents of SHIELD talk about season 2, but since they can't actually say anything, they mostly just stand there and get speculated at, lol.

* Captain America: The Winter Soldier gag reel. What doofuses. "(whines) Because I'm in chaaaaaarge."

* COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO MARVEL: Bryan Cranston talks about Walter White and directing Better Call Saul.

* Stephen Colbert gives some really excellent advice to teenage girls (no, that's not sarcasm - he's out of "character").

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One more Comic-Con linkspam. At least there's some other stuff...

* Jon Stewart's directorial debut, Rosewater, now has a release date.

* Laura Benanti will be appearing on Nashville.

* Undateable has been renewed for a second season.

* Photos and the first trailer for Into the Woods. It's... like they don't want you to know it's a musical or something? Weird.

* Girls' Allison Williams will be playing Peter Pan in NBC's live broadcast. You know what? I know a lot of people hate her (mostly because of her character on Girls), but I think she's actually a good choice.

* New Mockingjay trailer! I think this premiered at Comic-Con? There was weirdly little Hunger Games presence this year.

* Interviews with the creative team and the cast of Hannibal. (Spoilers for season 3.)

* Here's an interview with James Gunn and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. I got to see the movie earlier this week and it is delightful! It is just as off-the-wall kooky as you'd expect from a movie in which 2/5 of the heroes are a talking raccoon and a giant tree person, Chris Pratt is PERFECT (he's like Andy Dwyer crossed with Han Solo), and it feels pretty different from all the prior Marvel movies.

* So, Chris Pratt has been asked a lot about his weight loss (in the link above, he talks about emotional eating and having body image issues), and I'm actually kind of amazed Marvel has let him talk so candidly. I mean, he talked about how they literally sent people to his house to weigh him every week. Granted, I'm sure he's not the only one - and it probably happens to actresses all the time even when they're not playing superheroes - but nobody ever talks about the gross body policing quite that bluntly. It's actually kind of uncomfortable.

And now for your daily dose of adorable idiots...

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