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Still happy to take requests if anyone else wants icons. It is always Galentine's Day in this bar, lol.

[1-6] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for [personal profile] rosaxx50
[7-12] Buffy the Vampire Slayer for [personal profile] frayadjacent
[13-24] [community profile] iconthat challenges (The Hunger Games, Pushing Daisies, Teen Wolf)


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Happy Galentine's Day, y'all!

If you didn't get around to leaving me screencaps, there's still time if you want icons. (LOL seriously, there is no deadline. I'm always offering icons, so you can make requests anytime.)

As usual, all icons are snaggable unless giftees object.

Pride and Prejudice for [personal profile] chaila:

Ripper Street for [personal profile] shapinglight:

Also under the cut, random icon dump of Michelle Obama (from this collection of hilarious facial expressions) and some Damon/Katherine-centric TVD.

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[1-49] Avengers
[50-55] Downton Abbey/fancy hats (it's all [personal profile] aerintine's fault)


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[1-39] Avengers
[40-55] Skins
[56-70] Vampire Diaries
[71-73] Misc. text icons


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[25] Breaking Bad (mainly my woobie, Jesse)
[1] Ian Somerhalder and Aaron Paul
[10] Danneel Ackles for [personal profile] snickfic


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ETA: One more!

ETA 2: May as well add these for [personal profile] snickfic, too:
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One more set of icons, for [personal profile] tamsin:

I still have one more post to go (for [profile] maharet83), but it'll take a bit more coding, so it may end up being posted tomorrow...
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Lotsa icons under the cut! Giftees, please let me know if you don't want your icons shared. Other folks, unless specified otherwise, they're all up for grabs.

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Aka the randomest batch of icons EVER. Mainly old stuff from clearing out the "miscellaneous" folder, some from the Awesome Ladies picspam.


[1-4] Community (Annie)
[5-15] Doctor Who (mostly quotes)
[16-18] Firefly (originally made for [personal profile] snickfic)
[19-23] HIMYM
[24-25] Ringer
[26-28] Dexter (Dexter/Lumen)
[29] Fringe (Olivia)
[30-31] Lost (Boone, Juliet)
[32-33] 24 (Jack/Nina)
[34-37] Sliders (quotes)
[38-40] Miscellaneous quotes
[41-45] My photos

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This is entirely [personal profile] ever_neutral's fault. All quotes taken from her post and those who left hilarious comments.

21 icons to proudly display your moral depravity


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Sorry, guys. I have a ton of stuff tabbed and comments to respond to (and memes! I must give you all your icon memes), but I've been busy in work this week and I have exams this weekend, so. More icons! I'm not particularly happy with this batch, but... meh.

13 Vampire Diaries (2.01 "The Return")
14 Being Erica (1.01 "Pilot")
13 Dollhouse


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This batch is especially for [personal profile] ever_neutral, who is entirely to blame for "12-year-old idiot ship" and "morally depraved bar" becoming part of our daily conversation. :)


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TVD, also as requested by [ profile] pocochina, although I got a bit carried away with Elena and Caroline, and not so much what she requested...

41 Vampire Diaries icons


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BSG Awesome Ladies this time, as requested by [ profile] pocochina. Some of them are from my original fiddlings; others are the result of some practice with Gimp. (Let's see if you can guess which is which, lol.)

18 BSG icons (Roslin, Six, D'Anna, Sharon, Ellen, and Cain)


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