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Hello again. So, I was sick and miserable through most of March - including my birthday :( - and then I started new drugs and now I'm feeling better and also have learned how to give myself injections, which is a thing I have been avoiding for like 5 years, but it turns out it's not that bad. (It probably helped that prior to the first shot, I was so sick I was like, "I will literally stab myself with anything if it will make me feel better.")

I also went to Boston (less snow than I expected!).

A month's worth of links:

* Sutton Foster talks about turning 40 and passing for 26 in her new series, Younger.

* Masters of Sex gets a July premiere date.

* This video is from a few weeks ago, but it's so adorable it deserves to be linked: Robert Downey Jr. gives a 7-year-old an Iron Man bionic arm.

* Homeland is once again changing things up for the next season.

* Here's two parts of an interview with Joss Whedon talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, an article on the supertwins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and a cute behind-the-scenes featurette.

* With Mad Men ending soon, here's an oral history of the show, an interview with creator Matthew Weiner, Weiner and Kiernan Shipka talking about Sally Draper, an interview with Jon Hamm, and one with John Slattery

* The rumors are true: The X-Files is coming back for a six-episode limited run.

* Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper talk about working together, and Jen mentions that the next X-Men movie will be her last. 

* For those of you who've always thought Arya Stark would make a great companion, you're in luck - Maisie Williams is guest-starring on Doctor Who this year.

* In other fandom crossover casting, Arthur Darvill will be on the Arrow/The Flash spin-off.

* Trevor Noah will be taking over hosting The Daily Show. No idea how he'll be as a host, but his stand-up is hilarious.

* The Americans has been renewed for season 4.

* This is a great piece on Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, which includes references to "licking the butter" - which seems like it should be a euphemism for something but is not.

* Behind the scenes on Community season 6 on Yahoo.

* A really long, but great read from one of the writers of Lost about the early years of the show.
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* Alison Brie talks about how supportive Yahoo is of Community.

* Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould talk about Better Call Saul.

* Andy Mientus talks about playing the Pied Piper on The Flash. Also, The Flash and Arrow creator Greg Berlanti talks about LGBT characters and introducing diversity to the world of superheroes.

* Director Thomas Schlamme talks about The Americans, Manhattan, and of course, The West Wing.

* The showrunners of The Americans are also talking about their show. Plus, eight reasons to love The Americans (not that you guys need them because you're all obviously watching, right?) and an interview with Holly Taylor.

* Marvel news: Hayley Atwell talks about Agent Carter. There's some new stuff in the Age of Ultron TV spot. And David Tennant is playing the villain in Netflix's AKA Jessica Jones!

* Apparently the internet is actually in charge of casting things now, because Chris Pratt might be starring in an Indiana Jones remake.

* For further evidence of this theory, I present the all-female cast of Ghostbusters. I am particularly thrilled about Kate McKinnon (on whom I'd have an immense crush, except that her Justin Bieber impression is so spot-on it creeps me out).

* Emma Watson will play Belle in a live-action Beauty and the Beast.

* The Fantastic Four trailer looks... um... generic? If you didn't know this was based on a superhero comic, it kind of just looks like a sci-fi disaster movie? I really feel like the gritty realism is a mistake. I mean, look, I don't love the original movies or anything (other than my bb Chris Evans), and I don't think anyone would mistake them for good movies, but why bother making a Fantastic Four movie if you're not going to embrace the inherent ridiculousness? This should be Fox's Guardians of the Galaxy.
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 * TCA live-blogs continue, with The Americans and Louie. Plus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been picked up for a third season.

* Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens will play Sandy and Rizzo, respectively, in Fox's live production of Grease. Yes, really. 

* Another interview with Michael Schur on the final season of Parks and Recreation.

* Larry Wilmore talks about The Nightly Show, which is taking over The Colbert Report's time slot. 

* Fox is making an American version of Luther, presumably with Idris Elba in the lead role again, but doing an American accent this time, because that is apparently a thing we do now.

* Here's another Hannibal casting announcement, related to the spoiler about who is getting married. Plus, first trailer for season 3!

* OMG there will be a karaoke episode of The Flash. It's not the musical episode we deserve, but at least we may get to hear Grant Gustin sing (I don't have much hope for Jesse L. Martin). Also, there is apparently going to be major time-travel this season.

* It's a superhero Super Bowl, with the Chrises Pratt and Evans making an adorable bet on the game. 

* Interview with Laura Benanti, goddess.

* CBS has found its Supergirl lead

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Happy New Year, everybody. I have been all preoccupied with family and holiday stuff lately, so other than talking about Into the Woods (PRIORITIES), I have been largely MIA. Hope y'all enjoyed your holidays. Here's lots of stuff that happened, which you probably know about already because some of these links are like two weeks old:

* Here's a behind-the-scenes clip with Hayley Atwell about Agent Carter. And in other Marvel news, Mike Colter was officially announced as Luke Cage.

* On a related note, Alan Sepinwall took a look back at the year in comic book TV, including Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and The Flash.

* Also, a while back, there were a slew of interviews with Joss Whedon from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here's the one I bookmarked.

* A nice profile of Michelle MacLaren, generally awesome TV director now helming Wonder Woman.

* Showrunner John Rogers talks about The Librarians, which I've been enjoying. It's a little bit like Leverage on crack, lol. And here's Christian Kane, also talking about the show.

* There's a creepy teaser for Orphan Black season 3. And a trailer for the final season of Parks and Recreation.

* Another interview with Anna Kendrick about Into the Woods. And speaking of Into the Woods, I have been waiting for this mashup basically since the casting was announced.

* The character of Mason Verger has been recast, as Michael Pitt opted not to return to Hannibal.

* Audra McDonald's Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill will be filmed and shown on HBO, in case (like me) you didn't get to see it on Broadway.

* Matthew Rhys (The Americans) interviewed Matthew Goode (The Good Wife), and it was ADORABLE. (via [personal profile] jae)

Also: watch this space for end of 2014 memes, because it's now an annual tradition.


Dec. 14th, 2014 10:23 pm
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* So, The Newsroom did an episode on college campus rape. That went about as well as you'd expect. So in case you need a reminder of why we put up with him despite his being an enormous douchecanoe, here you go.

* It feels like we're reaching the point where everything - even, apparently, single episodes of television - now get "oral histories." Whole TV series, I can understand. A film, if it's especially interesting, sure. If you can get most of the cast and creative team back together to talk about the experience, it can be like a reunion. But here we have basically four people talking about the BtVS episode "Hush."

* Showrunner John Rogers' post-mortems are back! He used to do them after every Leverage episode, and he's doing it again for The Librarians.

* Jed and Maurissa talk about the Agents of SHIELD midseason finale. Plus, an interview with the show's latest casualty (which I was semi-expecting, but it's still annoying, since there are at least four or five other characters I'd rather they'd killed off instead). Also, Blair Underwood will be appearing as Melinda May's ex when the show returns in the spring.

* Mindy Kaling talks about the midseason finale of The Mindy Project.

* Director Rob Marshall gets defensive about changes to Into the Woods.

* Meanwhile, the folks behind The Last Five Years (seemingly a much more difficult show to adapt) talk about making it work as a film without cutting out songs or characters I'M JUST SAYING. Plus, here's the trailer full of singing.

* Mark Hamill will be guest-starring on The Flash, reprising a role he played in the 1990s series.

* Felicia Day has written a book. Or is writing. It's not quiiiiite done yet, but she's announced it anyway.

* Here's a trailer for the new season of The Americans.
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* Some interesting actors being considered to play Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in their respective Netflix series.

* Such a random thing to come from Playboy, but I will take any opportunity to revisit the short-lived series Kings.

* Here's a trailer for the new live-action Cinderella movie from Disney.

* Better Call Saul finally has a premiere date. So does The Americans.

* Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project.

* Really interesting account of how Mike Nichols and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? helped to change the MPAA rating system.

* Cecily Strong is hosting the next White House Correspondents' Dinner. Good for her.

* Here's a clip of Meryl Streep singing "Stay With Me" from Into the Woods.

* There's also a trailer for Pitch Perfect 2.

* Donald Sutherland compared Jennifer Lawrence to Joan of Arc and Jesus. Look, we all love JLaw, but that's a little ridiculous even as hyperbole. (On the other hand, now I kind of want a Joan of Arc movie starring Jennifer Lawrence?)
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* AHHHHHH! There was an Into the Woods reunion!! If, like me, your reaction to the movie is "How uneasy I feel," you can listen to the original Broadway cast singing songs from the show and reminiscing.

* There will be a stage version of The Hunger Games. Somehow.

* In the movie version, Jennifer Lawrence was apparently traumatized by having to sing in Mockingjay.

* Community is adding two new cast members for its 6th season.

* Now that The Newsroom is coming to an end, Aaron Sorkin claims he's done with television. So you can relax now, [personal profile] pocochina.

* Of course, Sorkin will probably be very busy rewriting all the curse words out of A Few Good Men so that NBC can air it live.

* Not one, but two interviews with Adrianne Palicki about playing Bobbi Morse on Agents of SHIELD. Plus, Clark Gregg talks about this week's episode.

* Graceland has been renewed for season 3.

* I really enjoyed Room, and the movie looks like it'll have a great cast, though getting a kid who can play Jack will be key.

* Michelle MacLaren would be an excellent choice to direct anything, so I'd be happy if she directed Wonder Woman.

* Is it me, or does Katie Cassidy just look wrong as Black Canary? Maybe it's because Laurel's never been that kind of character, and/or because Sara was the Canary first, but it's just very weird to see her all dominatrix-leathered up. She looks like Laurel play-acting at being a superhero rather than actually being one.

* Out actors from Arrow and The Flash talk about the increasing presence of LGBT actors in superhero shows.

* Really cool write-up from [personal profile] jae of The Americans set visit.

* More about The Librarians. I LOL'd at Christian Kane talking about how he had to learn how not to hit people. (In his defense, he is really, really good at hitting people.)

* Another article praising John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, because it is just that excellent.
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* Amber Benson plays Fuck Marry Kill with the Buffy characters. I might quibble with one or two, but overall she makes good choices, lol.

* I am not sure how I feel about Syfy's upcoming 12 Monkeys TV series. I am even less sure how I feel about a Little House on the Prairie movie.

* In case there was any doubt about what to get me for Christmas, the official Dancing Baby Groot is coming to a store near you.

* Neil Patrick Harris talks about his Choose Your Own Autobiography book: “I’m not trying to force my life down anyone’s throat. But if you want to read about things being forced down throats, you can go to that page.” Bless.

* Jeremy Renner did a Reddit AMA promoting his film, Kill the Messenger. He laughs a lot.

* Andy Mientus is playing a supervillain on The Flash. Speaking of The Flash, I watched the pilot episode and it was okay? I still haven't had a chance to see Arrow, but I will probably watch more of this.

* Transparent has been renewed for a second season. I spent some of this weekend watching most of the first season, so this makes me very happy.

* Very interesting discussion of how The Mindy Project deals with (or doesn't deal with) race.

* Here's a write-up of the NYCC panel on The Americans. Also from Comic-Con, the teaser trailer for Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney.

* And here's the first trailer for The Librarians, a fantasy series from one of the creators of Leverage (and starring Leverage and Angel alum Christian Kane).
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!! I have been in Chicago, so there's LOADS to catch up on. Which means you probably already saw these links two weeks ago when they were new, but in case you haven't, here they are:

Under a cut because it's super-long )
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...while I am binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

* Here's an interview with the OITNB creator, cast, and Piper Kerman. Also, key differences between the show and Kerman's real-life experience.

* Howard Stark will apparently be part of the Agent Carter TV series, though it's unclear in what capacity. (Also, I don't see why the AV Club is making a big deal about Dominic Cooper and John Slattery both playing the role. They look reasonably similar, given that they're playing the character 30 years apart.)

* The Doctor Strange movie has a director, as does Ant-Man (again) finally.

* Clark Gregg talks about his movie Trust Me and Agents of SHIELD.

* The Fantastic Four reboot has been downgraded from "gritty" to "not as goofy as the original."

* Of course Mad Men would have the best "For Your Consideration" ads.

* Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie have been cast in the new Star Wars film. Lupita also has another new project in the works. Glad to see she's getting good post-Oscar roles. I was worried for a bit there.

* Kind of an odd pairing, but here's an interview with Emmy Rossum and Tatiana Maslany. I don't know why they would tease us with the existence of a "Someone To Watch Over Me" duet and then not provide video of it, but whatever.

* Video from a panel discussion with the cast and crew of The Americans.

* Apparently, people mock the Tony Awards because "the contenders are unknown to the public and that theater-going is an elitist, esoteric habit." LOL I feel like this would be more believable in a year when the nominees didn't include such unknowns as Woody Allen, Bryan Cranston, and Neil Patrick Harris, in shows no one's heard of, like Les Miserables, Aladdin, or Shakespeare. But whatever, the point is, people should appreciate the Tonys and the theater, which is good.

* ABC Family is developing a musical comedy TV series. Because that has worked out so well in the past.

* I had never heard of Outliving Emily until Jeremy Jordan was cast, but it sounds like an intriguing premise, and the cast is pretty great.

* Robert Downey Jr. is producing a new series about recovering addicts in a rehab facility for Showtime.

* This baby goat was cracking me up all day in work yesterday.

* I never saw Avatar, so I don't really care about the sequels, but James Cameron's explanation of writing three movies simultaneously is very interesting, and perhaps something more franchises should attempt.

* I hope you are watching the last four episodes of Enlisted, airing this month.
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I think we all need this right now:



* Christian Borle is the latest actor to be announced as a guest star on Masters of Sex.

* The final episodes of Enlisted will air on Sundays in June.

* Gillian Jacobs will be making an appearance on Girls.

* Post-mortems with the creators of The Americans following Wednesday night's season finale.

* Julie Plec talks about The Vampire Diaries' season finale.

* The Man of Steel sequel finally got a full title - and prompted a great number of legal jokes.

* If you can't wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron, here are some spoilery tidbits to tide you over.

* Also, it appears the Guardians of the Galaxy set visit articles have been unembargoed.

* This is an excellent breakdown of what Agents of SHIELD got right and wrong - especially the way the show was hamstrung by premiering in the fall and then basically marking time until Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out. All they really needed was a six-episode intro arc to establish the characters, the status quo, and get the team working well together, and then blow things up with CA:TWS.

* Edgar Wright is no longer directing Ant-Man.

* Neil Patrick Harris is writing an autobiography... as a Choose Your Own Adventure book, of course.

* Another Jennifer Lawrence article, in which Josh Hutcherson helps cure her hiccups. (He seems oddly practiced at it, lol.)

* The AV Club picks out 10 episodes that demonstrate how The West Wing pwned network drama conventions. Agree? Disagree? Prefer [personal profile] pocochina's must-watch list?
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* Hey, so here is the ACTUAL trailer for Gone Girl.

* I don't know, you guys. I just read The Fault in Our Stars, so I was all ready to love the movie, but this clip does not fill me with hope. Better actors would probably help, but what sounded cheesy but cute on the page is just cringeworthy when said out loud.

* LOL at Paul Bettany being all "Dammit now I have to do work," now that he's playing an actual character with a body in Age of Ultron.

* This is a cool comparison of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with almost identical scenes from the comics.

* I don't understand why they didn't just start with an Agent Carter series in the first place, rather than Agents of SHIELD, but I hope it goes well...

* Here's an interview with Orphan Black's showrunner. "So when you’re comparing her to Breaking Bad, are you saying that by season four, Alison will be running a global drug empire?" SEEMS LEGIT.

* The real-life "Alex" of Orange is the New Black talks about what's true and what's creative license on the show. Plus, trailer for the new season!

* The Americans has been renewed for a third season.

* Bryan Fuller talks about Hannibal. (Sidebar: My parents were visiting for the weekend, and I made them watch Hannibal on Friday. Well, my dad fell asleep long before it started, but my mom was sort of watching, and LOL of course this is the ep with the turducken... thing. I can only imagine what she thinks of my TV preferences now.)

* Sutton Foster's new show Younger just got picked up. Wonder how that will impact her Broadway run. I just saw her in Violet, and although I haven't had a chance to write about it yet, she is outstanding and made me cry, so it'd be a shame if she left so soon. Also, here's her talking about going totally makeup-free on stage.

* Speaking of musicals I saw but haven't written up yet, here's a video from the cast of The Most Happy Fella. Which was also good, but a little less my style of musical. (But holy talented actors, Batman. Laura Benanti and Heidi Blickenstaff FTW.)

* There's now a trailer for the Clint Eastwood-directed Jersey Boys adaptation.


Feb. 26th, 2014 09:50 pm
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* The new Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV spot has generated speculation that a certain someone is going to die. Also, Chris Evans was the Grand Marshal at the Daytona 500 this weekend. (What a dork.)

* The four Marvel Netflix series will be filmed in New York.

* Drew Pearce talks about the Mandarin short, All Hail the King.

* In non-MCU Marvel movies, I'm not sure we really need this much Spider-Man in our lives?

* Dear God, NBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel by bringing back Heroes, of all things. Okay, sound off: how many canceled NBC series can YOU think of that you'd rather see return than Heroes?

* Michelle Monaghan talks about True Detective and its female characters. It would be so awesome if next season had two female leads.

* Doctor Who is injecting a little diversity into its cast with a new companion.

* Jeremy Jordan, Anna Kendrick, and Richard LaGravenese talk about adapting The Last Five Years as a film.

* Peter Dinklage already has a post-Game of Thrones job in the works on a new HBO series.

* I would so totally be on board for a Farscape spin-off/sequel TV movie.

* Ordinarily I would have no interest in a Godzilla movie, but... Bryan Cranston, yo.

* Matthew Rhys talks about the new season of The Americans, starting TONIGHT! Plus, an interview with the show's creators.

* With The LEGO Movie proclaiming "Everything is Awesome," now is a good time for a cautionary tale. If you don't talk to your children about LEGO, who will?

* Adam Driver is not who I would've expected for a Star Wars villain, but okay.

* I haven't watched it, because I'd rather see it in context, but you can watch Hannibal's opening scene from the season 2 premiere if you want.
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* Ellen Page came out last week, and you should watch her speech because it's amazing.

* I really liked the Transparent pilot from Amazon, and I hope it gets made into a series. Here's an interview with the creator as well as a conversation with the cast.

* Orange is the New Black has a season 2 premiere date and a teaser.

* I definitely need a big red "Get it the f*** together" button in my life.

* You can watch a new clip of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin short, All Hail the King.

* LOL at the Internet panic over an action figure possibly spoiling Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

* I really hope that Guardians of the Galaxy is as cracktastic as we're all expecting it to be.

* It would be totally unfair if President Obama gets advance episodes of Game of Thrones. (Then again, he's a busy guy. I guess he doesn't have time to read the books?)

* Karen Gillan has landed the lead role in an ABC comedy pilot.

* Shameless - which is having a fantastic season - has been renewed for a fifth.

* Alfonso Cuaron talks about Gravity and his other films.

* Zachary Levi talks about his Comic-Con-adjacent Nerd HQ.

* A Scrubs musical is coming to Broadway, but without any of the Scrubs cast and not based on the Scrubs musical episode.

* Here's a sneak peek at season 2 of The Americans.


Feb. 5th, 2014 11:55 pm
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* If you zoom in reaaaallllly close, Natasha is wearing an arrow necklace in the Captain America trailer. To show her love for Clint, obviously. :)

* Do any of these spoilers entice you to watch the upcoming Agents of SHIELD episodes? (I think this week's ep was their best yet - especially this scene - so perhaps they've truly turned a corner.)

* It would be awesome if the Fantastic Four reboot cast a female Dr. Doom (and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm!).

* Evangeline Lilly might be playing the "female lead" in Ant-Man. Does that mean Janet Van Dyne?

* Tom Hiddleston's been cast in a new film.

* This is a great piece on Shameless and how well it depicts poverty.

* Psych will be ending in March after 8 seasons.

* Check out The Americans season 1 gag reel.

* The Michael J. Fox Show is also probably done, after... much less than that. But we're still going to try the Bill Cosby thing again?

* Linda Cardellini will be joining Kyle Chandler in the new (yet untitled) Netflix series.

* LOL Parks & Recreation's Aziz Ansari wrote Friday Night Lights Super Bowl fanfiction on Twitter.

* OMG I adored Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers when I was a kid! Apparently, Disney is making a movie.

* And you thought Damon had bad hair before... Good lord.

* From [personal profile] mcmegan: How to piss off someone from New Jersey. This is good advice.
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Welcome back, y'all. Hope everyone who celebrated something had a nice holiday. I spent the week at my parents' house, with a brief foray to New York to see First Date (more on that in a separate post, and as soon as I figure out how to get pictures off my new phone and into a post) and utterly failed to keep up with the Internet. So here are some links that you probably already saw a week ago.

* A Sherlock minisode in preparation for the new season starting in January.

* The Americans announced a premiere date for season 2. Also, a new trailer!

Jennifer Lawrence is taking over the world because of her incredible talent, not her propensity for fart jokes. Duh.

* Neil Gaiman talked about strong female characters and why Buffy was so good at it (hint: it has nothing to do with physical strength).

* I'm sure some of you had figured this out already, but apparently Loki is literally in his rebellious teenager phase.

* The cast of House of Lies did a long-form improv at Upright Citizens Brigade. House of Lies is not the greatest show, but it does have a great cast (Kristen Bell! Don Cheadle!) and this involves mpreg and kittens and other weird shit.

* This is really interesting - did you know that you physically feel different emotions in different parts of your body?

* The "Call Me Maybe" chick is taking over for Laura Osnes as Cinderella on Broadway. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH "NO" IN THE WORLD.

* The Vampire Diaries is adding a gay character. I hope he lasts longer than any of their (non-Bonnie) characters of color...

So tell me what I missed! Tell me about your holiday! Or whatever else you want!


Dec. 3rd, 2013 10:10 pm
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No rambly topic today, just links: 

* More holiday gift guides: for Broadway fans and TV fans.

* A linguistic analysis of the best way to make fun of Benedict Cumberbatch's ridiculous name. Yes, really.

* An appreciation of the use of pop music in The Americans.

* Now they are making a Cats movie. I love cats, and I love musicals, but this is one of my least favorite shows ever, so... yeah.

* They are making another Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner.

* This is the Orange is the New Black Christmas video you never knew you always wanted.

* Tom Hiddleston recites poetry.

* Here's an update on the Better Call Saul spinoff.

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THEMES - 50th special edition

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fandoms: Parenthood, Nashville, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Wicked, Game of Thrones, Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, The Americans, The Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel comics.
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* Keri Russell talks about The Americans while promoting her new movie, Austenland.

* There's another TV show about a Broadway musical in the works, because THAT worked so well the first time, right?

* First Date, the new musical starring my TV boyfriend Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez, just recorded their OBC soundtrack! If you can't wait to buy it, here's Zac and Krysta singing a song from the show, while very awkwardly staring at the camera (what's up with that, NYT?).

* If you've ever thought Natasha's ability to kill people with her thighs was unrealistic, here's the real life woman who will prove you wrong.

* Mythbusters did a full episode on Breaking Bad. They tackle the "dissolving a body in the bathtub" episode using a few pig carcasses, so, uh, maybe don't watch while you're eating? Also, Vince Gilligan talks about Sunday's midseason premiere.
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I'm sure y'all have heard about Amazon's new Kindle Worlds thing. My reaction was pretty much "lol no" - and both John Scalzi and [ profile] cleolinda explained the reasons why pretty well. Two points, basically: (1) This is crowd-sourcing series tie-in novels, not monetizing fanfic. The people who currently read fanfic for free aren't the target market here - it's the people who bought 50 Shades of Grey because they didn't realize there's a million stories just like it available for free on the internet. (2) This is a great deal for Amazon and the copyright holders, not so much for the authors. Compared to what fanfic authors get now (i.e. zero)? Sure, something is better than nothing. But compared to the contracts authors receive for tie-in novels, it's a shitty deal.

In other news...

* Noah Emmerich talks about The Americans (among other things) in this interview.

* Homeland has announced some new additions to the cast for season 3.

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