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* The Into the Woods cast is doing interviews. Here's Meryl Streep and James Corden (funny they both mention new songs that ended up getting cut), and Anna Kendrick. Plus, here's a Q&A panel with the whole cast.

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* And more reminiscing from the original Broadway cast.

* It's confirmed: Michelle MacLaren will direct Wonder Woman.

* James Gunn has some good points about putting the cart before the horse in developing shared universes.

* Another interview with Natalie Dormer about Mockingjay and Game of Thrones.

* Here's the trailer for next week's Flash vs. Arrow crossover. The cast of both shows also did a Q&A at a special screening of the two episodes - here's part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the panel.

* I think Matthew McConaughey would make an excellent Randall Flagg in The Stand.

* A series of interviews with Damon Lindelof about the first season of Lost.

* Here's a trailer for Agent Carter.

* The Jurassic World trailer looks hilariously ridiculous. Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle flanked by velociraptors! If at any point during this movie, he actually RIDES A DINOSAUR, automatic five stars.
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So, you should go watch all the Nerd HQ videos, because they're funny and Zachary Levi is my TV boyfriend, but if you only watch one, make it the conversation with Tom Hiddleston because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK LMFAO.

Things that happen during the course of this Q&A:
- Tom quotes Shakespeare (of course).
- Tom speaks French.
- Zac claims he has never felt more uncultured in his entire life.
- Tom does impressions of Chris Evans and Zac.
- Tom reads a text message (in his Zac voice) in which Zac threatened to personally punch him in the dick. "You have been warned."


Other linky things:

* I've seen a lot of interviews from Joss, and everybody talks about Agents of SHIELD as his show, even though poor Jed and Maurissa are the ACTUAL showrunners, so here's an interview with them.

* Jennifer Lawrence proves once again she is just as much of a fangirl as you. WHY SO ADORABLE, JEN?

* Dule Hill in a Broadway musical. WHAT.
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* Matthew Weiner talks about the Mad Men season premiere.

* How The Americans uses interpersonal conflict to tackle global politics and plotlines.

Ten things you need to know about Syfy's new drama, Defiance, which stars Julie Benz and was created by Rockne S. O'Bannon (aka the creator of two of my favorite sci-fi shows, seaQuest DSV and Farscape).

* Is Doctor Who too sexy and complicated now? While I giggled at the handwringing over the Doctor's snogging (gasp! horrors!), I would not say no to a companion who wasn't a young, attractive female.

* If the Saul spin-off happens, it's likely to be a comedy. I think that's actually better, because f they're going to do this, I'd rather have enough distance from Breaking Bad that it feels like its own show and not just a lame attempt to keep the BB audience watching AMC. Related: do spin-offs that elevate minor characters work, or is it too much of a good thing?

* Natalie Dormer will be playing Irene Adler (in flashbacks, apparently) on Elementary. I still haven't made it past the first episode, but that's A+ casting right there.

* Aubrey Plaza has the most awkward interview on Ellen, and yet it somehow manages to be completely adorable.

* Ever wondered how they made all the dinosaur noises in Jurassic Park? Lots of animals having sex, apparently.

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* The S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show has a new title: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Whyyyyyy do you hate us bloggers so, Marvel? As if the obnoxious periods weren't enough, now the title is 3x longer? Whatever, I'm calling it MAOS from now on.

* New photo and additional details about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Sidebar: How did I not notice that Agent Amador from The Americans is Agent Sitwell? Also, the outcome of last week's ep makes more sense now, lol.)

* Yay Linda Cardellini is back on TV! She talks about her role on Mad Men in this interview. I admit, I did a double take when she came on screen. I hardly recognized her in the period costume.

* I was kind of hoping Theon was dead, but he's back on Game of Thrones. That scene where he got conked in the head in the middle of his speechifying was one of my favorites. :)

* A Jurassic Park drinking game, in case the eighty zillion links lately have made you want to rewatch it or you're planning to see the 3-D re-release.

* That XKCD comic from two weeks ago is still updating. You can watch the animated version here. I think they are building Winterfell.


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* Robert Redford is confirmed as playing "the head of S.H.I.E.L.D." in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

* Iron Man 3 trailer #9,202, plus a clip of Tony talking to a gaggle of reporters. At some point, I won't even need to see the movie.

* The J. August Richards S.H.I.E.L.D. role I linked to the other day has been confirmed.

* Aaron Tveit's new USA drama, Graceland, has a series premiere date.

* Is Matt Weiner's Mad Men spoiler phobia making unreasonable demands of TV critics? I mostly think he's being silly, since NO ONE watches Mad Men for the ~shocking twists.

* Apply for a job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce! I apparently would make a good copy writer.

* If you missed the last five minutes of this week's episode of The Americans, FX has apologized for the DVR snafu and made the episode available online. Good thing, because those were a killer five minutes!

* I love oral histories. This one's for Jurassic Park. Also. the scene from the movie that real paleontologists say is unrealistic. It's... not ANY of the ones you'd expect.

* Jason Segel has written a series of YA books. I'm actually kind of curious to read them...
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Haven't posted in a while because I am at my parents' house. The original plan was for them to come visit me for Easter, since I would have to go to work today, and the 3 hour drive home would kind of mess up dinner plans. But we handily solved that problem by me getting laid off a week ago!

Fortunately, my unemployment only lasted a few days, as I got a job offer on Thursday (which I'd applied for well before I knew I'd be losing my job). End result: I got three weeks off and severance pay from the old job, which I wouldn't have gotten if they'd just waited a week and let me quit. \o/ This pleases me, since the old job sucked and the people were dicks and I'm glad to be rid of them, and the new job pays a lot more. And since I don't have to work this week, I came home to spend a few days with the new kitten my parents. (The new kitten is SO CUTE. But still a little afraid of me.)

Also? BEST WEEK TO BE UNEMPLOYED, because I watched SO much TV courtesy of Watchathon Week. I've actually made an index post to keep track of all my TV shows. Feel free to leave recs in the comments or just boggle at the size of the list. As you can see, I've now completely caught up on Game of Thrones, and I started in on Girls, both of which I enjoy but don't really feel the need to get all meta about them? Nevertheless, if you have ~feels, let me know. (I have not and do not intend to read the books, so please restrain yourselves and keep any GoT talk to what's aired so far. I'm not super-concerned about spoilers, but it'd be nice to avoid them.)

I did not, however, have a chance to watch this weekend's Doctor Who or the premiere of Orphan Black, but I will get to those this week, I'm sure.

Mini linkspam:

* Clark Gregg talks about resurrecting Agent Coulson for S.H.I.E.L.D.

* David Tennant and Billie Piper are slated to return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. Interesting.

* Natalie Dormer discusses her role in Game of Thrones. I get a very Anne Boleyn-ish vibe off Margaery, but I can't tell if it's the character or just Natalie's Tudors history.

* Every Jurassic Park dinosaur, in order from worst to best. Guess who gets the top spot.

(Related: Why do I not have more Jurassic Park gifs.)
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[personal profile] ever_neutral tagged me in some meme that means I now have to answer a list of questions (WHICH I HELPED TO COME UP WITH. DAMMIT I SHOULD'VE SUGGESTED EASIER QUESTIONS). I'm supposed to tag people and make them answer questions now, but whatever. I'm leaving town for the weekend, so I cannot be fucked. If you are so moved, comment with an answer to a question I did not ask. It'll be like Jeopardy.

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- Aaron Sorkin talks about The Newsroom. I remain cautiously optimistic, but laugh quietly at his apparent lack of self-awareness.

- Christina Hendricks talks about Joan's controversial decision. (The most recent one, that is.)

- Tom Hiddleston does a velociraptor impression.

- Just a heads up: the zombie apocalypse has begun.
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14 Chuck
8 road signs (prompted by [personal profile] goldenusagi's zombie sign)


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