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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!! I have been in Chicago, so there's LOADS to catch up on. Which means you probably already saw these links two weeks ago when they were new, but in case you haven't, here they are:

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* Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are reunited as creepy pawn shop owners in this funny Emmy awards promo with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

* TV renewal announcements: The Strain has been renewed for season 2. I haven't been terribly impressed with the show so far, but I haven't given up yet, either. Finding Carter, which I find endearing in an ABC Family kind of way (seriously, this show belongs in a double-feature with The Fosters on ABC Fam, not MTV), has also been renewed, and Masters of Sex is getting a third season.

* Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird! YAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS.

* First photo of Paul Rudd in Ant-Man, which added several actors to the cast, including John Slattery, suggesting that the older Howard Stark (as opposed to 1940s!Stark, played by Dominic Cooper) will play a role in flashbacks. Or time travel, who knows.

* Here's a roundup of everything we know about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Here's another Homeland season 4 trailer.

* Emma Stone is making her Broadway debut in Cabaret.

* Director Francis Lawrence drops some hints about Mockingjay and splitting the book into two films. 

* Why you should watch You're the Worst. I really did not expect to find this show hilarious, because while I often find terrible people to be interesting to watch, I rarely find them endearing, but I don't know, you guys. Maybe it's that they are terrible in kind of the ways that we all wish we could be terrible but worry about being judged?

* First promo for season 6 of The Vampire Diaries.

* Watch the Parks & Recreation gag reel.

* Enlisted will not be getting a second life from Yahoo. :(
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Yes, I am typing this post on my shiny new Toshiba laptop. \o/ After four years, my poor Samsung has officially kicked its bucket, so my mother and I took a trip to Best Buy while she was here this weekend to get a new one. And I managed to do it without endlessly spamming y'all like last time, so good job me.

I also managed to acquire some kind of medieval plague this weekend, so that's fun. Apparently it disturbs Chelsea, if the withering stare at my death rattle is any indication. Earlier, I hacked up a lung and she went and hid under the piano. WHO'S GOING TO FEED YOU WHEN I'M DEAD, YOU UNGRATEFUL CAT.

oh god she'll probably just gnaw on my corpse

* Teaser for season 6 of Community on Yahoo.

* Outlander has already been renewed for a second season. I've only watched the first episode, but I like it so far, so yay? The Leftovers, which I've seen enough of to like, also got a second season renewal.

* There are neurological reasons why we're so attached to the music we listened to as teenagers. Maybe that's why the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack hit #1, despite being a literal mix-tape of previously released songs.

* If it makes you as happy as it makes me, enjoy dancing baby Groot.

* Will Guardians of the Galaxy's success make Marvel too cocky?

* A biologist uses science to explain how to make superheroes.

* A spectator shot a possibly spoilery video of Agents of SHIELD filming season 2.

* Here's a handy round-up of links for historical context for Steve Rogers as a dude from the 1940s.

* NBC is developing a TV musical version of Robin Hood.

* Director Rob Marshall talks about the Into the Woods movie, ostensibly to reassure us that he's being faithful to the original, but actually mentioning even more changes (the flashbacks, no "Ever After," retooling the second act) I hadn't heard reported before.

* Tom Hiddleston is being considered for a remake of Ben-Hur.

* George R. R. Martin doesn't understand why women want him to write more gay sex scenes, because apparently he (and they) have never heard of the internet.
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One more Comic-Con linkspam. At least there's some other stuff...

* Jon Stewart's directorial debut, Rosewater, now has a release date.

* Laura Benanti will be appearing on Nashville.

* Undateable has been renewed for a second season.

* Photos and the first trailer for Into the Woods. It's... like they don't want you to know it's a musical or something? Weird.

* Girls' Allison Williams will be playing Peter Pan in NBC's live broadcast. You know what? I know a lot of people hate her (mostly because of her character on Girls), but I think she's actually a good choice.

* New Mockingjay trailer! I think this premiered at Comic-Con? There was weirdly little Hunger Games presence this year.

* Interviews with the creative team and the cast of Hannibal. (Spoilers for season 3.)

* Here's an interview with James Gunn and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. I got to see the movie earlier this week and it is delightful! It is just as off-the-wall kooky as you'd expect from a movie in which 2/5 of the heroes are a talking raccoon and a giant tree person, Chris Pratt is PERFECT (he's like Andy Dwyer crossed with Han Solo), and it feels pretty different from all the prior Marvel movies.

* So, Chris Pratt has been asked a lot about his weight loss (in the link above, he talks about emotional eating and having body image issues), and I'm actually kind of amazed Marvel has let him talk so candidly. I mean, he talked about how they literally sent people to his house to weigh him every week. Granted, I'm sure he's not the only one - and it probably happens to actresses all the time even when they're not playing superheroes - but nobody ever talks about the gross body policing quite that bluntly. It's actually kind of uncomfortable.

And now for your daily dose of adorable idiots...

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* Paul Bettany talks about playing the Vision. I kind of get the sense he misses showing up for 45 minutes and walking away with a bag of cash? lol

* Kevin Feige talks about Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and other Marvel stuff.

* Karen Gillan talks about Guardians of the Galaxy and her new TV series, Selfie.

* Another perspective on the Age of Ultron footage shown at Comic-Con.

* Here is a pretty thorough round-up of video interviews with the cast.

* Here is also the full playlist of Nerd HQ videos. So far, I've only watched the Orphan Black panel (which is even more off the chain than last year's - seriously, pants come off and Zachary Levi curls into the fetal position, possibly in horror at what he hath wrought).

* This post-finale video from the TVD panel is pretty hilarious. Ian: "Nuh-uh. I've been killed off a TV show before and this is not how they do it." Paul: "Does this mean that I get more money?" CANDICE'S SANDWICH. And Nina knocking down walls to expand her dressing room, lmao.

* Completely non-Comic-Con related, Audra McDonald talks about playing Billie Holliday and her previous attempted suicide, which I never knew about before, wow. Like, when I first saw the headline, I thought it meant Billie, because that seemed more likely, but no. Audra, who went on to be a Tony-winning goddess.

I will put the rest of this under a cut, because it has precisely zero newsworthiness, and is entirely the cast of Avengers being ridiculous and adorably goofy together.

I fucking love these dipshits )
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When the linkspamming gets out of control. Between the TCA press tour and Comic-Con, there's a TON of TV and movie news and related fun stuff coming out.

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I swear to God, with all the advances we have made in medicine and science and technology, how is it possible that they cannot create a colonoscopy prep solution that does not TASTE LIKE ASS?

Yep, had my colonoscopy yesterday. (Result: I still have Crohn's disease.) Today my abdomen feels sore like I did sit-ups or something, which I don't think is normal. The doctor did say that one section was so narrowed due to inflammation that he couldn't even get past it because he didn't want to rip up my intestinal wall with the scope. AWESOME.

It's weird, though, because it's not the usual sharp pain or cramps from the Crohn's, it legit feels like a muscle type ache, which... I don't generally think of a colonoscopy as an ab workout. But maybe? I didn't get that from the last two colonoscopies, even the one that hurt like a bitch while it was happening, and my mother - who is basically a colonoscopy expert after six - says she's never heard of that.

Also, it's hazy, but I'm pretty sure that when I woke up afterward, I asked the nurse for more anesthesia. \o/ MOAR DRUGS PLZ. I CAN HAZ NAPTIEM?

Anyway, linkspam:

* Here's the teaser for season 4 of Homeland. I admit, I am curious how/to what extent the show will reinvent itself post-Brody, and whether they'll take the opportunity to fix the things that have been... less than good in the last couple seasons. I doubt it, but I'm curious.

* Doctor Who also now has a full trailer featuring Peter Capaldi.

* Update on one of Aaron Tveit's movie projects - he is playing a character named "Johnny Manicotti." Bless.

* First Community, now Enlisted might be coming back, too? Don't toy with me, Yahoo.

* Zachary Levi talks about this year's Nerd HQ at Comic-Con.

* I don't understand why anyone would want Karen Gillan to not be Scottish.

* Don't expect the Emmy category shenanigans to change any time soon.

* Christopher Walken will be playing Captain Hook in NBC's live broadcast of Peter Pan. Alas, Kristen Bell will not be playing Peter.
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* Natasha Lyonne will be guest-starring on the upcoming season of Girls.

* Doesn't look good for #sixseasonsandamovie - Hulu is not bringing Community back.

* I knew about half of these "27 facts about the West Wing you probably didn't know."

* Go see Snowpiercer! Do it! (And if you're in the DC area, go see it with me! Seriously.)

* Mark Ruffalo talks about playing the Hulk.

* An interview with Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta about The Leftovers, which I am super excited about, based on early reviews.

* Laura Prepon will be in every episode of Orange is the New Black next season. In case you were worried.

* These Hunger Games posters are creepy and cool, as is President Snow addressing Panem in this clip.

* Kristen Bell is having another baby.

* Not surprisingly, Stephen Sondheim backtracked like crazy on his Into the Woods comments. I remain skeptical. ("Coincidentally" he watched the rough cut immediately after making those remarks? Coincidentally? Really?)

* The Orphan Black creators talk about the season finale and how they did that awesome clone dance party scene.

* Doctor Who returns August 23 with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.
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* Yeah, Gus from The Fault in Our Stars really IS the guy version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

* Orange is the New Black parody with kittens. No, really.

* The premiere of Better Call Saul has been pushed back to 2015, but it's been renewed for a second season in the meantime. Hey, AMC? I think you're doing that backwards.

* The Game of Thrones creators talk about the season 4 finale, as well as hints of what's to come in season 5.

* Stephen Sondheim revealed that the Into the Woods movie will have significant plot changes due to Disney-ification, which pretty much completely misses the point of the musical in the first place. (My new favorite description of this show is now "a dark, disturbing musical, where cherished heroes of classic fairy tales are systematically murdered.") I gotta go with my mom's reaction: "Ewwww. Well, we can still go see it to mock it."

* The one bright spot here is that all the Into the Woods talk this week pointed me toward a fascinating article from when the show first opened on Broadway in 1987.

* Mark Ruffalo was asked about a Hulk movie again - they're still "considering it," shocker - but the trailer for his new movie also looks pretty good.

* Oooh, I hope that All the Way, the Broadway play starring Bryan Cranston as LBJ, gets made into a movie with Bryan Cranston. Also, can't wait for his memoir.

* The newest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer actually gives us some sense of the plot of this thing, but it also makes the movie seem a lot more serious.

* The creator of Enlisted still has hope the show will continue on another network/platform. I would love to see it, but I'm not optimistic.

* I had not previously heard of Netflix's new series, Grace and Frankie, but now Martin Sheen will be starring in it, along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

* I kind of think the delay of the 5th Bourne movie is just because Jeremy Renner is juggling about twelve movie franchises, but there are rumors that Matt Damon is coming back.

* Robert Downey Jr.'s movie The Judge now has a trailer.

* Spoilery tidbits about Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Star Wars Episode VII. Plus, some footage of Age of Ultron filming in Norwich.

* Here's a list of Snowpiercer screenings. "Arlington, VA - Shirlington 7" Yesssssssssssss.


Jun. 17th, 2014 10:03 pm
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* Lots of news and photos leaking from the Age of Ultron set. They were filming in Norwich, where RDJ was adorable with children (as usual).

* Frank Grillo talked a little about Captain America 3 in this interview about something else. Meanwhile, Daredevil has added Vincent D'Onofrio.

* On the DC front, Aquaman will now be making an appearance in Batman vs. Superman.

* Malia Obama is working as a production assistant on a TV show.

* A mostly non-spoilery interview with the Game of Thrones showrunners. Also, here's why the book thing that didn't happen in the season finale didn't happen. (I was already spoiled for it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.)

* Ugh, I wish I could have gone to Idina Menzel's solo concert last night. It sounds like it was so much fun.

* I suppose I will need to find a new TV boyfriend: Zachary Levi got married to Missy Peregrym this weekend, whom he's apparently been stealth-dating.

* Interesting casting news for Orange is the New Black season 3.

* A nice look back at Friday Night Lights in honor of Father's Day.

* I hope Chris Evans' movie A Many Splintered Thing gets released eventually. The photos look really intriguing.

* The Orphan Black creators talk about the newest clone to show up, which.... honestly, felt rather half-assed to me. I've come to expect better from this show.

* Andrew Rannells will be taking over when Neil Patrick Harris leaves Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.

* Tom Hiddleston has been cast as Hank Williams in a new biopic.

* The creator of True Detective says he only wants to do three seasons of the show.
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...while I am binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

* Here's an interview with the OITNB creator, cast, and Piper Kerman. Also, key differences between the show and Kerman's real-life experience.

* Howard Stark will apparently be part of the Agent Carter TV series, though it's unclear in what capacity. (Also, I don't see why the AV Club is making a big deal about Dominic Cooper and John Slattery both playing the role. They look reasonably similar, given that they're playing the character 30 years apart.)

* The Doctor Strange movie has a director, as does Ant-Man (again) finally.

* Clark Gregg talks about his movie Trust Me and Agents of SHIELD.

* The Fantastic Four reboot has been downgraded from "gritty" to "not as goofy as the original."

* Of course Mad Men would have the best "For Your Consideration" ads.

* Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie have been cast in the new Star Wars film. Lupita also has another new project in the works. Glad to see she's getting good post-Oscar roles. I was worried for a bit there.

* Kind of an odd pairing, but here's an interview with Emmy Rossum and Tatiana Maslany. I don't know why they would tease us with the existence of a "Someone To Watch Over Me" duet and then not provide video of it, but whatever.

* Video from a panel discussion with the cast and crew of The Americans.

* Apparently, people mock the Tony Awards because "the contenders are unknown to the public and that theater-going is an elitist, esoteric habit." LOL I feel like this would be more believable in a year when the nominees didn't include such unknowns as Woody Allen, Bryan Cranston, and Neil Patrick Harris, in shows no one's heard of, like Les Miserables, Aladdin, or Shakespeare. But whatever, the point is, people should appreciate the Tonys and the theater, which is good.

* ABC Family is developing a musical comedy TV series. Because that has worked out so well in the past.

* I had never heard of Outliving Emily until Jeremy Jordan was cast, but it sounds like an intriguing premise, and the cast is pretty great.

* Robert Downey Jr. is producing a new series about recovering addicts in a rehab facility for Showtime.

* This baby goat was cracking me up all day in work yesterday.

* I never saw Avatar, so I don't really care about the sequels, but James Cameron's explanation of writing three movies simultaneously is very interesting, and perhaps something more franchises should attempt.

* I hope you are watching the last four episodes of Enlisted, airing this month.
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* Hulu may be picking up Community for that hashtag-foretold sixth season (and a movie?). DON'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS, HULU.

* Sounds like Mindy Kaling gave an awesome commencement speech at Harvard.

* In Marvel news: Unlike most of its predecessors, the CA: TWS bonus features won't include a Marvel one-shot. Meanwhile, Charlie Cox has been cast as Daredevil for the new Netflix series. Also, I may be an enormous nerd, but this Marvel exhibit in New York sounds really cool.

* Here's another interview with Sutton Foster about Violet and her return to TV.

* Aww, I feel bad for Damon Lindelof and all the Lost hate he gets. I'm looking forward to his new show.

* I am rather intrigued by the idea of Gillian Flynn adapting Hamlet as a novel.

* An interview with the creators of the new comedy Undateable, which I saw the first two episodes of this week and laughed quite a bit.

* I haven't had a chance to see The Normal Heart yet, but here is a moving account of a viewing party.

* An interview with Laverne Cox, who is on the cover of TIME. Also, an account from an OITNB writer on realizing she is gay.

* Amy Poehler wrote a book!

* Matthew Weiner talks about the Mad Men mid-season finale, and Robert Morse talks about his big dance number. Plus, some speculation on how next year's final half-season might wrap up the show.

* Bryan Fuller on the Hannibal season 2 bloodbath finale.

* I haven't seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, but apparently the ending needs explaining, so here you go. Also, is this a sign that post-credits scenes have fallen far since Nick Fury's first epic appearance and should be abandoned?

* Emily Blunt talks about the Into the Woods movie.

* I CANNOT WAIT for Snowpiercer to finally come out in the US. Jeremy Renner's new movie, Kill the Messenger, looks pretty good, too, as does the trailer for This is Where I Leave You, starring Tina Fey and Jason Bateman.


May. 13th, 2014 11:02 pm
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* Jennifer Lawrence gives another typically Jennifer Lawrency interview.

* i had thought Michelle Forbes would make an excellent President Coin (a role which went to Julianne Moore), but at least she'll be in Mockingjay.

* The Tony nominees for Best Actress in a Musical sat down for a chat. (For the record, I think Idina Menzel would make an amazing Witch in Into the Woods.)

* Another interview with Sutton Foster about Violet. I realize probably no one else cares about this show, but it is so different and she is SO GOOD in it, I will keep linking, lol.

* In addition to a live Peter Pan musical, NBC will also at some point attempt The Music Man.

* Galavant, ABC's new "comedy musical fairytale" looks delightfully cracktastic.

* People knowing who Megan Hilty is continues to be the best thing that came out of Smash.

* LOL someone cut together the identical scenes from the Broadchurch trailer and its American remake, Gracepoint. Seriously, why even bother? And I don't know if it's because he's saying basically the exact same lines in a different accent, but David Tennant's American accent is SO OFF-PUTTING. Meanwhile, it's been announced that he's returning to Broadchurch for season 2, along with Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill.

* Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* I don't actually read a lot of Brian Michael Bendis (though "The Confession" is far and away the best writing of the Civil War comics and I do have Alias sitting on a shelf waiting to be read), but this interview kinda makes me like him.

* Here's the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman.

* Season 2 hasn't even premiered yet, but Orange is the New Black already has a season 3.

* I haven't read the books, so tell me, do you agree that Game of Thrones is doing a better job of telling the story? Just from what I've heard, it doesn't surprise me to hear that the series is benefiting from the show's paring down and refocusing of the narrative.

* Sarah Baker talks about her role in last night's pretty incredible episode of Louie.

* An oral history of The West Wing OMG. (Also, Joshua Malina is the greatest troll of all time.)
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Ugh, work has been insanely busy, and will continue to be so next week. BUT THEN IT'S OVER AND I CAN SLEEP. Sorry if I missed anything important. Just one... more... week...


* This AV Club article about TV cancellations becoming a thing of the past is interesting, particularly given the common assumption that shows get axed a lot quicker now than they did in the days of, say, Buffy or Seinfeld, which were given ~time to develop into the great shows they'd become. But the article also neglects the primary driver of shows like Community or Parks & Recreation getting five or six seasons, despite low ratings - namely, with the exception of CBS, EVERYTHING is getting terrible ratings compared to the days when there were only three or four networks competing against one another. Now they're competing with AMC and FX, with HBO and Showtime, with Netflix and Amazon, all of whom have popularized "prestige" shows, where it's more important for a show to be good than for it to get good ratings.

The standard for renewal is lower because it has to be, or networks would be forced to cancel everything. Maybe there's a long-term gain from picking up binge-watching viewers, but in the current environment, low-rated shows that get critical acclaim give networks an excuse to keep renewing them. At least those shows are generating buzz, whereas low-rated crap gets you nothing.

* Speaking of low-rated critical darlings, Bryan Fuller talks about last night's Hannibal and the creator of Enlisted talks about the show's chances for renewal after being yanked from the schedule.

* Parks and Rec creator Mike Schur talks about how the season finale was inspired by BSG ("Next season, four of them are Cylons.").

* We all know Tatiana Maslany is amazing, but her clone stand-in is the second hardest-working actress on TV. Plus, an interview with the show's creators.

* Sarah Silverman will guest star on the next season of Masters of Sex.

* John Oliver talks about his new HBO series. If you don't have HBO, you can watch the first episode on YouTube. It's worth it for his coverage of the Indian election alone.

* J. August Richards is talking about Agents of SHIELD again. And again some more.

* The Justice League movie is a thing that is happening.

* Things Emma Stone and I have in common: we both know all the words to Blues Traveler's "Hook."

* Q&A with the always witty Laura Benanti.

* Fox is jumping into the "live musical broadcast" game with... Grease.

* Here's an oral history of Mean Girls.

* The cast of Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced.

* Learn from Seth Meyers' mistake: Don't ever let Amy Poehler get hold of your credit card.

* A 12-year-old Laura Ingalls threatened to kill someone with a knife and it was cut out of the book? Why do you hate us, Rose Wilder Lane?
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* Hey, so here is the ACTUAL trailer for Gone Girl.

* I don't know, you guys. I just read The Fault in Our Stars, so I was all ready to love the movie, but this clip does not fill me with hope. Better actors would probably help, but what sounded cheesy but cute on the page is just cringeworthy when said out loud.

* LOL at Paul Bettany being all "Dammit now I have to do work," now that he's playing an actual character with a body in Age of Ultron.

* This is a cool comparison of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with almost identical scenes from the comics.

* I don't understand why they didn't just start with an Agent Carter series in the first place, rather than Agents of SHIELD, but I hope it goes well...

* Here's an interview with Orphan Black's showrunner. "So when you’re comparing her to Breaking Bad, are you saying that by season four, Alison will be running a global drug empire?" SEEMS LEGIT.

* The real-life "Alex" of Orange is the New Black talks about what's true and what's creative license on the show. Plus, trailer for the new season!

* The Americans has been renewed for a third season.

* Bryan Fuller talks about Hannibal. (Sidebar: My parents were visiting for the weekend, and I made them watch Hannibal on Friday. Well, my dad fell asleep long before it started, but my mom was sort of watching, and LOL of course this is the ep with the turducken... thing. I can only imagine what she thinks of my TV preferences now.)

* Sutton Foster's new show Younger just got picked up. Wonder how that will impact her Broadway run. I just saw her in Violet, and although I haven't had a chance to write about it yet, she is outstanding and made me cry, so it'd be a shame if she left so soon. Also, here's her talking about going totally makeup-free on stage.

* Speaking of musicals I saw but haven't written up yet, here's a video from the cast of The Most Happy Fella. Which was also good, but a little less my style of musical. (But holy talented actors, Batman. Laura Benanti and Heidi Blickenstaff FTW.)

* There's now a trailer for the Clint Eastwood-directed Jersey Boys adaptation.
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* The writers of Captain America: The Winter Soldier talk about Cap adjusting to the modern world. Plus, an interview with the Russos.

* The cast of Winter Soldier plays Would You Rather.

* Two thinkpieces on why the best Cap stories happen when America is confused about what it stands for, and how Cap is the most tragic Avenger (which, incidentally, is why I love his story so much).

* I will say that Captain America finally made Agents of SHIELD interesting. So curious how they're going to deal with the movie's developments.

* Jed and Mo attempt to address the show's critics - but I think they're fooling themselves if they think the problem is that audiences are expecting "a Marvel movie each week."

* J. August Richards talks about playing Deathlok, and a certain guest star will be popping up in the season finale.

* In this profile of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, he drops the info that Marvel has movies planned out to 2028. Good lord.

* Feige also mentioned that Hawkeye and the Hulk will play significant roles in Age of Ultron.

* Here's a trailer for Jon Favreau's film, Chef, which I'm just going to assume is about Happy and Natasha opening a restaurant, while Tony gets a food truck.

* An interview with Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Plus interviews with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Arya and Bran Stark), and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), who, by the way, will also be appearing in Mockingjay.

* Josh Radnor talks about the HIMYM finale. This pretty much sums up my feelings on the episode. Apparently, the DVD will include an alternate ending.

* Jordan Gavaris talks about playing Felix on Orphan Black.

* I would so totally read the heck out of a Bryan Cranston memoir about Breaking Bad.

* Here is Jeremy Jordan singing "Let It Go."
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* Gone with the Wind is getting a prequel novel about Mammy (whose real name, it happens, is Ruth). Which reminds me, I never posted my GWTW meta/reaction post that I started writing last summer and never finished. I should maybe get back to that sometime.

* It never occurred to me that Winnie the Pooh needed an origin story film, but apparently he's getting one anyway.

* Coulson's cellist is finally making an appearance, and she looks a lot like Amy Acker.

* Over the last week or so, I've been binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I watched the pilot back when it first premiered and wasn't really feeling it, but after hearing people rave about it for a whole season, I decided to give it another shot and I liked it! So here's an interview with Mike Schur, the co-creator. Plus, what the show can learn from Parks & Recreation.

* Matthew Weiner talks about Mad Men and is actually interesting, even though he still gives nothing away.

* Bryan Cranston talks Breaking Bad and his new role as President Lyndon Johnson on Broadway.

* Here's a recap of the Community panel at PaleyFest.

* Dan Rydell was temporarily resurrected when Josh Charles made an appearance on Keith Olbermann's show.

* Revisiting possibly the greatest thing HIMYM has ever brought us, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel once again sing "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables.

* Here's a sneak peek at Captain America's new uniform, which is changing yet again for Age of Ultron. (Also, am I displaying my obsessive nerdery if I point out that's clearly a stunt double and not Chris Evans, as the article states?)
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* Matthew McConaughey explains the origin of his signature phrase.

* An interview with the creator of True Detective talking about season 1 and that finale.

* Ever wondered which of the cast of Veronica Mars can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth? Wonder no more.

* Which Veronica Mars character are you? I am Logan, which means I am snarky, occasionally violent, and madly in love with Kristen Bell. Sounds about right. Now if only I were the super-rich child of Hollywood actors (except... y'know, better, non-murdery ones than Logan's parents!).

* Check out the teaser for HBO's The Normal Heart, starring Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer.

* I haven't watched The Originals since the first couple episodes, but I'm surprised to hear that a major character is leaving the show.

* Neil Patrick Harris talks about his new Broadway show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and many other things in this profile.

* Adrian Pasdar will be guest-starring on Agents of SHIELD as a character from the Hulk comics.

* Scarlett Johansson says her pregnancy won't impact the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron (which is a good thing, since we know what Joss does to actresses who get unexpectedly pregnant).

* No surprise, Joss Whedon directed one of the post-credits scenes for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

* Chris Evans clarifies his Marvel contract - he's not trying to get out of it, he swears! He just wants to ~direct more. Also, apparently his Thor: The Dark World cameo didn't count, so it looks like he'll be around for at least Cap 3 and Avengers 3?

* As for non-Marvel Chris Evans news, his film Snowpiercer FINALLY has a US release date.

* Zachary Levi is crowdfunding Nerd HQ this year, so if you want more Tom Hiddleston raptor impersonations, go donate!

* In defense of talking funny, or why accents are awesome.

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HI GUYS. I went to San Diego and didn't tell you. And I missed SO much TV, including the Oscars, which I've had to piece together from GIFs. (Funny story: we actually kind of considered having an Oscar watching party, but we're all idiots from the eastern and central time zones who forgot that it started at 5PM on the west coast, so we're out at a restaurant eating dinner and someone's like, "Uh, guys, the Oscars are kinda half over...?") Not that I saw any of the nominated films, except Gravity. You better believe that we were Travoltifying our names when we were bored at work, though. Luka Bailerey, at your service, btw.

We also forgot that Tuesday was Mardi Gras, and apparently San Diego REALLY loves Mardi Gras, so... that was interesting. Certain coworkers of mine now refer to me as "Princess."

ANYWAY. Let me know if I missed anything awesome on the interwebs. Now I'm back and have oodles and oodles of links that you've probably already seen. Separated into categories for easier organization.

Oscar stuff first:

* Lupita Nyong'o gave an amazing speech about beauty and skin color, and then continued her flawlessness with her acceptance speech. Plus, visual proof that she can (and does) rock any color dress.

* Anna Kendrick kept a diary of her Oscar weekend.

* An interview with an Oscar seat-filler reveals what goes on behind the cameras.

* Ellen interviewed the winners on her show. Here's Cate Blanchett and Lupita part 1 and part 2. The pizza delivery guy also went on Ellen to collect his tip.

* Tired of Frozen's Oscar-winning song, "Let It Go"? Then this is the parody for you.

TV stuff:

* Ground Floor has been renewed for a second season, while The Mindy Project has been renewed for a third.

* Community's Joel McHale and Jim Rash take on True Detective.

* FML. I thought I was done with HIMYM, but now Krysta Rodriguez is starring in the spin-off, which means I'm gonna have to watch it.

* Julia Stiles has a new legal drama coming to TNT.

* John Oliver's new HBO show, Last Week Tonight, has a trailer.

* Emmy Rossum talks about season 4 of Shameless, which has been fantastic.

Marvel stuff:

* I'm all for Chris Evans pursuing more directing gigs, but I hope he finds projects he can also star in, because otherwise I'd miss him as an actor.

* Speaking of, OMG this Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip! My bb! \o/ Plus, here's two new ads with new footage, and some speculation about the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and therefore Agents of...) in the MCU.

* Scarlett Johansson is pregnant, which will almost certainly impact filming for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Other Age of Ultron news: Marvel is locking in Thomas Kretschmann, who will appear as Baron von Strucker in AoU, in case they want to use him again, and adding Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun to the cast, in a yet to be announced supporting role.

* Not really a link, but I finally saw Thor: The Dark World. I don't have much to say about it because, other than Thor and Loki being adorably brotherly, I don't really have ~feels? Thor is probably the least interesting Avenger to me, Thor/Jane does nothing for me, and I'm mostly in it for the supporting characters, so as long as there's enough laughs, I don't mind that the plot's a bit of a mess. But yay for Zachary Levi joining the MCU!

* Marvel is airing a one-hour special on ABC about... themselves, basically. It's a one-hour commercial for their TV show and the 3 new movies coming out in the next year and a half. Which I will watch because I am a sucker for new footage.

Movie, musical, and movie musical stuff:

* Veronica Mars has been added to the Kindle Worlds legal fanfiction list. Plus, lots of photos from the movie (one week, you guys!). You can actually watch the first two minutes of the movie, but before you get excited, it's basically a "previously on" summary of the TV series.

* Steven Spielberg wants to remake West Side Story. I know people get tetchy about remaking classics, but maybe this time they'll cast lead actors who can actually sing?

* Speaking of movie musical remakes, Quvenzhane Wallis is freakin' adorable in the trailer for the new Annie.

* Into the Woods is getting an off-Broadway revival. Not sure how I feel about this "stripped-down" version.


Feb. 26th, 2014 09:50 pm
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* The new Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV spot has generated speculation that a certain someone is going to die. Also, Chris Evans was the Grand Marshal at the Daytona 500 this weekend. (What a dork.)

* The four Marvel Netflix series will be filmed in New York.

* Drew Pearce talks about the Mandarin short, All Hail the King.

* In non-MCU Marvel movies, I'm not sure we really need this much Spider-Man in our lives?

* Dear God, NBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel by bringing back Heroes, of all things. Okay, sound off: how many canceled NBC series can YOU think of that you'd rather see return than Heroes?

* Michelle Monaghan talks about True Detective and its female characters. It would be so awesome if next season had two female leads.

* Doctor Who is injecting a little diversity into its cast with a new companion.

* Jeremy Jordan, Anna Kendrick, and Richard LaGravenese talk about adapting The Last Five Years as a film.

* Peter Dinklage already has a post-Game of Thrones job in the works on a new HBO series.

* I would so totally be on board for a Farscape spin-off/sequel TV movie.

* Ordinarily I would have no interest in a Godzilla movie, but... Bryan Cranston, yo.

* Matthew Rhys talks about the new season of The Americans, starting TONIGHT! Plus, an interview with the show's creators.

* With The LEGO Movie proclaiming "Everything is Awesome," now is a good time for a cautionary tale. If you don't talk to your children about LEGO, who will?

* Adam Driver is not who I would've expected for a Star Wars villain, but okay.

* I haven't watched it, because I'd rather see it in context, but you can watch Hannibal's opening scene from the season 2 premiere if you want.
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