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I'm insatiable, people. I swear, I'm going to end up buying another icon package before the year is out.

Anyway, I've been going over my epic icon collection, and I've decided I need the following:

1. a *facepalm* or "oops" or some other icon to indicate embarrassment
2. Spike on his laptop with a caption that says "reading Spuffy porn"

Anyone who can point me in the direction of such icons gets a cookie!

(Also, have been working on something EPIC with Emmie today. Should be posted tomorrow.)
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I mean, sure, I have the "whatever" and the "don't care" and Toby looking apathetic, but expressing myself through teeny pictures is a delicate art, and specificity is important. Can't just be throwing icons out there willy-nilly, right? So if you have any good "meh" icons, point me toward 'em - any of my many fandoms will do.


So why the need for "meh"? Well, I've been watching more movies! This batch is better than the last one, but still nothing that wowed me.

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