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Seriously. If you haven't yet, go see Snowpiercer, and then come back and talk to me! (Or wait 4 more days until it's out on VOD because fucking Harvey Weinstein clearly wants this to fail at the box office, but on the other hand, yay for wider access soon?)

I saw it yesterday and cannot stop thinking about it. I had a... rather complicated reaction, lol, in that it's a emotional gut punch of the sort that I kind of never want to experience again, and yet as soon as it was over, I immediately wanted to watch it again. Then again, I don't think it's possible NOT to have a complicated reaction to this movie?

I mean. You guys, I was like, "Oh, the supermarket is right next to the theater, I can go grocery shopping afterwards," and then I walked out of the theater literally shaking and my brain cannot shut out this movie and the guy behind the deli counter is giving me weird looks and I'm just like:

but also kind of:

And of course a lot of this:

I don't even know how to sell people on it without giving things away - not that it's the kind of movie that gets ruined by spoilers, but at the same time, I feel like the less you know going in, the better? Because it is so visceral and you kind of want to just take that journey without knowing where it leads the first time (and then watch it over and over so that you can peel back the eighteen layers of meaning behind everything and OMG, do you see why we need to talk about this?).

So I just want to be like OMG GO SEE IT GO SEE IT (which is basically what I said on Twitter, lol), but I guess if you want a relatively non-spoilery review, this one is pretty good. Also, if pretty pictures are your thing, the cinematography is incredible.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention my bb Chris Evans. This is the best I have ever seen him. The entire cast is amazing (Octavia Spencer! Jamie Bell! TILDA FUCKING SWINTON.) but I kind of side-eyed the "CHRIS EVANS IS A REVELATION" reviews, because like, yeah, maybe if you've only seen his big-budget stuff? But I have seen everything and I know he's a damn good actor (more people need to see Sunshine!) and still. BLOWN AWAY. It is kind of depressing that I would not even know Snowpiercer existed if he wasn't in it (seriously, what the fuck, TWC should've promoted the shit out of it ALL OVER the place), because I would have loved it no matter what, but at the same time, I am like, "Oh baby, I understand all those 'quitting acting' comments now," because good lord, going back to Marvel after this would have to be a huge letdown.

That faaaaaace. Curtis gifspam!

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