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Why yes, I DID just watch Hannibal, how did you know?

* So Agents of SHIELD aired its season finale this week, and it... actually turned into a good show? I think this is a fair assessment of what it did really well, and areas that still need improvement. Also, here are a couple post-mortems with Jed and Maurissa, and executive producers Jeph Loeb and Jeff Bell.

* Hayley Atwell talks about coming back to Marvel for Agent Carter.

* It's actually kind of handy that Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are both in Godzilla, because it means they can spend their entire press tour talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron, lol.

* Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston proves he is a master of the "Godzilla roar."

* I don't know anyone who would object to a Good Wife spinoff featuring Elsbeth Tascioni.

* Here's a preview of the second season of Masters of Sex.

* A long but fascinating interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

* CBS did NOT pick up How I Met Your Dad. I'm FREEEEEEE!!!!!

* Neil Patrick Harris was offered David Letterman's Late Show gig, but he passed. (Probably a good move for him.)

* Viggo Mortensen throws some shade at Peter Jackson's love of special effects.

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* CBS did NOT pick up How I Met Your Dad.

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