May. 3rd, 2013

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Despite working long hours lately, I've weirdly been doing a lot of cooking? IDK. Sometimes I get ~inspired.

Pesto Shrimp Mac and Cheese - Yum! I love anything with pesto, though, so I may be biased. In fact, I even tried making regular mac and cheese the other day and decided it really needed pesto, lol.

Chicken with Cashews - Not bad. A little bland, but good enough to satisfy the take-out craving.

Tortellini with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce - This was super easy to make and tasted amazing the first time around, but rather less so as leftovers (too gloppy), so maybe cut down the recipe if you're not going to eat the whole thing in one sitting, haha. In other news, I now have half a can of canned pumpkin to use up. Any suggestions?

Grasshopper Parfaits - I was craving something creamy and minty, and this did the trick. Very simple. I didn't bother to dye the Cool Whip green. This is how low-maintenance I am right now.

(Also, in case anyone is wondering, my new workplace is having its big annual conference this week, and I pretty much got thrown into the deep end with the planning of it. hence the long hours and lack of non-linkspam posts. Once it's over, I will hopefully return to some semblance of normalcy re: my time on the internet.)
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