Jun. 22nd, 2012

next_to_normal: (Annie scream)
Ugh, I have had an unbelievably shitty week, mainly work-related. I have zero interest in rehashing the details, but suffice to say that I am looking for a new job even harder than I was before.

Also, remember how I was talking about a vacation? Well, I managed to find super-cheap airfare to Denver ($250 round-trip!) and my mom and I were planning a trip that involved a few days in the city and then driving around to the national parks and other fun stuff. I was excited! I ordered travel books from Amazon! But before they'd even arrived at my house, our entire plan had to be scrapped (part of the work-related shittiness of this week). So now we are back to square one and I am depressed.

If anyone is still paying attention to The Newsroom, have some links.

Also-also, meme. Snagged from [personal profile] aerintine:

Tell me which two fictional characters you think are my parents.
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