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I have been boring and not posting much, but it's summer and therefore not much is on TV and apparently that is all I talk about? *pause for existential crisis*

I've been using this time to whittle down my Netflix queue a little bit, but haven't watched anything really worth mentioning. On TV, I'm still watching my bb Aaron Tveit in Graceland, which is a fun and not terribly thought-provoking show. Oh, and Dexter, but I've only seen one ep, so I can't decide if it's still good or not.

Ooh, I did try cooking some things. Let's see, recipes...

Stir-Fried Rice with Asian Vegetables and Beef - This was good! I don't know why they recommend using frozen rice? I just made regular brown rice.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies - These were meh, but I might possibly have screwed them up, since the recipe called for egg substitute, which I didn't have. So I put in a real egg, but it was more than 2 tbsp. so then I added more flour and oats to counteract it. Oh well.

What is everyone else up to? What should I do to entertain myself? Talk to me!
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