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And we begin! I am a major slacker who only put the request post up yesterday, so there are still plenty of days to fill if you want to see me blather and/or assault your eyes with graphics.

Today's topic comes from [personal profile] ever_neutral:

Top 5 hair-porn characters
(in alphabetical order)

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

Erica Strange (Being Erica)

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

So... obviously I have a Type. Shiny, bouncy shampoo-commercial loose curls. This is the hair I covet, which I will never, ever have. I can get it shiny, but bouncy loose curls are beyond my lame hair's abilities. The best I can manage is limp yet oddly, unevenly wavy. But I also admire versatility - I love love LOVE Veronica's short hair in season 1 and all the fun things she does with it, and Elena's poker-straight hair is just as unattainably gorgeous as her Katherine curls. (Sidenote: [personal profile] ever_neutral gave me "characters" rather than actors, otherwise I'd have included all of Nina Dobrev's marvelous hairstyles throughout the ages. However, when it comes to choosing one over the other, I am very fond of Elena's new side-swept bangs and streak of red.)

I also have a soft spot for gingers, because my mother used to have hair the color of Amy Pond's, and I was always so jealous, because red is less common, and therefore more exciting than brown. Which is why I have taken to coloring my hair, albeit still much darker than either Amy's or Erica's. True story: when I went home for Thanksgiving this week, my dad said, "Did your hair get redder?" (I have been dyeing my hair the same color for, like, a year, FYI.) Me: "Yes, it 'got' redder. I went to the hair salon, and it just magically ~got redder." Dad: " :-| "

And then there is Buffy, who has been the victim of many tragic hairstyles over the years, but her season 5 hair makes up for all of it, even that time when she had bangs that were a different color than the rest of it. Buffy's season 5 hair is GLORIOUS.
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