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Jun. 24th, 2017 05:02 pm
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I haven't done a meme in aaaaages! Snagged from [personal profile] slaymesoftly.

1. How quickly does it take your phone to die?
By the time I get home from work, it's on about 11%. I need a new phone.

2. Do you remember the first YouTube video you ever watched?
LMAO of course not. Do you realize how long ago that was?

3.How many cities do you have saved in your weather app? What are they?
None. It just tells me the weather wherever I am. 

4.Are you happy?
I guess? Certainly happier than I was earlier this year, not being in pain all the time. Although now I feel more responsible for my own happiness (and changing things if I'm unhappy), because I can't blame it on being sick anymore, which is super annoying.

5.What color is your soap? Shampoo?
My body wash is green, my shampoo is white.

6.What do they smell like?
The body wash smells like vanilla; the shampoo smells like... shampoo?

7.Have you ever had a run-in with the police?
Just speeding tickets.

8.Who inspires you the most?
I don't really know. I'm not feeling particularly inspired lately.

9. How often do you dye your hair?
Every 8 weeks, usually.

10.Do you have any friends with benefits? Hubby?

11. Does your ex miss you?
Probably. He was pretty clingy. But I wouldn't know, because I don't talk to him anymore.

12. Have you ever been on a horse? How was it?
Yes. It was fine? I didn't fall off or otherwise injure myself. Would do it again if opportunity presented itself, but I'm not, like, seeking out horses to ride.

13. What is your favorite fruit?
I don't know, watermelon, maybe? I like a lot of fruits. I eat fruits as a substitute for the vegetables I can't eat.

14. Is the last male you spoke to attractive?
Not particularly. 

15. Do people often tell you that you're pretty?
I would not say often, no. On the other hand, until recently I have generally had the look of one who is near death, so...

16. What was your worst subject in school? What about your best?
I... wasn't really bad at any of them? I guess physics was worst, owing more to the teacher than anything else. Best... chemistry? After all, I wanted to major in it in college for a while.

17. How many different towns have you lived in?

18. Are you kinky?

19. What is in your refrigerator right now?
Lots of stuff! I can eat food again! Most recently, I made a crab dip, some leftover pasta, a container of Mom's spaghetti sauce, watermelon, cantaloupe, some quiche that's really old and I should probably throw out. Lots of Ensure that my parents bought after my surgery which I didn't need and now will probably never drink. Milk, bread, eggs, condiments, etc.

20. Are you sexy?
I certainly don't feel sexy, largely because of the Crohn's.  

21. How far away does a destination have to be before you consider it a road trip?
Far enough that the ride requires snacks and bathroom breaks. I drive about 3 hours to my parents' house and I don't consider that a road trip, so maybe 4 hours? 

22. Do you believe that people can change?
Only if they want to.

23. Do you always have the TV on for background noise?
No. I multitask - I watch TV or listen to a podcast while I'm doing stuff on my computer, but it's always stuff I want to watch/listen to, never just for noise.

25. Are you more mentally or physically strong?
Mentally. My body is not in great shape - unless you consider an astonishingly high tolerance for pain to be physical strength, then yeah, lol.

26. What is something weird that turns you on?
I don't know. Very little actually turns me on.

27. Do you easily pick up on innuendos?

28. Do you avoid confrontation?

29. With whom was your last kiss and where?
My parents, when they left last weekend. Unless you mean romantic kiss, then good lord probably that dude at that conference in Orlando whose name I don't remember?

30. Have you ever been offered drugs? Did you accept?
You know, I have never been offered drugs! (Clearly I do not hang around the right people.) Illegal drugs, that is. I have been offered (and accepted) plenty in the way of prescriptions, lol. 

31. Have you ever tried online dating?
Oh yes. Not recently, though.

32. What perfume do you wear?

33. What three countries would you LEAST like to visit?
Uh. I'm gonna go with Patti - quite a few, but North Korea is pretty high on the list.

34. What have been the top 3 moments of your year so far?
Honestly, most of the memorable moments have been bad ones. Like surgery, or the time I threw up in an MRI machine, or when I threw up at the Kennedy Center. Ooh, I did go to Key West, that was fun. (I also threw up there.) 

35. Does virginity matter to you?
Uh...? My own? Other people's? Either way, I feel like we're well past the age where it's expected.

36. What is on your floor right now?
A rug, a pair of shoes, all the things the cat swatted off the coffee table, and lots and lots of cat toys.

37. Do you take nudes?

38. Do you like reptiles?
Not particularly, even if Megan tries to insist they're fun.

39. Do you swear a lot?
A lot more in my head than I do out loud.

40. Does it bother you when guys wear pink?
No, why would it?

41. Do you watch porn?

42. What is an unpopular opinion that you have?
Firefly sucks!

43. Do you watch any reality shows?
Only when my parents come to visit, because they like HGTV and cooking shows.

44. Do you skip breakfast?
No, I am pretty religious about my probiotic yogurt, lol.

45. Do you work out every week?
Hahahaha, did I work out EVER in the last two years? (No. No, I did not.)

46. Did you grow up in a small town or big city?
Small town.

47. How many roses did you get on Valentine’s Day?

48. Are you belligerent?
Only when people are wrong.

49. What are you looking forward to?
Girls with Guts in Chicago in September.

50. Have you ever been lost in the woods?
No. You know why? Because I watched Into the Woods many times as a child and I learned my lesson.
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