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* Via [personal profile] umadoshi, some speculation on Black Widow's MCU backstory based on the Age of Ultron trailers. I have to admit, much as I want Natasha's origin story, the mere mention of "how much Joss Whedon looooves his trained-as-a-weapon, mentally-brainwashed ballerinas" makes me go NO NO NO HANDS OFF DON'T TOUCH DO NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME WITH YOUR GROSS FETISHES, JOSS.

* Here's the live-blog of the Agent Carter TCA panel, as well as the Community panel.

* Also a live-blog of the Parks & Recreation panel, and an interview with Michael Schur about Parks & Rec's final season.

* Season 3 of Hannibal won't be on until the summer. It will also involve a time jump long enough for someone to get married, and Richard Armitage has been cast in a key role.

* Zachary Levi will star in the Heroes reboot. Oh, Zac. Why.

* Jennifer Lawrence interviews Eddie Redmayne and it's adorable.

* Bradley Whitford is guest-starring on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Yay!

* The cast of The West Wing reunites for the second annual Big Block of Cheese Day.

* More Twin Peaks cast announcements.
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* Paul Bettany talks about playing the Vision. I kind of get the sense he misses showing up for 45 minutes and walking away with a bag of cash? lol

* Kevin Feige talks about Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and other Marvel stuff.

* Karen Gillan talks about Guardians of the Galaxy and her new TV series, Selfie.

* Another perspective on the Age of Ultron footage shown at Comic-Con.

* Here is a pretty thorough round-up of video interviews with the cast.

* Here is also the full playlist of Nerd HQ videos. So far, I've only watched the Orphan Black panel (which is even more off the chain than last year's - seriously, pants come off and Zachary Levi curls into the fetal position, possibly in horror at what he hath wrought).

* This post-finale video from the TVD panel is pretty hilarious. Ian: "Nuh-uh. I've been killed off a TV show before and this is not how they do it." Paul: "Does this mean that I get more money?" CANDICE'S SANDWICH. And Nina knocking down walls to expand her dressing room, lmao.

* Completely non-Comic-Con related, Audra McDonald talks about playing Billie Holliday and her previous attempted suicide, which I never knew about before, wow. Like, when I first saw the headline, I thought it meant Billie, because that seemed more likely, but no. Audra, who went on to be a Tony-winning goddess.

I will put the rest of this under a cut, because it has precisely zero newsworthiness, and is entirely the cast of Avengers being ridiculous and adorably goofy together.

I fucking love these dipshits )
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I swear to God, with all the advances we have made in medicine and science and technology, how is it possible that they cannot create a colonoscopy prep solution that does not TASTE LIKE ASS?

Yep, had my colonoscopy yesterday. (Result: I still have Crohn's disease.) Today my abdomen feels sore like I did sit-ups or something, which I don't think is normal. The doctor did say that one section was so narrowed due to inflammation that he couldn't even get past it because he didn't want to rip up my intestinal wall with the scope. AWESOME.

It's weird, though, because it's not the usual sharp pain or cramps from the Crohn's, it legit feels like a muscle type ache, which... I don't generally think of a colonoscopy as an ab workout. But maybe? I didn't get that from the last two colonoscopies, even the one that hurt like a bitch while it was happening, and my mother - who is basically a colonoscopy expert after six - says she's never heard of that.

Also, it's hazy, but I'm pretty sure that when I woke up afterward, I asked the nurse for more anesthesia. \o/ MOAR DRUGS PLZ. I CAN HAZ NAPTIEM?

Anyway, linkspam:

* Here's the teaser for season 4 of Homeland. I admit, I am curious how/to what extent the show will reinvent itself post-Brody, and whether they'll take the opportunity to fix the things that have been... less than good in the last couple seasons. I doubt it, but I'm curious.

* Doctor Who also now has a full trailer featuring Peter Capaldi.

* Update on one of Aaron Tveit's movie projects - he is playing a character named "Johnny Manicotti." Bless.

* First Community, now Enlisted might be coming back, too? Don't toy with me, Yahoo.

* Zachary Levi talks about this year's Nerd HQ at Comic-Con.

* I don't understand why anyone would want Karen Gillan to not be Scottish.

* Don't expect the Emmy category shenanigans to change any time soon.

* Christopher Walken will be playing Captain Hook in NBC's live broadcast of Peter Pan. Alas, Kristen Bell will not be playing Peter.


Jun. 17th, 2014 10:03 pm
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* Lots of news and photos leaking from the Age of Ultron set. They were filming in Norwich, where RDJ was adorable with children (as usual).

* Frank Grillo talked a little about Captain America 3 in this interview about something else. Meanwhile, Daredevil has added Vincent D'Onofrio.

* On the DC front, Aquaman will now be making an appearance in Batman vs. Superman.

* Malia Obama is working as a production assistant on a TV show.

* A mostly non-spoilery interview with the Game of Thrones showrunners. Also, here's why the book thing that didn't happen in the season finale didn't happen. (I was already spoiled for it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.)

* Ugh, I wish I could have gone to Idina Menzel's solo concert last night. It sounds like it was so much fun.

* I suppose I will need to find a new TV boyfriend: Zachary Levi got married to Missy Peregrym this weekend, whom he's apparently been stealth-dating.

* Interesting casting news for Orange is the New Black season 3.

* A nice look back at Friday Night Lights in honor of Father's Day.

* I hope Chris Evans' movie A Many Splintered Thing gets released eventually. The photos look really intriguing.

* The Orphan Black creators talk about the newest clone to show up, which.... honestly, felt rather half-assed to me. I've come to expect better from this show.

* Andrew Rannells will be taking over when Neil Patrick Harris leaves Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.

* Tom Hiddleston has been cast as Hank Williams in a new biopic.

* The creator of True Detective says he only wants to do three seasons of the show.
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* Matthew McConaughey explains the origin of his signature phrase.

* An interview with the creator of True Detective talking about season 1 and that finale.

* Ever wondered which of the cast of Veronica Mars can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth? Wonder no more.

* Which Veronica Mars character are you? I am Logan, which means I am snarky, occasionally violent, and madly in love with Kristen Bell. Sounds about right. Now if only I were the super-rich child of Hollywood actors (except... y'know, better, non-murdery ones than Logan's parents!).

* Check out the teaser for HBO's The Normal Heart, starring Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer.

* I haven't watched The Originals since the first couple episodes, but I'm surprised to hear that a major character is leaving the show.

* Neil Patrick Harris talks about his new Broadway show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and many other things in this profile.

* Adrian Pasdar will be guest-starring on Agents of SHIELD as a character from the Hulk comics.

* Scarlett Johansson says her pregnancy won't impact the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron (which is a good thing, since we know what Joss does to actresses who get unexpectedly pregnant).

* No surprise, Joss Whedon directed one of the post-credits scenes for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

* Chris Evans clarifies his Marvel contract - he's not trying to get out of it, he swears! He just wants to ~direct more. Also, apparently his Thor: The Dark World cameo didn't count, so it looks like he'll be around for at least Cap 3 and Avengers 3?

* As for non-Marvel Chris Evans news, his film Snowpiercer FINALLY has a US release date.

* Zachary Levi is crowdfunding Nerd HQ this year, so if you want more Tom Hiddleston raptor impersonations, go donate!

* In defense of talking funny, or why accents are awesome.

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HI GUYS. I went to San Diego and didn't tell you. And I missed SO much TV, including the Oscars, which I've had to piece together from GIFs. (Funny story: we actually kind of considered having an Oscar watching party, but we're all idiots from the eastern and central time zones who forgot that it started at 5PM on the west coast, so we're out at a restaurant eating dinner and someone's like, "Uh, guys, the Oscars are kinda half over...?") Not that I saw any of the nominated films, except Gravity. You better believe that we were Travoltifying our names when we were bored at work, though. Luka Bailerey, at your service, btw.

We also forgot that Tuesday was Mardi Gras, and apparently San Diego REALLY loves Mardi Gras, so... that was interesting. Certain coworkers of mine now refer to me as "Princess."

ANYWAY. Let me know if I missed anything awesome on the interwebs. Now I'm back and have oodles and oodles of links that you've probably already seen. Separated into categories for easier organization.

Oscar stuff first:

* Lupita Nyong'o gave an amazing speech about beauty and skin color, and then continued her flawlessness with her acceptance speech. Plus, visual proof that she can (and does) rock any color dress.

* Anna Kendrick kept a diary of her Oscar weekend.

* An interview with an Oscar seat-filler reveals what goes on behind the cameras.

* Ellen interviewed the winners on her show. Here's Cate Blanchett and Lupita part 1 and part 2. The pizza delivery guy also went on Ellen to collect his tip.

* Tired of Frozen's Oscar-winning song, "Let It Go"? Then this is the parody for you.

TV stuff:

* Ground Floor has been renewed for a second season, while The Mindy Project has been renewed for a third.

* Community's Joel McHale and Jim Rash take on True Detective.

* FML. I thought I was done with HIMYM, but now Krysta Rodriguez is starring in the spin-off, which means I'm gonna have to watch it.

* Julia Stiles has a new legal drama coming to TNT.

* John Oliver's new HBO show, Last Week Tonight, has a trailer.

* Emmy Rossum talks about season 4 of Shameless, which has been fantastic.

Marvel stuff:

* I'm all for Chris Evans pursuing more directing gigs, but I hope he finds projects he can also star in, because otherwise I'd miss him as an actor.

* Speaking of, OMG this Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip! My bb! \o/ Plus, here's two new ads with new footage, and some speculation about the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and therefore Agents of...) in the MCU.

* Scarlett Johansson is pregnant, which will almost certainly impact filming for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Other Age of Ultron news: Marvel is locking in Thomas Kretschmann, who will appear as Baron von Strucker in AoU, in case they want to use him again, and adding Korean actress Kim Soo Hyun to the cast, in a yet to be announced supporting role.

* Not really a link, but I finally saw Thor: The Dark World. I don't have much to say about it because, other than Thor and Loki being adorably brotherly, I don't really have ~feels? Thor is probably the least interesting Avenger to me, Thor/Jane does nothing for me, and I'm mostly in it for the supporting characters, so as long as there's enough laughs, I don't mind that the plot's a bit of a mess. But yay for Zachary Levi joining the MCU!

* Marvel is airing a one-hour special on ABC about... themselves, basically. It's a one-hour commercial for their TV show and the 3 new movies coming out in the next year and a half. Which I will watch because I am a sucker for new footage.

Movie, musical, and movie musical stuff:

* Veronica Mars has been added to the Kindle Worlds legal fanfiction list. Plus, lots of photos from the movie (one week, you guys!). You can actually watch the first two minutes of the movie, but before you get excited, it's basically a "previously on" summary of the TV series.

* Steven Spielberg wants to remake West Side Story. I know people get tetchy about remaking classics, but maybe this time they'll cast lead actors who can actually sing?

* Speaking of movie musical remakes, Quvenzhane Wallis is freakin' adorable in the trailer for the new Annie.

* Into the Woods is getting an off-Broadway revival. Not sure how I feel about this "stripped-down" version.

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* Ellen Page came out last week, and you should watch her speech because it's amazing.

* I really liked the Transparent pilot from Amazon, and I hope it gets made into a series. Here's an interview with the creator as well as a conversation with the cast.

* Orange is the New Black has a season 2 premiere date and a teaser.

* I definitely need a big red "Get it the f*** together" button in my life.

* You can watch a new clip of Ben Kingsley's Mandarin short, All Hail the King.

* LOL at the Internet panic over an action figure possibly spoiling Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

* I really hope that Guardians of the Galaxy is as cracktastic as we're all expecting it to be.

* It would be totally unfair if President Obama gets advance episodes of Game of Thrones. (Then again, he's a busy guy. I guess he doesn't have time to read the books?)

* Karen Gillan has landed the lead role in an ABC comedy pilot.

* Shameless - which is having a fantastic season - has been renewed for a fifth.

* Alfonso Cuaron talks about Gravity and his other films.

* Zachary Levi talks about his Comic-Con-adjacent Nerd HQ.

* A Scrubs musical is coming to Broadway, but without any of the Scrubs cast and not based on the Scrubs musical episode.

* Here's a sneak peek at season 2 of The Americans.


Jan. 30th, 2014 11:15 pm
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* Clark Gregg talks about Coulson and Agents of SHIELD.

* Looks like there will probably be a third Captain America movie, assuming this one does well, which it will. (Also, so much for the "they're killing off Steve Rogers" rumors?) And Thor 3 is happening for sure.

* Thor: The Dark World is coming out on DVD soon, hence all the special features popping up online. (Including an adorable interview with my TV boyfriend Zac Levi.)

* And in case you ever wondered what Tom Hiddleston would look like as Thor, here are some gifs from his screen test. (Tom is also here with the answer to why the villains in movies are always Brits.)

* A clip from Chris Evans' movie Snowpiercer. I admit, the Tumblr comments cracked me up. Also: please give us this movie.

* Orange is the New Black season 2 casting news.

* Another Hannibal season 2 trailer. Hold me.

* Lots of pictures from season 4 of Game of Thrones.

* I'm not sure we really needed an oral history of She's All That, but the fact that this movie is 15 years old makes me feel old.

* A nice piece about Seth Meyers leaving SNL.

* If you've been hoping to get relationship advice from the creator of Community, now is your chance.

* There will be a sequel to Pitch Perfect, and Elizabeth Banks is directing it..

* Anyone still care about How I Met Your Mother? I admit, the 200th episode (in which we get the backstory of the Mother) was the best episode the show's done in a long, long time, but it only reaffirms my belief that they should've gone there WAY sooner and spent WAY more time getting to know her.

* True Detective is getting a second season, with an entirely different cast. Which is understandable (you're not going to get Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey to stick around for years, so why even try) and would make sense for a procedural show - instead of a "case of the week" you have a new case every season - except that, like, there is zero emphasis on the case? The storytelling is ALL about the characters, and the murder they are solving is basically just to give them something to do while they talk to each other. So... interesting choice here, and I am curious to see if season 2 will be as captivating. Anyone else watching?
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[1-4] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[5-39] Chris Evans' stupid face (many of them from here)

From the HAIR post:
[40-45] Being Erica
[46-51] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[52-57] Doctor Who
[58-62] The Vampire Diaries
[63-67] Veronica Mars

[68-91] First Date
[92-95] Krysta Rodriguez and Zachary Levi
[96-99] Catching Fire
[100-104] [community profile] iconthat challenges: Longmire, Revolution, Supernatural, Bones
[105-110] Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
[111-113] Robert Downey Jr.


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First Date

Jan. 2nd, 2014 08:17 pm
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I mentioned in an earlier post that I took a little trip to NYC to see First Date. Sometime back in November, it was announced that the show was closing, so I had to get there before the end of the year to make sure I had a chance to see it (and my bbs, Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez).

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* Anna Gunn is playing the female lead role opposite David Tennant in that American remake of Broadchurch (which, incidentally, is called Gracepoint). It still seems silly to remake the same show over again, but honestly, if someone at Fox watched Broadchurch and was like, "You know what? We should totally remake that, just so Anna Gunn can be in it!" I really can't fault them for their logic.

* James Marsters has written another Spike comic. This interview is confusing, because the interviewer keeps talking about "season 6" when the description of the plot clearly places it after Spike gets his soul. Scott Allie clarifies - it takes place during season 7.

* What to get the Breaking Bad fan in your life for Christmas. And the Marvel fan.

* In related news, there's apparently a Hellmouth in Turkmenistan.

* I am always a sucker for TV credits sequence mashups, but Orphan Black done Parks & Rec style is doubly hilarious because ALL THE ACTORS ARE TATIANA MASLANY.

* Which Doctor Who companion are you? I am Rory Williams. I feel like that's accurate?

* There really are a lot of similarities between Scandal and Game of Thrones in the way men treat women, aren't there?

* IDK guys, the trailer for Muppets Most Wanted doesn't really thrill me. I think it needs musical numbers and Jason Segel.

* How Friends paired up Monica and Chandler.

* I never realized there were so many turtlenecks in Love Actually...

* I don't watch Saturday Night Live regularly, but when I do, Kate McKinnon is always flawless.

* I'm not sure how I feel about Idris Elba playing Luke Cage when he's already playing another role in the Marvel universe. Then again, Chris Evans, but aren't we pretending The Fantastic Four never happened?

* Haha, remember back in, like, early season 3 when Damon/Elena was crowned the 12-year-old idiot ship? (Sigh. Good times.) Well, they've officially been replaced by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's ridiculous bromance. Also, Jen continues to be adorably nuts on David Letterman. (Also, girlfriend, you have my sympathies on the GI issues. BEEN THERE. POOPED THAT.)

* Aaron Paul pulls the best pranks ever. I feel like he's told that meteor story before, but the cartoon illustrations really make it.

* Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez are adorable as always answering fan questions. THE INTERSECT IS FOR PORN OMG DYING. Also, you guys, I am going to see First Date at Christmas woooo!

* A cat has been summoned for jury duty in Boston. Your move, Florida.

* Best nutrition facts ever.

* Fun for my linguists: not one but two articles examining the influence of the Internet on the English language. Because reasons.

* The most WTF thing someone did while hooking up. No lie, I laughed outrageously hard at the ninja turtles one.
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* John Oliver is leaving The Daily Show to host a weekly comedy-news-satire show on HBO. Maybe they'll call it The Weekly Show.

* This is the creepiest fucking thing ever. BRB checking my walls for secret passages.

* Doctor Who prequel minisode. I... what? Did they just... do what I think they just did?

* The Catching Fire interview where Woody Harrelson finally figures out that Chris and Liam Hemsworth are brothers. (It starts around 4 minutes in.) "You do have the same last name... I honestly never put that together. (Interviewer: "You know, they kind of look similar?") Now that he mentions it, I totally get it!" Exactly how many drugs do you think he's on?

* Katniss Everdeen kills everything. Spoilers for... a lot of things, I guess, but mostly Game of Thrones.

* The trailer for Maleficent. Thoughts?

* Tom Hiddleston will pretty much do anything you tell him to, won't he? Here he is juggling, drinking beer, and singing karaoke in a car on some German show. There was also the dance-off with Zachary Levi at the Thor 2 premiere (Zac is still my TV boyfriend, but Tom totally won that one), and The Return of Steve on MTV After Hours.

* CBS has already ordered the pilot for How I Met Your Dad, so this is apparently a thing that is happening.
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* Zachary Levi talks about Thor: The Dark World and First Date, which I apparently need to get my ass to New York to see before the end of the year.

* And speaking of The Dark World, here's an interview with the director. I get the sense he was not totally pleased with his Marvel experience, lol.

* If this is actually what Ben Kingsley's secret Marvel project was about... meh. I LOVED what they did with the Mandarin in IM3. Fanboys can go fuck themselves.

* I agree with pretty much everything in this Agents of SHIELD critique (including the punctuation). Please get better, Show.

* Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about the Veronica Mars movie promo putting so much emphasis on the Logan/Veronica/Piz love triangle. I mean, Chris Lowell, you're adorbs, but why even is Piz still around?

* Final Catching Fire trailer! OMG I AM EXCITE.

* I swear, someday the internet will run out of Breaking Bad links. But not today. Check out the last two pages of the series finale script. Also, BREAKING BAD ON ICE IS A THING THAT EXISTS.

* This review of the Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula series is full of epic snark. A sample: "So Dracula's plan is to introduce a new energy source that will devalue The Order's oil interests and... Oh Dear God. If you're Dracula and you want to get revenge on people, you make yourself an army of vampires and you tear everybody associated with those people into little bits. Your plan is "Murder, pillage, wipe the blood from my mouth" not "Boy I bet it'll make them disappointed if their stock takes a dip." If your plan takes longer than three days, you're not Dracula. You're Emily Thorne."

* Sesame Street did a Homeland parody. OMG. I can't even.

* Tom Hiddleston is not the only one who does impressions. Here are celebrities imitating other celebrities.

* Wow. Woooooow. We never did anything that cool when I was in marching band.

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* The cast of Bunheads got together to film a goodbye dance sequence.

* Dammit. I don't really want to watch Showtime's new series, The Affair, but Dominic West and Joshua Jackson might convince me to give it an ep or two.

* Another Mockingjay cast announcement, this time for Annie Cresta.

* Joss Whedon talks about how Marvel's dedication to franchises is thwarting his efforts to kill off Avengers. I... may have read between the lines a bit there.

* Zachary Levi talks about Broadway and stuff. I love the question about creating his own geeky musical, because I really just want to introduce him to Jeff and Hunter and be like, "GO BE BESTIES NOW."

* If you've ever wanted an article that explains exactly what's wrong with Dexter, congratulations: here it is.

* In the best pop culture mash-up of the night, Hank and Marie Schrader react to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance.

SPEAKING OF BREAKING BAD OMG CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT?? The writer of last night's episode, Gennifer Hutchinson, did. But also...

cut for spoilers )
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* Keri Russell talks about The Americans while promoting her new movie, Austenland.

* There's another TV show about a Broadway musical in the works, because THAT worked so well the first time, right?

* First Date, the new musical starring my TV boyfriend Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez, just recorded their OBC soundtrack! If you can't wait to buy it, here's Zac and Krysta singing a song from the show, while very awkwardly staring at the camera (what's up with that, NYT?).

* If you've ever thought Natasha's ability to kill people with her thighs was unrealistic, here's the real life woman who will prove you wrong.

* Mythbusters did a full episode on Breaking Bad. They tackle the "dissolving a body in the bathtub" episode using a few pig carcasses, so, uh, maybe don't watch while you're eating? Also, Vince Gilligan talks about Sunday's midseason premiere.
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[1-62] Orange is the New Black
[63-82] Graceland
[83-89] Zachary Levi (with Krysta Rodriguez)
[90-95] [community profile] iconthat (Luther, Mad Men, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, True Blood)
[96] Lost
[97-98] The Avengers


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So, you should go watch all the Nerd HQ videos, because they're funny and Zachary Levi is my TV boyfriend, but if you only watch one, make it the conversation with Tom Hiddleston because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK LMFAO.

Things that happen during the course of this Q&A:
- Tom quotes Shakespeare (of course).
- Tom speaks French.
- Zac claims he has never felt more uncultured in his entire life.
- Tom does impressions of Chris Evans and Zac.
- Tom reads a text message (in his Zac voice) in which Zac threatened to personally punch him in the dick. "You have been warned."


Other linky things:

* I've seen a lot of interviews from Joss, and everybody talks about Agents of SHIELD as his show, even though poor Jed and Maurissa are the ACTUAL showrunners, so here's an interview with them.

* Jennifer Lawrence proves once again she is just as much of a fangirl as you. WHY SO ADORABLE, JEN?

* Dule Hill in a Broadway musical. WHAT.


Jun. 11th, 2013 09:21 pm
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* If you didn't watch the Tony Awards on Sunday, you should at least watch this clip, in which several Broadway stars lament their failed efforts to break into television.

* Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez are adorable talking about their new musical and terrible first dates. Also, Krysta sings a song from the show!

* Joss Whedon interview number eleventy billion.

* The Game of Thrones folks hash out the options for continuing the series if George R. R. Martin doesn't get his ass in gear and finish the books.

* The news initially broke while I was on vacation hiatus, I think, but now it's confirmed: Dan Harmon is coming back for season 5 of Community.

* The epically talented Tatiana Maslany talks about the Orphan Black season finale.

* There's a trailer for The Hobbit part two. I still haven't seen the first one, so I'm pretty meh. Thoughts?

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Super super busy at the new job, which means y'all will likely not get much out of me other than linkspams for a while.

* Clark Gregg talks about Agent Coulson and that effing TV show that keeps changing its name. And again here, while promoting his movie Trust Me.

* New pics and details about Thor: The Dark World. I am side-eying that "love triangle" reference, yo.

* Zachary Levi drops another mention of a possible Chuck Kickstarter movie. (Sidebar, did anyone watch that Hallmark movie, Remember Sunday? I was going to, if only for my TVBF Zac, but... Mad Men.)

* Diane Ruggiero is co-writing the Veronica Mars movie script, which is great news, since she was one of my favorite writers on the show.

* No shit! Arthur Darvill (aka Mr. Amy Pond) is taking over the lead role in Once on Broadway? I vaguely knew he was in a band or something, but... huh.

* I don't get the big deal about the Doctor's name, but someone at Doctor Who seems to think it's ~shocking enough to build an ad campaign around.

* AHAHAHA, Showtime is now threatening to make a Dexter spin-off centered around Deb. WILL THIS SHOW NEVER DIE. (Also, does that mean Deb survives to the end of the series?)

* I still haven't watched last night's Game of Thrones, although I gather from Twitter that Daenerys was epic? In the meantime, here's a comparison of the original unaired pilot with what we actually saw.

* Broadway stars in a musical parody of Downton Abbey season 4. There is, naturally, an entire song about tea. Also, I laughed madly at the commentary on Thomas' number ("Gay note! Hit! Gay note! Hit!") and Dan Stevens ("...We don't talk about that.").

* Michael Bay has apologized for the only movie of his I actually really liked.

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