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I'm back from my brief sojourn to Vermont. (TOO brief - if you're going to be in a car for 18 hours, you really need more than a 3-day weekend.) But I got to see Heidi in Next to Normal, and she was just as wonderful in it as I imagined she'd be. The funny thing about Next to Normal, though, is that my theater buddy Christi and I both use it as a barometer of our mental health, and we don't listen to it as obsessively as we used to - which should be a good thing (when you find yourself listening to N2N and nothing else, it's time to up the depression meds, lol), but seeing the show reminded me of how much I loved it and missed it..

Anyway, the rest of the cast was good, too, especially the girl who played Natalie. We chatted with Heidi afterwards (she's such a sweetie), and then went back into the theater for a bonus cabaret thing, which was weird but silly and fun.

And of course by the time we came out, there was a crazy thunderstorm and the power was out at our hotel. Christi and I were like, "THIS IS HOW HORROR MOVIES START. WE ARE SO GOING TO DIE." I mean, we're in the mountains in this little middle-of-nowhere town and literally there is NOTHING BUT WOODS outside our window and I'm just sitting there expecting the lightning to flash and light up some strange face peering in the window or something creepy. Fortunately, the power came back on around midnight, and no one tried to murder us, so yay!

The longest linkspam in the history of the internet is coming up, with all the news from Comic-Con, once I get through it all. Until then, how was your weekend? Did I miss anything exciting?


May. 15th, 2013 08:52 pm
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* Here's a preview of SMG's new show The Crazy Ones. Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that James Wolk is now in two different shows about advertising agencies? It is my new headcanon that this character is the son of Mad Men's mysteriously chipper Bob Benson.

* You know, I was actually feeling naively hopeful after the HIMYM season finale, but apparently the entire final season will take place during the 56 hours leading up to Barney and Robin's wedding. Because they truly hate us and want us to suffer.

* May this oral history of The Office remind you of a time when The Office was actually a good show.

* CBS announced its fall schedule today.

* The SHIELD cast was out doing interviews at the upfronts, while revealing very little.

* Wondering why Tony Stark didn't have any help from the Avengers in Iron Man 3? This is why. (No spoilers, just funny.)

* You can now see clips from the vampire movie Only Lovers Left Alive. And I thought Tom Hiddleston's Loki hair was bad...

* Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhal to play the two princes in the Into the Woods movie? I just... why.

* This is probably of interest to no one but me, but my girl-crush Heidi Blickenstaff is playing the lead role in Next to Normal! YES THAT IS THE SHOW I NAMED MY JOURNAL AFTER. GOING TO VERMONT NOW, KTHXBAI.


* Someone at Google Maps is a Lord of the Rings nerd. Heh.
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Don't worry, eventually I'll slow down and run out of icons, and then I'll be forced to post other things, haha. :)

21 Vampire Diaries icons
26 Next to Normal icons


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Well, now that the earthquake excitement has passed (yes, I'm fine, building is fine, everyone's fine except the whiny dog down the hall), I have more awesome ladies for you.

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The Next to Normal review!

I've already blathered on rather at length about the plot and the songs (and then compared it to The Hunger Games. Yes, really), so I'll mostly just talk about this performance.

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Went to see it at the Kennedy Center last night with my college roommate - who also loved it, which I was SO happy about. I thought she might, since her experience with mental illness is way more complex than mine, but for the same reason, I was also worried that she might find it too intense or upsetting. But she declared it "the perfect show" and was utterly gleeful at My Psychopharmacologist and I. :) (Well, who wouldn't be?) More detailed review coming up as soon as I have time to write one.

In the meantime, linkspam!

* This has already made the rounds, but if you haven't seen it yet, an early (slightly spoilery) review of SMG's new show, Ringer. I AM EXCITE.

* Charisma Carpenter will guest star on Burn Notice this season. Woo!

* More set pics from Being Erica season 4. OMG that HAIR!!!

* Some interesting news on The Office's new boss.

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The rumors about Hunger Games casting seem to be getting slightly closer to actual fact. I really just want them to announce something official so people will stop speculating. I'm also amused that, judging by the most talked-about names, there are NO sixteen-year-old actresses in Hollywood capable of playing this role. Seriously, why is the choice between a 14-year-old and a 20-year-old? There must be someone in between. (Then again, I'm sure there are a few, and we just haven't heard about them.)

Anyway, that's really just a segue for me to blather on some more about the series, in which I relate it to the other two things I can't stop talking about: Buffy and Next to Normal.

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Yay, time for part 2 of Next to Normal! (I swear, I am identifying with this show more and more every day.) If you missed last week's post, you should probably read that first. As I mentioned, this one will have to give away a big plot twist, but it's sort of impossible to talk about how AWESOME this show is without spoiling it.

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Yaaaay!! Today we're going to talk about my newest musical obsession and the source of my new username - Next to Normal!

I am super excited that it's on tour now - starring OBC member Alice Ripley ("She's fierce! Hey, that's the first time I ever said the word fierce... that's the second." /[title of show]), and it's coming to DC! ... a year from now. But still!

I bought the soundtrack as soon as I came home from New York (where I didn't get to see it on Broadway), and fell in love with it pretty much immediately. The score is very rock-influenced, the actors' voices are amazing, the characters are all so relatable, the humor is sarcastic and snarky, and the show is a fascinating exploration of mental illness, grief, and family.

It's actually kind of hard to describe without spoiling the two plot twists in the first act. I've never seen the show, so I'm not really sure how shocking they're supposed to be (you can figure it all out from the soundtrack, which is what I did). But I'm obviously going to need multiple posts to talk about it - I kind of want to include every single song in the show - so I will talk about the first twist (it's impossible not to, since it's the whole premise of the show) in this post, and then for next week's post, I'll talk about the other one.

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