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Hello again. So, I was sick and miserable through most of March - including my birthday :( - and then I started new drugs and now I'm feeling better and also have learned how to give myself injections, which is a thing I have been avoiding for like 5 years, but it turns out it's not that bad. (It probably helped that prior to the first shot, I was so sick I was like, "I will literally stab myself with anything if it will make me feel better.")

I also went to Boston (less snow than I expected!).

A month's worth of links:

* Sutton Foster talks about turning 40 and passing for 26 in her new series, Younger.

* Masters of Sex gets a July premiere date.

* This video is from a few weeks ago, but it's so adorable it deserves to be linked: Robert Downey Jr. gives a 7-year-old an Iron Man bionic arm.

* Homeland is once again changing things up for the next season.

* Here's two parts of an interview with Joss Whedon talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, an article on the supertwins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and a cute behind-the-scenes featurette.

* With Mad Men ending soon, here's an oral history of the show, an interview with creator Matthew Weiner, Weiner and Kiernan Shipka talking about Sally Draper, an interview with Jon Hamm, and one with John Slattery

* The rumors are true: The X-Files is coming back for a six-episode limited run.

* Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper talk about working together, and Jen mentions that the next X-Men movie will be her last. 

* For those of you who've always thought Arya Stark would make a great companion, you're in luck - Maisie Williams is guest-starring on Doctor Who this year.

* In other fandom crossover casting, Arthur Darvill will be on the Arrow/The Flash spin-off.

* Trevor Noah will be taking over hosting The Daily Show. No idea how he'll be as a host, but his stand-up is hilarious.

* The Americans has been renewed for season 4.

* This is a great piece on Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, which includes references to "licking the butter" - which seems like it should be a euphemism for something but is not.

* Behind the scenes on Community season 6 on Yahoo.

* A really long, but great read from one of the writers of Lost about the early years of the show.
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* Via [personal profile] umadoshi, some speculation on Black Widow's MCU backstory based on the Age of Ultron trailers. I have to admit, much as I want Natasha's origin story, the mere mention of "how much Joss Whedon looooves his trained-as-a-weapon, mentally-brainwashed ballerinas" makes me go NO NO NO HANDS OFF DON'T TOUCH DO NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME WITH YOUR GROSS FETISHES, JOSS.

* Here's the live-blog of the Agent Carter TCA panel, as well as the Community panel.

* Also a live-blog of the Parks & Recreation panel, and an interview with Michael Schur about Parks & Rec's final season.

* Season 3 of Hannibal won't be on until the summer. It will also involve a time jump long enough for someone to get married, and Richard Armitage has been cast in a key role.

* Zachary Levi will star in the Heroes reboot. Oh, Zac. Why.

* Jennifer Lawrence interviews Eddie Redmayne and it's adorable.

* Bradley Whitford is guest-starring on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Yay!

* The cast of The West Wing reunites for the second annual Big Block of Cheese Day.

* More Twin Peaks cast announcements.
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* Some interesting actors being considered to play Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in their respective Netflix series.

* Such a random thing to come from Playboy, but I will take any opportunity to revisit the short-lived series Kings.

* Here's a trailer for the new live-action Cinderella movie from Disney.

* Better Call Saul finally has a premiere date. So does The Americans.

* Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project.

* Really interesting account of how Mike Nichols and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? helped to change the MPAA rating system.

* Cecily Strong is hosting the next White House Correspondents' Dinner. Good for her.

* Here's a clip of Meryl Streep singing "Stay With Me" from Into the Woods.

* There's also a trailer for Pitch Perfect 2.

* Donald Sutherland compared Jennifer Lawrence to Joan of Arc and Jesus. Look, we all love JLaw, but that's a little ridiculous even as hyperbole. (On the other hand, now I kind of want a Joan of Arc movie starring Jennifer Lawrence?)


Nov. 18th, 2014 11:31 pm
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* Peter Capaldi is confirmed to be coming back for the next season of Doctor Who. Not that anyone really expected he wouldn't, since there's usually much more fanfare when a Doctor leaves and a new one is cast, and also we just did that at the beginning of THIS season. But. You know. In case you were worried. No confirmation on Jenna Coleman, however.

* If you're a fan of The Americans or Masters of Sex, you may be happy to hear that The Millers was canceled, thus freeing up Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges to return to those (much better) shows.

* With Mockingjay coming out soon, Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast are out in full force. JLaw talks about the crazy ways her life has changed since accepting this role and makes plans to fight crime with Stephen Colbert, or possibly commit crimes as part of her downward spiral. Director Francis Lawrence discusses the pressure of being Philip Seymour Hoffman's last film, Sam Claflin talks a lot about his hair, and Natalie Dormer is her usual fierce self as always.

* Marvel has cast Daniel Bruhl to play an unspecified villain in Captain America: Civil War. No idea who he's actually playing, but here's some speculation, which also indicates that the Winter Soldier will still play a major role in the film. You know, in addition to Tony Stark being around, and Cap possibly having a whole new team, and introducing Black Panther... Man, this is going to be one really crowded movie; I'm not sure why they're even bothering to call it "Captain America" at this point.

* This is why it took so long to get Dancing Baby Groot merchandise.

* Rob Marshall and James Lapine talk about adapting Into the Woods for the film. I do not appreciate being told to "chill out." This is only THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MY CHILDHOOD YOU ARE MESSING WITH HERE. That is, like, barely an exaggeration, you don't even know.

* First promo for Peter Pan live. Apparently, they are making quite a few changes from the original musical, but some of that's about making it less horribly racist, so I think even the purists would find it hard to argue with that one.

* Fantastic discussion of Connie Britton's career and magnificent hair.

* Interesting piece on how certain casting choices provoke outrage, what the threshold is for authenticity, and why some ethnic minorities get lumped together.

* Mandy Patinkin sings and talks really fast and says the Inigo Montoya quote on 60 Minutes.
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* I love Jon Stewart, but there is no way he'd have been a good choice to host Meet the Press, unless they wanted it to be a completely different show.

* Scarlett Johansson is coming to TV in an Edith Wharton adaptation.

* Yeah, the Twin Peaks thing is happening. Co-creator Mark Frost talks about why and how and what to expect from the Showtime series, as well as what they learned from that bumpy second season. If you haven't seen the original series, here's a Q&A that should convince you.

* Meanwhile, a proposed Say Anything remake got shut the hell down by Cameron Crowe.

* Jennifer Lawrence finally speaks out about the photo hacking, and she is fucking fierce. In other JLaw news, because Fox is not stupid, the next X-Men movie will be centered around Mystique.

* Better Call Saul now has a music video. Meanwhile, I'm so glad to see Bryan Cranston getting legit leading man roles in movies now.

* Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is teaming up with director David Fincher again, this time for an HBO series.

* RDJ's Reddit AMA is a pretty great read. His answers are a nice mix of serious and ridiculous. He's also been on an RDJ-ish tear, contradictorily answering questions about Iron Man 4 and whether he'll be in it. Answers range from "there is no such thing" to "okay, yes" to "if Mel Gibson directs it" to "can we please talk about something else?" (I mean. I'm assuming he said that one at some point.)

* Avengers 3 may not have (m)any of the first-string superheroes in it - which isn't surprising and is probably a positive, when you consider how big the roster will be at that point. The first film was already crowded with six of them, and poor Hawkeye got the short straw in the character development draw. Age of Ultron is adding three new heroes - plus they're introducing Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and who knows who else (Captain Marvel PLEASE GOD Captain Marvel) in the Phase 3 solo films. Possibly throw in the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Defenders characters from the upcoming Netflix series, and that's a fucking ginormous cast. So it only makes sense that they'd rotate characters in and out of the Avengers team-up films. It's what the comics always did anyway.
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!! I have been in Chicago, so there's LOADS to catch up on. Which means you probably already saw these links two weeks ago when they were new, but in case you haven't, here they are:

Under a cut because it's super-long )
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I think we all need this right now:



* Christian Borle is the latest actor to be announced as a guest star on Masters of Sex.

* The final episodes of Enlisted will air on Sundays in June.

* Gillian Jacobs will be making an appearance on Girls.

* Post-mortems with the creators of The Americans following Wednesday night's season finale.

* Julie Plec talks about The Vampire Diaries' season finale.

* The Man of Steel sequel finally got a full title - and prompted a great number of legal jokes.

* If you can't wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron, here are some spoilery tidbits to tide you over.

* Also, it appears the Guardians of the Galaxy set visit articles have been unembargoed.

* This is an excellent breakdown of what Agents of SHIELD got right and wrong - especially the way the show was hamstrung by premiering in the fall and then basically marking time until Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out. All they really needed was a six-episode intro arc to establish the characters, the status quo, and get the team working well together, and then blow things up with CA:TWS.

* Edgar Wright is no longer directing Ant-Man.

* Neil Patrick Harris is writing an autobiography... as a Choose Your Own Adventure book, of course.

* Another Jennifer Lawrence article, in which Josh Hutcherson helps cure her hiccups. (He seems oddly practiced at it, lol.)

* The AV Club picks out 10 episodes that demonstrate how The West Wing pwned network drama conventions. Agree? Disagree? Prefer [personal profile] pocochina's must-watch list?


May. 13th, 2014 11:02 pm
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* Jennifer Lawrence gives another typically Jennifer Lawrency interview.

* i had thought Michelle Forbes would make an excellent President Coin (a role which went to Julianne Moore), but at least she'll be in Mockingjay.

* The Tony nominees for Best Actress in a Musical sat down for a chat. (For the record, I think Idina Menzel would make an amazing Witch in Into the Woods.)

* Another interview with Sutton Foster about Violet. I realize probably no one else cares about this show, but it is so different and she is SO GOOD in it, I will keep linking, lol.

* In addition to a live Peter Pan musical, NBC will also at some point attempt The Music Man.

* Galavant, ABC's new "comedy musical fairytale" looks delightfully cracktastic.

* People knowing who Megan Hilty is continues to be the best thing that came out of Smash.

* LOL someone cut together the identical scenes from the Broadchurch trailer and its American remake, Gracepoint. Seriously, why even bother? And I don't know if it's because he's saying basically the exact same lines in a different accent, but David Tennant's American accent is SO OFF-PUTTING. Meanwhile, it's been announced that he's returning to Broadchurch for season 2, along with Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill.

* Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* I don't actually read a lot of Brian Michael Bendis (though "The Confession" is far and away the best writing of the Civil War comics and I do have Alias sitting on a shelf waiting to be read), but this interview kinda makes me like him.

* Here's the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman.

* Season 2 hasn't even premiered yet, but Orange is the New Black already has a season 3.

* I haven't read the books, so tell me, do you agree that Game of Thrones is doing a better job of telling the story? Just from what I've heard, it doesn't surprise me to hear that the series is benefiting from the show's paring down and refocusing of the narrative.

* Sarah Baker talks about her role in last night's pretty incredible episode of Louie.

* An oral history of The West Wing OMG. (Also, Joshua Malina is the greatest troll of all time.)
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* Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are making another movie together!

* Charisma Carpenter will be guest-starring on the next season of Lost Girl. This season just wrapped up, and I confess I've been steadily losing interest, so maybe this will renew it?

* In light of the politics around Winter Soldier, I'm glad that my Twitter feed turned up this older article about Steve Rogers' comics history and the political environment he grew up in. Also, here's some really excellent meta parsing the movie's political POV and Nick Fury's character arc.

* Jed and Mo talk more about Agents of SHIELD and the impact of Winter Soldier on the show. I kind of feel bad for them? It's like, "Here, congratulations, have a TV show. And oh, by the way, we will force you to CHANGE THE ENTIRE PREMISE before the end of the first season. So... good luck with that!"

* The other two creators (Jeph Loeb and Jeff Bell) also talk about recent developments, and Cobie Smulders is apparently coming back to AoS now that HIMYM is finished.

* Why doesn't the MCU have LGBT characters?

* There's talk of a Mystique spin-off X-Men film (a la Wolverine) starring Jennifer Lawrence. Won't anyone just let that poor girl sleep?

* No one is surprised that Game of Thrones was renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

* Matthew Weiner talks about the final season of Mad Men, and Jon Hamm talks about the mess that is Don Draper.

* No matter how you felt about the series finale, I can't imagine anyone thinking Battlestar Galactica needs to be rebooted again.

* Brie Larsen will be starring in the film adaptation of Room. And speaking of books turned into movies, here's the first footage of Gone Girl.

* Christian Kane is back on TV in The Librarians.

* Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman on The Late Show.
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* Patton Oswalt will be appearing on Agents of SHIELD as a comic book character.

* Here's an interview with the author of the Ms. Marvel comics, which features the first female Muslim superhero.

* Yes, another Captain America trailer. This one is different, I promise! (I swear to God you will hear my screaming for miles around when I see this movie.)

* Meanwhile Fox is already planning sequels for movies it hasn't made yet.

* I absolutely agree that a Veronica Mars movie trying to have broad appeal would not have been Veronica Mars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a niche movie for a particular audience. Also, here is the cast talking about the movie's big moments and an interview with Rob Thomas.

* I am confused as to why the trailer for The Giver is all in color. Wasn't that kind of a huge plot point of the book?

* Pixar is making a sequel to The Incredibles.

* Masters of Sex is coming back in July, and Betsy Brandt will be joining the cast.

* Parks and Recreation has been renewed for another season.

* There's now a website that has quantitatively resolved all TV arguments (with graphs!). What on earth will we do with all the free time?

* New Mad Men photos. Plus, a write-up of the PaleyFest panel with the cast.

* Casting a white Tiger Lily is only the latest in "racist things found in adaptations of Peter Pan." I keep thinking maybe this time Hollywood has learned its lesson, and yet they keep managing to prove me wrong!

* If you haven't been convinced to watch Enlisted yet, maybe this will help. Also, the best "save our show" campaign idea probably ever.

* Billy Joel sang with Jimmy Fallon and now I desperately want an iPad. (And yes, those two things are related.)

* Alternate Jennifer Lawrence scene from American Hustle. Which I still haven't seen so I don't really know the context, but I kind of think she's not really acting, and this is just what JLaw does when she is alone in her house? Or maybe that's just me.


Mar. 11th, 2014 11:55 pm
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* New trailer for Orphan Black, which returns April 19, and one for 24: Live Another Day, which premieres May 5.

* Cristin Milioti talks about HIMYM and addresses the theory that the Mother is dead.

* I'm a big fan of competence porn, so I enjoyed this piece on why we like characters who are good at their jobs.

* Matthew Weiner talks about the final season of Mad Men, and again in another interview here. There's also a great piece on Elisabeth Moss, who would be perfect if only she weren't a Scientologist.

* Amazon has picked up four of its pilots for series, including Transparent, which is the only one I watched (it was really good).

* Laura Benanti will be guest-starring on The Good Wife.

* Another interview with Emmy Rossum about Shameless.

* The other two detectives talk about working with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective. Also, the real life case that may put the "true" in the title.

* And inspired by True Detective's season finale, an interesting look at how the internet has impacted our expectations for finales. (No TD spoilers.)

* Another Game of Thrones trailer is out. Also, the showrunners basically tied George R. R. Martin to a chair and made him tell them how the series ends.

* Here's an Oscar diary from the person we all wish we were - Jennifer Lawrence's BFF.

* I am extremely curious how they plan to make a Fantastic Four reboot that is "very grounded." It's the FANTASTIC FOUR. Isn't that kind of like calling the Guardians of the Galaxy characters "realistic"?

* Chris Hemsworth talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, the first videos of production in Johannesburg have surfaced.

* I confess, I have completely lost track of which Captain America teasers I've linked to and which ones I haven't (clearly I am too dazzled by Chris Evans' face), so here have some more.

* If you really can't wait until Friday, you can now watch the first 8 minutes of Veronica Mars online.
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[1-42] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[43-72] Iron Man 3
[73-76] Chris Evans
[77-97] Jennifer Lawrence
[97-101] Lupita Nyong'o


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* Some asshole interviewer spoiled the 3rd season of Homeland for Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. On camera. While meeting Damian Lewis. It's sort of horrible (Lewis even asks her, "Are you crying?") and obviously spoilery, but Jen's reaction is entertaining as always.

* Natalie Dormer is hardcore, yo. She shaved half her head for her role in Mockingjay.

* An interesting take on the escapism of Downton Abbey.

* Chloe Bennet and Elizabeth Henstridge talk about the slew of guest stars coming up on Agents of SHIELD. Clark Gregg talked about them, too.

* The AV Club has an article on why Elementary is better than Sherlock. Oh boy, them's fightin' words! but I actually agree with them.

* 24 has started filming in London.

* Photos of Chris and Ann's goodbye episode of Parks and Recreation.

* Here's a take on Girls I don't think I've seen before - as a sort of modern-day Little Women. I... I kind of see the parallels?
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Welcome back, y'all. Hope everyone who celebrated something had a nice holiday. I spent the week at my parents' house, with a brief foray to New York to see First Date (more on that in a separate post, and as soon as I figure out how to get pictures off my new phone and into a post) and utterly failed to keep up with the Internet. So here are some links that you probably already saw a week ago.

* A Sherlock minisode in preparation for the new season starting in January.

* The Americans announced a premiere date for season 2. Also, a new trailer!

Jennifer Lawrence is taking over the world because of her incredible talent, not her propensity for fart jokes. Duh.

* Neil Gaiman talked about strong female characters and why Buffy was so good at it (hint: it has nothing to do with physical strength).

* I'm sure some of you had figured this out already, but apparently Loki is literally in his rebellious teenager phase.

* The cast of House of Lies did a long-form improv at Upright Citizens Brigade. House of Lies is not the greatest show, but it does have a great cast (Kristen Bell! Don Cheadle!) and this involves mpreg and kittens and other weird shit.

* This is really interesting - did you know that you physically feel different emotions in different parts of your body?

* The "Call Me Maybe" chick is taking over for Laura Osnes as Cinderella on Broadway. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH "NO" IN THE WORLD.

* The Vampire Diaries is adding a gay character. I hope he lasts longer than any of their (non-Bonnie) characters of color...

So tell me what I missed! Tell me about your holiday! Or whatever else you want!

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* Jeremy Jordan talks about Smash and The Last Five Years. I mentioned this in the lost linkspam, but I kind of can't believe that Hit List is actually getting a live concert performance. And yet, I kind of wish I could go, considering it's Jeremy, Krysta Rodriguez, and Andy Mientus, without all the Kat McPhee bringing them down. At least maybe I'd finally find out what the plot of that show was supposed to be.

* Pippin is getting a movie adaptation? Did I know that? I am too lazy to go back and look at previous linkspams to see if I knew that. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is also apparently a go.

* Jennifer Lawrence talks about not wearing a bra in American Hustle.

* Community season 5 trailer! And a Sherlock series 3 trailer.

* Jeffrey Bell talks about Agents of SHIELD in two new interviews.

* With The Sound of Music being a ratings success, NBC is obviously going to try it again with another musical (which one is still TBD). Despite finding parts of the live performance somewhat cringe-inducing (Carrie Underwood's acting; Stephen Moyer's everything), I can only think it's a good thing to give people outside of New York more and easier access to Broadway shows. I hope they have learned a valuable lesson about casting people who can handle all aspects of the role - singing AND acting - rather than simply going for the big-name stars, but 18.5 million viewers (even if many of them were tuning in to watch Carrie fall on her face) says probably not, so I look forward to next year's show starring a Kardashian.

(Without repeating the entire review that is now lost to the ether, I will say this: Carrie's singing was fine. God bless her for being brave enough to YODEL on live television. But Audra McDonald is a goddess and Laura Benanti is my queen, and putting them next to someone with no acting experience is just setting Carrie up to fail.)

* It is fantastic how the 10th anniversary of Love Actually is inspiring so many articles about it. Such a good movie. If you don't like it, there is a 99.9% chance your heart is made of STONE.

* I am still trying to get my head around Matt Smith in an American Psycho musical. I'm still trying to get my head around an American Psycho musical, period.

* This season of Scandal will on be 18 episodes due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy.

* The Friday Night Lights movie is definitely not happening, you guys.

* Sutton Foster is getting a new show on TV Land. I didn't even realize TV Land had original programming. I thought it was all reruns of old sitcoms?

* Hahaha, "Dos and Don'ts" for when your favorite TV show is canceled.

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* Pics from the Doctor Who Christmas special.

* The Veronica Mars movie has a release date - just in time for my birthday!

* They've cast a Wonder Woman for the Man of Steel sequel. BRB googling Gal Gadot.

* Is Jennifer Lawrence Katniss-ing us? I think someone's pretty paranoid...

* On the other hand, here is a list of the many ways Peeta is utterly useless in Catching Fire. HILARIOUS.

* Frankly, I think it would be FUCKING AWESOME if Laura Benanti ran onstage, knocked Carrie Underwood out of the way, and just took over tomorrow night. But apparently that is bitchy of me, lol. (I am okay with that.)

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Saw it. Loved it. Was literally shaking leaving the theater. Incoherent vaguely spoilery thoughts under the cut.

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* Anna Gunn is playing the female lead role opposite David Tennant in that American remake of Broadchurch (which, incidentally, is called Gracepoint). It still seems silly to remake the same show over again, but honestly, if someone at Fox watched Broadchurch and was like, "You know what? We should totally remake that, just so Anna Gunn can be in it!" I really can't fault them for their logic.

* James Marsters has written another Spike comic. This interview is confusing, because the interviewer keeps talking about "season 6" when the description of the plot clearly places it after Spike gets his soul. Scott Allie clarifies - it takes place during season 7.

* What to get the Breaking Bad fan in your life for Christmas. And the Marvel fan.

* In related news, there's apparently a Hellmouth in Turkmenistan.

* I am always a sucker for TV credits sequence mashups, but Orphan Black done Parks & Rec style is doubly hilarious because ALL THE ACTORS ARE TATIANA MASLANY.

* Which Doctor Who companion are you? I am Rory Williams. I feel like that's accurate?

* There really are a lot of similarities between Scandal and Game of Thrones in the way men treat women, aren't there?

* IDK guys, the trailer for Muppets Most Wanted doesn't really thrill me. I think it needs musical numbers and Jason Segel.

* How Friends paired up Monica and Chandler.

* I never realized there were so many turtlenecks in Love Actually...

* I don't watch Saturday Night Live regularly, but when I do, Kate McKinnon is always flawless.

* I'm not sure how I feel about Idris Elba playing Luke Cage when he's already playing another role in the Marvel universe. Then again, Chris Evans, but aren't we pretending The Fantastic Four never happened?

* Haha, remember back in, like, early season 3 when Damon/Elena was crowned the 12-year-old idiot ship? (Sigh. Good times.) Well, they've officially been replaced by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's ridiculous bromance. Also, Jen continues to be adorably nuts on David Letterman. (Also, girlfriend, you have my sympathies on the GI issues. BEEN THERE. POOPED THAT.)

* Aaron Paul pulls the best pranks ever. I feel like he's told that meteor story before, but the cartoon illustrations really make it.

* Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez are adorable as always answering fan questions. THE INTERSECT IS FOR PORN OMG DYING. Also, you guys, I am going to see First Date at Christmas woooo!

* A cat has been summoned for jury duty in Boston. Your move, Florida.

* Best nutrition facts ever.

* Fun for my linguists: not one but two articles examining the influence of the Internet on the English language. Because reasons.

* The most WTF thing someone did while hooking up. No lie, I laughed outrageously hard at the ninja turtles one.
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* John Oliver is leaving The Daily Show to host a weekly comedy-news-satire show on HBO. Maybe they'll call it The Weekly Show.

* This is the creepiest fucking thing ever. BRB checking my walls for secret passages.

* Doctor Who prequel minisode. I... what? Did they just... do what I think they just did?

* The Catching Fire interview where Woody Harrelson finally figures out that Chris and Liam Hemsworth are brothers. (It starts around 4 minutes in.) "You do have the same last name... I honestly never put that together. (Interviewer: "You know, they kind of look similar?") Now that he mentions it, I totally get it!" Exactly how many drugs do you think he's on?

* Katniss Everdeen kills everything. Spoilers for... a lot of things, I guess, but mostly Game of Thrones.

* The trailer for Maleficent. Thoughts?

* Tom Hiddleston will pretty much do anything you tell him to, won't he? Here he is juggling, drinking beer, and singing karaoke in a car on some German show. There was also the dance-off with Zachary Levi at the Thor 2 premiere (Zac is still my TV boyfriend, but Tom totally won that one), and The Return of Steve on MTV After Hours.

* CBS has already ordered the pilot for How I Met Your Dad, so this is apparently a thing that is happening.


Nov. 12th, 2013 11:20 pm
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* Laura Prepon's role in Orange is the New Black season 2 has been expanded from one episode to four.

* I am not sure how I feel about a Princess Bride musical. I mean, it combines two of my favorite things, but I remain wary.

* I mentioned it in the comments of my last linkspam, but in case you missed it, here is the trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.

* Elizabeth Olsen talks about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

* Not surprisingly, The Originals was picked up for a full season. I didn't make it more than two episodes, but it doesn't take much to be a hit on the CW.

* Speaking of successful shows I'm not watching, Downton Abbey was renewed for season 5. I'll probably watch season 4 when it airs on PBS out of perverse curiosity. I don't care enough anymore to be bothered with avoiding spoilers, so I kinda already know what happens and I look forward to the inevitable facepalming.

* Dan Stevens will be playing Lancelot in Night at the Museum 3. Bet he's glad he left Downton for that movie career. In other news, they are making a Night at the Museum 3??

* It is Catching Fire time, which means it is time for Jennifer Lawrence Says the Darnedest Things. The crickets OMG dying.

* It is also Tom Hiddleston season. I watched that whole interview, and it was... strange. But his Natalie Portman impression is spot on and deserves to become an internet meme.

* The Dissolve looks at what Marvel's shared universe means for movies, and pretty much nails why I am such a fan of the Marvel movies in general. I tend to prefer TV over movies because of the greater emphasis on character development and opportunity for long-term arcs, but what Marvel is doing is actually a way for the franchise to sort of duplicate that on the big screen in a way that other franchises don't bother to do. By keeping all its movies centered on the characters, by letting them weave in and out of each other's stories and carry arcs through, Marvel has embraced the long-form storytelling of its comic book source material (which is otherwise impossible to do in a two-hour film) and managed to tell stories with the depth and richness that you typically see in TV series.

Weird, then, that Agents of SHIELD is its weakest link, although the last two episodes (including tonight's) have been much improved. These are the kinds of stories the show should've been telling right out of the gate, so we'd care about the characters sooner.

* I made these cookies for a potluck this weekend. Make these cookies. They are delicious and will win you lots of admirers.
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