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Hello again. So, I was sick and miserable through most of March - including my birthday :( - and then I started new drugs and now I'm feeling better and also have learned how to give myself injections, which is a thing I have been avoiding for like 5 years, but it turns out it's not that bad. (It probably helped that prior to the first shot, I was so sick I was like, "I will literally stab myself with anything if it will make me feel better.")

I also went to Boston (less snow than I expected!).

A month's worth of links:

* Sutton Foster talks about turning 40 and passing for 26 in her new series, Younger.

* Masters of Sex gets a July premiere date.

* This video is from a few weeks ago, but it's so adorable it deserves to be linked: Robert Downey Jr. gives a 7-year-old an Iron Man bionic arm.

* Homeland is once again changing things up for the next season.

* Here's two parts of an interview with Joss Whedon talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, an article on the supertwins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and a cute behind-the-scenes featurette.

* With Mad Men ending soon, here's an oral history of the show, an interview with creator Matthew Weiner, Weiner and Kiernan Shipka talking about Sally Draper, an interview with Jon Hamm, and one with John Slattery

* The rumors are true: The X-Files is coming back for a six-episode limited run.

* Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper talk about working together, and Jen mentions that the next X-Men movie will be her last. 

* For those of you who've always thought Arya Stark would make a great companion, you're in luck - Maisie Williams is guest-starring on Doctor Who this year.

* In other fandom crossover casting, Arthur Darvill will be on the Arrow/The Flash spin-off.

* Trevor Noah will be taking over hosting The Daily Show. No idea how he'll be as a host, but his stand-up is hilarious.

* The Americans has been renewed for season 4.

* This is a great piece on Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, which includes references to "licking the butter" - which seems like it should be a euphemism for something but is not.

* Behind the scenes on Community season 6 on Yahoo.

* A really long, but great read from one of the writers of Lost about the early years of the show.


Jan. 12th, 2015 11:05 pm
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* Here are live-blogs of the TCA panels for Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Orphan Black, and Vampire Diaries/Originals, plus a write-up of the Arrow/Flash panel. And speaking of the latter few shows, the CW renewed basically everything in its line-up.

* Grant Gustin talks about The Flash and his musical theater background. Plus, here's some Flash casting news and a teaser featuring Andy Mientus!

* Someone is leaving The Vampire Diaries (AGAIN, lol. I don't know why they bother announcing it anymore. They'll just bring 'em back in a season or two).

* Better Call Saul finally got its first extended look with a new trailer.

* The Tom Hiddleston/Hugh Laurie BBC miniseries The Night Manager will be airing on AMC in the US.

* Shameless, which just began its 5th season last night, has already been renewed for a 6th.

* Kyle MacLachlan is officially on board for the Twin Peaks revival.

* Gillian Flynn is hinting at possibly writing a sequel to Gone Girl. I know a lot of people didn't like the ending, but I can't imagine that'll be more satisfying.

* New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.
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...while I am binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

* Here's an interview with the OITNB creator, cast, and Piper Kerman. Also, key differences between the show and Kerman's real-life experience.

* Howard Stark will apparently be part of the Agent Carter TV series, though it's unclear in what capacity. (Also, I don't see why the AV Club is making a big deal about Dominic Cooper and John Slattery both playing the role. They look reasonably similar, given that they're playing the character 30 years apart.)

* The Doctor Strange movie has a director, as does Ant-Man (again) finally.

* Clark Gregg talks about his movie Trust Me and Agents of SHIELD.

* The Fantastic Four reboot has been downgraded from "gritty" to "not as goofy as the original."

* Of course Mad Men would have the best "For Your Consideration" ads.

* Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie have been cast in the new Star Wars film. Lupita also has another new project in the works. Glad to see she's getting good post-Oscar roles. I was worried for a bit there.

* Kind of an odd pairing, but here's an interview with Emmy Rossum and Tatiana Maslany. I don't know why they would tease us with the existence of a "Someone To Watch Over Me" duet and then not provide video of it, but whatever.

* Video from a panel discussion with the cast and crew of The Americans.

* Apparently, people mock the Tony Awards because "the contenders are unknown to the public and that theater-going is an elitist, esoteric habit." LOL I feel like this would be more believable in a year when the nominees didn't include such unknowns as Woody Allen, Bryan Cranston, and Neil Patrick Harris, in shows no one's heard of, like Les Miserables, Aladdin, or Shakespeare. But whatever, the point is, people should appreciate the Tonys and the theater, which is good.

* ABC Family is developing a musical comedy TV series. Because that has worked out so well in the past.

* I had never heard of Outliving Emily until Jeremy Jordan was cast, but it sounds like an intriguing premise, and the cast is pretty great.

* Robert Downey Jr. is producing a new series about recovering addicts in a rehab facility for Showtime.

* This baby goat was cracking me up all day in work yesterday.

* I never saw Avatar, so I don't really care about the sequels, but James Cameron's explanation of writing three movies simultaneously is very interesting, and perhaps something more franchises should attempt.

* I hope you are watching the last four episodes of Enlisted, airing this month.
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* Hulu may be picking up Community for that hashtag-foretold sixth season (and a movie?). DON'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS, HULU.

* Sounds like Mindy Kaling gave an awesome commencement speech at Harvard.

* In Marvel news: Unlike most of its predecessors, the CA: TWS bonus features won't include a Marvel one-shot. Meanwhile, Charlie Cox has been cast as Daredevil for the new Netflix series. Also, I may be an enormous nerd, but this Marvel exhibit in New York sounds really cool.

* Here's another interview with Sutton Foster about Violet and her return to TV.

* Aww, I feel bad for Damon Lindelof and all the Lost hate he gets. I'm looking forward to his new show.

* I am rather intrigued by the idea of Gillian Flynn adapting Hamlet as a novel.

* An interview with the creators of the new comedy Undateable, which I saw the first two episodes of this week and laughed quite a bit.

* I haven't had a chance to see The Normal Heart yet, but here is a moving account of a viewing party.

* An interview with Laverne Cox, who is on the cover of TIME. Also, an account from an OITNB writer on realizing she is gay.

* Amy Poehler wrote a book!

* Matthew Weiner talks about the Mad Men mid-season finale, and Robert Morse talks about his big dance number. Plus, some speculation on how next year's final half-season might wrap up the show.

* Bryan Fuller on the Hannibal season 2 bloodbath finale.

* I haven't seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, but apparently the ending needs explaining, so here you go. Also, is this a sign that post-credits scenes have fallen far since Nick Fury's first epic appearance and should be abandoned?

* Emily Blunt talks about the Into the Woods movie.

* I CANNOT WAIT for Snowpiercer to finally come out in the US. Jeremy Renner's new movie, Kill the Messenger, looks pretty good, too, as does the trailer for This is Where I Leave You, starring Tina Fey and Jason Bateman.
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Why yes, I DID just watch Hannibal, how did you know?

* So Agents of SHIELD aired its season finale this week, and it... actually turned into a good show? I think this is a fair assessment of what it did really well, and areas that still need improvement. Also, here are a couple post-mortems with Jed and Maurissa, and executive producers Jeph Loeb and Jeff Bell.

* Hayley Atwell talks about coming back to Marvel for Agent Carter.

* It's actually kind of handy that Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are both in Godzilla, because it means they can spend their entire press tour talking about Avengers: Age of Ultron, lol.

* Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston proves he is a master of the "Godzilla roar."

* I don't know anyone who would object to a Good Wife spinoff featuring Elsbeth Tascioni.

* Here's a preview of the second season of Masters of Sex.

* A long but fascinating interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

* CBS did NOT pick up How I Met Your Dad. I'm FREEEEEEE!!!!!

* Neil Patrick Harris was offered David Letterman's Late Show gig, but he passed. (Probably a good move for him.)

* Viggo Mortensen throws some shade at Peter Jackson's love of special effects.
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* Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are making another movie together!

* Charisma Carpenter will be guest-starring on the next season of Lost Girl. This season just wrapped up, and I confess I've been steadily losing interest, so maybe this will renew it?

* In light of the politics around Winter Soldier, I'm glad that my Twitter feed turned up this older article about Steve Rogers' comics history and the political environment he grew up in. Also, here's some really excellent meta parsing the movie's political POV and Nick Fury's character arc.

* Jed and Mo talk more about Agents of SHIELD and the impact of Winter Soldier on the show. I kind of feel bad for them? It's like, "Here, congratulations, have a TV show. And oh, by the way, we will force you to CHANGE THE ENTIRE PREMISE before the end of the first season. So... good luck with that!"

* The other two creators (Jeph Loeb and Jeff Bell) also talk about recent developments, and Cobie Smulders is apparently coming back to AoS now that HIMYM is finished.

* Why doesn't the MCU have LGBT characters?

* There's talk of a Mystique spin-off X-Men film (a la Wolverine) starring Jennifer Lawrence. Won't anyone just let that poor girl sleep?

* No one is surprised that Game of Thrones was renewed for seasons 5 and 6.

* Matthew Weiner talks about the final season of Mad Men, and Jon Hamm talks about the mess that is Don Draper.

* No matter how you felt about the series finale, I can't imagine anyone thinking Battlestar Galactica needs to be rebooted again.

* Brie Larsen will be starring in the film adaptation of Room. And speaking of books turned into movies, here's the first footage of Gone Girl.

* Christian Kane is back on TV in The Librarians.

* Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman on The Late Show.
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* Gone with the Wind is getting a prequel novel about Mammy (whose real name, it happens, is Ruth). Which reminds me, I never posted my GWTW meta/reaction post that I started writing last summer and never finished. I should maybe get back to that sometime.

* It never occurred to me that Winnie the Pooh needed an origin story film, but apparently he's getting one anyway.

* Coulson's cellist is finally making an appearance, and she looks a lot like Amy Acker.

* Over the last week or so, I've been binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I watched the pilot back when it first premiered and wasn't really feeling it, but after hearing people rave about it for a whole season, I decided to give it another shot and I liked it! So here's an interview with Mike Schur, the co-creator. Plus, what the show can learn from Parks & Recreation.

* Matthew Weiner talks about Mad Men and is actually interesting, even though he still gives nothing away.

* Bryan Cranston talks Breaking Bad and his new role as President Lyndon Johnson on Broadway.

* Here's a recap of the Community panel at PaleyFest.

* Dan Rydell was temporarily resurrected when Josh Charles made an appearance on Keith Olbermann's show.

* Revisiting possibly the greatest thing HIMYM has ever brought us, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel once again sing "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables.

* Here's a sneak peek at Captain America's new uniform, which is changing yet again for Age of Ultron. (Also, am I displaying my obsessive nerdery if I point out that's clearly a stunt double and not Chris Evans, as the article states?)
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* Patton Oswalt will be appearing on Agents of SHIELD as a comic book character.

* Here's an interview with the author of the Ms. Marvel comics, which features the first female Muslim superhero.

* Yes, another Captain America trailer. This one is different, I promise! (I swear to God you will hear my screaming for miles around when I see this movie.)

* Meanwhile Fox is already planning sequels for movies it hasn't made yet.

* I absolutely agree that a Veronica Mars movie trying to have broad appeal would not have been Veronica Mars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a niche movie for a particular audience. Also, here is the cast talking about the movie's big moments and an interview with Rob Thomas.

* I am confused as to why the trailer for The Giver is all in color. Wasn't that kind of a huge plot point of the book?

* Pixar is making a sequel to The Incredibles.

* Masters of Sex is coming back in July, and Betsy Brandt will be joining the cast.

* Parks and Recreation has been renewed for another season.

* There's now a website that has quantitatively resolved all TV arguments (with graphs!). What on earth will we do with all the free time?

* New Mad Men photos. Plus, a write-up of the PaleyFest panel with the cast.

* Casting a white Tiger Lily is only the latest in "racist things found in adaptations of Peter Pan." I keep thinking maybe this time Hollywood has learned its lesson, and yet they keep managing to prove me wrong!

* If you haven't been convinced to watch Enlisted yet, maybe this will help. Also, the best "save our show" campaign idea probably ever.

* Billy Joel sang with Jimmy Fallon and now I desperately want an iPad. (And yes, those two things are related.)

* Alternate Jennifer Lawrence scene from American Hustle. Which I still haven't seen so I don't really know the context, but I kind of think she's not really acting, and this is just what JLaw does when she is alone in her house? Or maybe that's just me.


Mar. 11th, 2014 11:55 pm
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* New trailer for Orphan Black, which returns April 19, and one for 24: Live Another Day, which premieres May 5.

* Cristin Milioti talks about HIMYM and addresses the theory that the Mother is dead.

* I'm a big fan of competence porn, so I enjoyed this piece on why we like characters who are good at their jobs.

* Matthew Weiner talks about the final season of Mad Men, and again in another interview here. There's also a great piece on Elisabeth Moss, who would be perfect if only she weren't a Scientologist.

* Amazon has picked up four of its pilots for series, including Transparent, which is the only one I watched (it was really good).

* Laura Benanti will be guest-starring on The Good Wife.

* Another interview with Emmy Rossum about Shameless.

* The other two detectives talk about working with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective. Also, the real life case that may put the "true" in the title.

* And inspired by True Detective's season finale, an interesting look at how the internet has impacted our expectations for finales. (No TD spoilers.)

* Another Game of Thrones trailer is out. Also, the showrunners basically tied George R. R. Martin to a chair and made him tell them how the series ends.

* Here's an Oscar diary from the person we all wish we were - Jennifer Lawrence's BFF.

* I am extremely curious how they plan to make a Fantastic Four reboot that is "very grounded." It's the FANTASTIC FOUR. Isn't that kind of like calling the Guardians of the Galaxy characters "realistic"?

* Chris Hemsworth talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, the first videos of production in Johannesburg have surfaced.

* I confess, I have completely lost track of which Captain America teasers I've linked to and which ones I haven't (clearly I am too dazzled by Chris Evans' face), so here have some more.

* If you really can't wait until Friday, you can now watch the first 8 minutes of Veronica Mars online.
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Sigh. Computer crashed again, lost about half my linkspam. I'm starting to think maybe it's time for a new one. Computer, I mean. Obviously, I made a new linkspam.

* Mark your calendars - Game of Thrones comes back April 6. Plus, check out the first trailer.

* First pictures of Don Draper in the new season of Mad Men, which premieres April 13, while Better Call Saul will debut sometime in November.

* Louie will be back in May after an extended hiatus while Louis C.K. was touring.

* Veronica Mars is getting an online spin-off series which will star Ryan Hansen and sounds incredibly meta.

* Jordan Gavaris talks about being the only person not played by Tatiana Maslany on Orphan Black.

* Is anyone else watching The Mindy Project? Last week's ep was hilarious, and I laughed absurdly hard at Danny's motivational strategy. I've never really seriously considered a personal trainer before, but I would totally pay someone to yell "Michael Fassbender's trapped in a well!" and "Great, Anne Hathaway is dead!" at me in the gym.

* Jesse Plemons might be starring in the new Star Wars film.

* Lost fans, are you looking forward to Damon Lindelof's new after-the-Rapture series, Leftovers?

* Why on earth would someone give Chevy Chase another TV series?

* So, that Ben Kingsley Marvel short film? It's set post-IM3 and will be an extra with Thor: The Dark World.

* Kevin Feige talks about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron and defends colons. I take exception to this: “We didn't want to merely have a '2' after Avengers so we wanted to give it a subtitle.” Seriously, WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH A 2? It is so much SHORTER.

* Robert Downey Jr. proves once again that he is a national treasure.

* The Gone Girl adaptation starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike will have a different ending from the book. Hmm.

* Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom will be ending after its third season.

* I am utterly torn between OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS and OMG WAAAAAANT.

* You guys, Australia has apologized for not being able to make dragons.

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* Casting news: Anna Gunn will be appearing on The Mindy Project, and Vince Gilligan will be making his acting debut on Community.

* How I Met Your Mother is doing an entire episode in rhyme. This show, man. You can't make this shit up.

* Harry Hamlin talks about Mad Men.

* A series of videos with director Francis Lawrence talking about Catching Fire.

* Unsurprisingly, there is a rumor of another crossover/tie-in between Agents of SHIELD and a Marvel movie, this time Captain America: Winter Soldier. Is it just me, or is this starting to feel kind of desperate?

* I'm not sure what it says about Tom Hiddleston that I would not be surprised if he did cry on the red carpet? Well, if this is his last Marvel premiere, at least we know he's a shoo-in for the Magic Mike sequel.

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* An interview with Graceland's creator about the season 1 finale and what's coming in season 2.

* The end of Breaking Bad (which I am not sure I will physically survive, someone pls check on me after the series finale, I may die from forgetting to breathe for 60 minutes) has prompted yet another look at the art of ending a TV series.

* Julianne Moore will play President Coin in the two Mockingjay movies, and Patina Miller will be playing the District 8 resistance leader. I approve of these choices.

* Kate Mulgrew talks about playing Red in Orange is the New Black.

* Meanwhile, her OITNB co-star Danielle Brooks will be appearing on Girls. Hey, they've discovered black people come in ladies, too!

* 8-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee will NOT play Red Riding Hood in the Into the Woods movie. Granted, they've replaced her with a 12-year-old, but it's a definite improvement.

* Mindy Kaling talks about The Mindy Project's season 2 improvements.

* An interview with the writer and director of this week's Breaking Bad in which they discuss, among other things, how it ended up being baby Holly's Emmy submission next year, lol.

* A fun, drinky interview with Jonathan Banks. And Dean Norris talks about that thing that happened.

* George R. R. Martin is a Breaking Bad fan!

* The final season of Mad Men is being split in half, with 7 episodes airing in 2014 and 7 airing in 2015. Even better, they're going to film the whole thing at once, so I can only imagine how holding those last 7 episodes for a YEAR is going to test Matt Weiner's spoilerphobia.

* Well, The Sound of Music just got a lot more appealing. Still not a fan of Carrie Underwood as Maria or True Blood guy as Captain Von Trapp, but Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess is PERFECT casting.

* Allison Janney does an encore performance of "The Jackal." West Wing fans, you know what I'm talking about.

* Marvel is going to give us more of Peggy Carter, along the lines of the Agent Carter one-shot.

* Natalie Portman punched Tom Hiddleston while filming Thor: The Dark World.
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[1-62] Orange is the New Black
[63-82] Graceland
[83-89] Zachary Levi (with Krysta Rodriguez)
[90-95] [community profile] iconthat (Luther, Mad Men, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, True Blood)
[96] Lost
[97-98] The Avengers


Read more... )
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* Between Much Ado and Trust Me, there are a zillion Clark Gregg interviews floating around, and he keeps getting asked about Marvel's Agents of Blah Blah, so I'mma keep linking 'em. Plus, a spoiler possibly revealing how Agent Coulson is getting resurrected.

* Joss Whedon is also talking a lot about The. Show. With. All. The. Periods. Oh, and Avengers 2, of course.

* Texts From Superheroes. What will the internet think of next?

* Another article examining the problems with Doctor Who. Having never seen Classic Who, I can't say if it was better or not, but both RTD and Moffat would benefit from having some other people involved in the process. Moffat was at his best when he was just a writer in the RTD seasons. Particularly when it comes to the season-long arcs, it'd be nice if there were a writing staff who'd say, "Dude, this makes no fucking sense."

* Here's a synopsis of Neil Gaiman's second Doctor Who episode.

* I did not know that Daniel Gillies was an indie film director, but OMG the Jesus beard is hilarious. (Also, I had no idea he was married to Rachael Leigh Cook.)

* The vampirism-as-a-viral-epidemic book trilogy The Strain is getting turned into a TV series.

* In 2013-14 TV season news, Parenthood was renewed for a fifth season. No one should be surprised that The Originals was picked up for a full season. Meanwhile, TV shows on the bubble and their chances of returning (already slightly out of date, as Parenthood is included in the list).

* A My So-Called Life reunion without Claire Danes is not a My So-Called Life reunion.

* Matt Weiner talks to NPR about Mad Men.

* Johnny Depp as the Baker in the Into the Woods movie? THERE IS NOT ENOUGH "NO" IN THE UNIVERSE.


Apr. 24th, 2013 08:56 pm
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* Kiernan Shipka is totally grown up OMG, but still not allowed to watch Mad Men.

* On the other hand, OMG Maisie Williams is SIXTEEN? She looks so much younger on Game of Thrones.

* Neil Patrick Harris and family are moving to New York after HIMYM ends.

* Klaus will apparently still be pining over Caroline in The Originals. AS LONG AS HE'S NOT DOING IT ON MY SHOW ANYMORE.

* Julianna Margulies talks about this season of The Good Wife.

* While I don't necessarily agree with all the specific points, I am definitely feeling a sense of diminishing returns when it comes to Doctor Who and this new ~mystery of Clara.

* I totally want a TARDIS refrigerator, though.

* A Guys and Dolls movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum? I have a lot of conflicting reactions, lol.

* LOL! During press for Iron Man 3, RDJ calls Gwyneth Paltrow a snob, and then she smacks him.

* Scarlett Johansson on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. What have they done to Black Widow's hair? :(

* First trailer for Thor: The Dark World. Heh, compared to Iron Man 3, this seems so terribly meh. Also, needs moar Loki.

(Sidebar, what is it with Marvel and annoyingly long titles? And why is Iron Man the only franchise that escapes?)
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These linkspams seem to be getting longer and longer, lol.

* How much good TV is too much? Alan Sepinwall knows my struggles, yo. This is why my to-watch list is a mile long and never gets any shorter.

* On that note, here's a guide to 2013 TV premiere dates, so you can figure out when your favorite shows are on. I am feeling overwhelmed just looking at it, and I don't even watch 90% of what's on there.

* What would Mad Men be like if it actually dealt with race? Actress Erika Alexander wrote a spec script that involves SCDP partnering with a predominately black ad agency on an ad campaign aimed at minorities. It's rather similar in set-up to the Admiral televisions episode (where Pete suggests marketing to black consumers), except that the client actually goes for it.

* A psychiatrist analyzes Don and Roger (sadly, he does not conclude that Don is a sociopath), and evaluates the therapy scenes in the show.

* Will season 6 be the year Betty Francis finally breaks out of her suburban prison?

* B.J. Novak, writer, director, and actor on The Office, just landed a book deal.

* This interesting review of this week's episode of The Americans asks whether Philip and Elizabeth really belong together, or if Gregory was right, and we should be rooting for Elizabeth to find someone else.

* Catching Fire photos of Katniss and Prim.

* Jenna-Louise Coleman talks about Doctor Who and the mysterious existence of Clara Oswin Oswald.

* Doctor Who Dalek found in pond after years of England just tossing their used Daleks wherever they please. Hee!

* Robert Downey Jr. continues his reign as awesomest person ever. Here he is wearing lederhosen while promoting Iron Man 3 in Germany.

* First Dexter season 8 teaser with actual footage - LOL I watched it before reading the article, so I was like, "Wait, Liev Schreiber is on this season?? How did I not know that?" Nope, there are also clips from Ray Donovan, Showtime's new series starring Schreiber.

* The Veronica Mars Kickstarter ends tonight. To capitalize on the buzz, Amazon is offering S1-3 DVDs at 40% off.
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* Matthew Weiner talks about the Mad Men season premiere.

* How The Americans uses interpersonal conflict to tackle global politics and plotlines.

Ten things you need to know about Syfy's new drama, Defiance, which stars Julie Benz and was created by Rockne S. O'Bannon (aka the creator of two of my favorite sci-fi shows, seaQuest DSV and Farscape).

* Is Doctor Who too sexy and complicated now? While I giggled at the handwringing over the Doctor's snogging (gasp! horrors!), I would not say no to a companion who wasn't a young, attractive female.

* If the Saul spin-off happens, it's likely to be a comedy. I think that's actually better, because f they're going to do this, I'd rather have enough distance from Breaking Bad that it feels like its own show and not just a lame attempt to keep the BB audience watching AMC. Related: do spin-offs that elevate minor characters work, or is it too much of a good thing?

* Natalie Dormer will be playing Irene Adler (in flashbacks, apparently) on Elementary. I still haven't made it past the first episode, but that's A+ casting right there.

* Aubrey Plaza has the most awkward interview on Ellen, and yet it somehow manages to be completely adorable.

* Ever wondered how they made all the dinosaur noises in Jurassic Park? Lots of animals having sex, apparently.

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* The S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show has a new title: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Whyyyyyy do you hate us bloggers so, Marvel? As if the obnoxious periods weren't enough, now the title is 3x longer? Whatever, I'm calling it MAOS from now on.

* New photo and additional details about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (Sidebar: How did I not notice that Agent Amador from The Americans is Agent Sitwell? Also, the outcome of last week's ep makes more sense now, lol.)

* Yay Linda Cardellini is back on TV! She talks about her role on Mad Men in this interview. I admit, I did a double take when she came on screen. I hardly recognized her in the period costume.

* I was kind of hoping Theon was dead, but he's back on Game of Thrones. That scene where he got conked in the head in the middle of his speechifying was one of my favorites. :)

* A Jurassic Park drinking game, in case the eighty zillion links lately have made you want to rewatch it or you're planning to see the 3-D re-release.

* That XKCD comic from two weeks ago is still updating. You can watch the animated version here. I think they are building Winterfell.


Apr. 5th, 2013 05:04 pm
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* Robert Redford is confirmed as playing "the head of S.H.I.E.L.D." in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

* Iron Man 3 trailer #9,202, plus a clip of Tony talking to a gaggle of reporters. At some point, I won't even need to see the movie.

* The J. August Richards S.H.I.E.L.D. role I linked to the other day has been confirmed.

* Aaron Tveit's new USA drama, Graceland, has a series premiere date.

* Is Matt Weiner's Mad Men spoiler phobia making unreasonable demands of TV critics? I mostly think he's being silly, since NO ONE watches Mad Men for the ~shocking twists.

* Apply for a job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce! I apparently would make a good copy writer.

* If you missed the last five minutes of this week's episode of The Americans, FX has apologized for the DVR snafu and made the episode available online. Good thing, because those were a killer five minutes!

* I love oral histories. This one's for Jurassic Park. Also. the scene from the movie that real paleontologists say is unrealistic. It's... not ANY of the ones you'd expect.

* Jason Segel has written a series of YA books. I'm actually kind of curious to read them...
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Vincent Kartheiser gets a linkspam all to himself, partly because this interview is awesome and partly because I didn't see this link until after I'd already posted, and this is a link that deserves to be seen and not ETA'd onto the bottom of a previous post.

Hilarious excerpts:
Matt has said definitively that Pete would not be committing suicide this season. What do you think about that?
That means that he probably will be committing suicide this season.

Are you calling him a liar?
I’m saying if Matt gives you a spoiler, there’s probably a reason.

How far are you along in shooting the season?
It’s hard to say. I mean, they kept shooting. I got killed off in, like, episode six.

It usually annoys me when actors act snobby about not watching TV - like, this is how you make your living, and you're gonna look down on it as entertainment? But this was kind of funny, and he does have a valid point about being busy:
Do you watch this show?
Which show?

Mad Men
Oh, Mad Men. [...] I do watch Mad Men. I watch because my friends are on it.

What did you think of this season’s premiere?
I haven’t seen it.

Why not?
Because we were working. We don’t all just get to sit around watching TV.

And then he starts flinging paper footballs at the interviewer. \o/
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