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[1-34] The Avengers
[35-60] Iron Man 3
[61-62] Kara Thrace
[63-71] Chuck
[72-84] Various actors


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I've been working on picspams for the wrong!shipping meme, but I want to give myself more of a head start before I begin posting. In the meantime, y'all get a preview because I've been making icons along with them.

[24] BSG
[15] Homeland


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BSG Awesome Ladies this time, as requested by [ profile] pocochina. Some of them are from my original fiddlings; others are the result of some practice with Gimp. (Let's see if you can guess which is which, lol.)

18 BSG icons (Roslin, Six, D'Anna, Sharon, Ellen, and Cain)


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