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* NBC's next live musical will be Peter Pan.

* The head of NBC has all but promised us another season of Parks & Recreation.

* I don't think I had mentioned that I caught up on Hannibal this winter, but I did, and now there's a new trailer for season 2. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.

* Had they not gone for a 9th season, apparently HIMYM would have ended with Victoria as the Mother. Wow, for once I think they actually made a GOOD decision in casting Cristin Milioti instead. I liked Victoria the first time around, but I'd also probably have strangled someone if it turned out the Mother was the first person Ted dated and we spent all this time just needlessly prolonging the story.

* Kyle Chandler is getting a new series on Netflix.

* The boys of The Vampire Diaries talk about the 100th episode and whether or not they're surprised their characters made it this far, lol.

* Jack Gleeson may play a horrible brat king on Game of Thrones, but in real life, he's actually quite thought-provoking and academic when talking about celebrity culture.

* Aaron Paul talks about his new film (and also Breaking Bad, of course).

* Mark Ruffalo talks about having read the Avengers 2 script. Also, Thomas Kretchmann has been cast as Baron von Strucker.

* God help us all if Johnny Depp ends up joining the Marvel universe.

* Agents of SHIELD is trying again to draw in audiences with a Marvel movie crossover - this time with an appearance by Sif.

* Jason Dohring reminisces about Veronica Mars and talks about the upcoming film.

* Some speculation on how they've changed the ending to Gone Girl for the movie, as well as some concerns about messing with such an intricate plot.

* So, Chris Pine went on Jimmy Kimmel and sang very well, so that's one less thing to worry about re: the Into the Woods movie.

* The French trailer for Only Lovers Left Alive is kinda creepy.

* What city should you actually live in? I got London. Yesssssssssssssss. "Let’s be honest, you probably look pretty good in a Burberry trench coat. You’re the type of person who loves city life, but without all the hype. Your ideal day consists of the Tate Modern, a pleasant evening at a nice restaurant, and a hot cup of tea before bed."
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I've been spending some quality time with my BFF, Netflix streaming, lately, and watched Wallander and Party Animals. Anyone else ever seen them? They came to my attention primarily because of who's in them (Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith, respectively) but I ended up quite enjoying them even aside from that. They're also both fairly low time commitments, which is nice. I always feel quite daunted starting something that's seven 22-episode seasons long.

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First, I must point you in the direction of [personal profile] tamsin's Elena Gilbert rec post. All the Elena-stanning you could possibly want!

Now, onto today's question from [personal profile] fuelforflight: Is there a particular town or city, besides your own, in which you would love to live? And explain why.

LONDON! I mean, there is a reason it has its own tag. I suppose the fact that I've already lived there for a brief time makes me biased, but I just loved it SO MUCH. And if my entire family and friends and career weren't here, I'd have seriously considered going back to London for grad school or a job.

London also basically spoiled me for vacations anywhere else. It's why I think the best way to see a place is to stay there for some length of time. Because then you really get to experience it, rather feeling like you need to cram in as much touristy stuff as possible into your week's vacation. You have time to do normal, everyday stuff, and to get the authentic experience of a place. And I think what made me love London so much is that, after only a few months there, I was able to feel like I belonged there, even though I was in a foreign city where so many things were different.

(Also, living in a major tourist destination seriously lowers your tourist tolerance. Even now, I have an extremely low threshold for getting annoyed at slow-moving crowds of people who don't know where they're going. Seriously, try to take the Metro in DC in the summer and see how many times you have to suppress homicidal urges. So now I hate seeming like a tourist in other places, because I'm aware of how much the locals hate me, lol.)

Where would YOU want to live?
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I am all stuffy-nosed and scratchy-throated and hopped up on cold medicine this weekend (let me tell you, NyQuil totally zonks me out, which is great for helping me get to sleep, except that I can NEVER wake up. Fortunately, I was feeling all lazy that I'd slept so late, only to realize that last night we turned the clocks back so I had an extra hour. Yay!).

But nothing clears the sinuses like a good dose of Broadway! No? That's not a thing? Oh, well. Segue fail.

Anyway, I've been weirdly nostalgic about London this week, so I figured I'd tell you a story from my West End theatre exploits. I was in a London Theatre in Performance class, which basically meant I had to see one show a week. I probably would've done that anyway, so this wasn't much of a hardship. :) I've already mentioned a couple of the shows I saw that semester (The History Boys and Brighton Rock), but by far the most well-known was The Producers, which I saw while my family was visiting me.

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Gah. I am forever lagging on my TV project.

I'm still in the middle of Lost and Six Feet Under, but those are taking forever with the whole DVDs-by-mail thing, and I had some downtime at work, so I started rewatching season 2 of SeaQuest DSV. (I rewatched season 1 a while ago.) Oh, the cheesy sci-fi! I love it, and I'd giggle about it more, but it's only interesting to maybe one other person besides me.

I also started watching Coupling (the original British one). I made it through the first series, but I am not impressed. I expected better from Steven Moffat after Doctor Who and Sherlock. Although... I thought the second episode of Sherlock was kinda dull. I was almost sorry I made my mother watch it. (She'd have preferred Desperate Housewives.) Her reaction: "I don't like him [Sherlock]. I like the show. I like London. But he's kind of a jerk."

When I mentioned that I've been watching it partly to catch a glimpse of the building where I lived in London (this is also the reason I watched The Bank Job), my mother replied, "Was it near Scotland Yard?" And I said, "Um. No. It was near Baker Street. Where Sherlock Holmes lives..." Now, I can understand her not knowing a fictional character's address, but I kind of figured she'd noticed the NINE FOOT STATUE of Sherlock Holmes across the street from my building, lol.

While my mom was here, we also watched An Education. My therapist had prescribed comedy, which... this was not, lol, but it was pretty good. Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow from one of the best episodes of Doctor Who) plays a naive high school girl who abandons her dream of going to Oxford when she falls for David, a much older man who frees her from her boring life and introduces her to the cultural world she longs to experience, but she ends up in over her head.

It took me a pathetically long time to realize that David's best friend is played by Dominic Cooper, whom I actually met when I was in London but had no idea who he was at the time. I went to see The History Boys with a group of friends, and most of us were Americans, but the one British girl had a crush on Dominic Cooper and wanted to get his autograph, so we stayed afterward and stalked met some of the cast. Speaking of which, did I ever tell you about the time I discovered Matt Smith was in The History Boys at one point, and I totally freaked out that there was a chance I'd met him before I knew who he was? LOL, I practically tore through my scrapbook looking for that signed playbill. As it turns out, I missed the future Eleventh Doctor by about a year, but I did meet Dominic Cooper, James Corden (whom I did recognize in Gavin & Stacey and Doctor Who), and Andrew Knott. They were all very nice and willing to chat and sign autographs, despite most of us not knowing who they were, lol, and we all thought it was absolutely adorable that they carpooled to and from the show. :)

Let's see. I also finished Lost season 2 (FINALLY) but I think that will probably need a post of its own.
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Already did this one once, but I commented on [ profile] gabrielleabelle's post, so she gave me five more things to talk about. Her list:


James Marsters

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I figure anyone who wanted to do this replied the first time around, so let me know if you're just commenting or if you want to play.

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