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* The new Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV spot has generated speculation that a certain someone is going to die. Also, Chris Evans was the Grand Marshal at the Daytona 500 this weekend. (What a dork.)

* The four Marvel Netflix series will be filmed in New York.

* Drew Pearce talks about the Mandarin short, All Hail the King.

* In non-MCU Marvel movies, I'm not sure we really need this much Spider-Man in our lives?

* Dear God, NBC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel by bringing back Heroes, of all things. Okay, sound off: how many canceled NBC series can YOU think of that you'd rather see return than Heroes?

* Michelle Monaghan talks about True Detective and its female characters. It would be so awesome if next season had two female leads.

* Doctor Who is injecting a little diversity into its cast with a new companion.

* Jeremy Jordan, Anna Kendrick, and Richard LaGravenese talk about adapting The Last Five Years as a film.

* Peter Dinklage already has a post-Game of Thrones job in the works on a new HBO series.

* I would so totally be on board for a Farscape spin-off/sequel TV movie.

* Ordinarily I would have no interest in a Godzilla movie, but... Bryan Cranston, yo.

* Matthew Rhys talks about the new season of The Americans, starting TONIGHT! Plus, an interview with the show's creators.

* With The LEGO Movie proclaiming "Everything is Awesome," now is a good time for a cautionary tale. If you don't talk to your children about LEGO, who will?

* Adam Driver is not who I would've expected for a Star Wars villain, but okay.

* I haven't watched it, because I'd rather see it in context, but you can watch Hannibal's opening scene from the season 2 premiere if you want.
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[1-18] [community profile] iconthat challenges
[19-34] RDJ (with Susan Downey)
[35-78] The Vampire Diaries 4.17-4.19


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[1-4] Justified
[5-6] Lost
[7-12] The Americans
[13] The Avengers concept art
[14-15] Iron Man 2
[16-17] Breaking Bad
[18-42] Farscape
[43-85] The Hunger Games
[86-89] Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
[90-92] Elementary
[93-95] Merlin


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It's here! The end of the Awesome Ladies meme!

Hahaha, okay, technically I could've finished it a while ago, but I made the picspams and then I got distracted by icon-making and... well, then I kinda wanted to redo the picspams but didn't have time because of all the iconning and I've been very busy rebuilding Elizabethan England (the Queen was very pleased with my work, and I made over 50 million pounds - at which point, I probably could've just BOUGHT England - but there were so many droughts and leaky roofs and my workers kept dying of the plague or something. It was all very stressful).

Where was I? Right. Picspam. FINAL DAY.

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I don't think I mentioned that what initially started this whole iconning frenzy was Farscape. So a lot of these are actually some of the first icons I made, before I figured out Gimp or... any sort of technique, really, which means that I hate them already, lol. But I figured I'd put them out there in case some of them don't suck. I promise, the next batch will be better!

51 Farscape icons (mostly S1)


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This one has spoilers up to "A Human Reaction" and vague foreshadowy things for... well, everything else.

(Seriously, am I still on season 1? This is going to be the meta to end all metas, apparently.)

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Time to start the Farscape reviews!

I watched Farscape when it initially aired in the same primetime block as Sliders, which was, at the time, my favorite show in the universe (this one or any other). I kind of lost track of Farscape when Sliders was canceled, though whether because I was boycotting the SciFi Channel in protest or because I just didn't have enough of a reason to tune in anymore, I don't remember. From what I can tell, I'd seen season 1, but very little (if any) of season 2, given that I remembered Chiana, but not so much with Scorpius and Stark. I recall liking it, but not being terribly impressed, which also makes sense if I only watched the first season, since it is, on its own, somewhat less than impressive. (Having seen the whole series now, I'm kind of in awe of how well-done the character arcs are, right from the beginning.) It's a little cheesy, a little too on-the-nose with all the "HEY GUYS THESE ARE ALIENS LOOK HOW DIFFERENT THEY ARE" commentary, and there's a significant absence of logic in some of the plots. But the first season is clearly just laying the foundation for future awesomeness (and, you know, the first season, when you watch it the second time, is better than the third season...), which is to say, I tried to keep this spoiler-free for [personal profile] snickfic, who is watching Farscape for the first time, but thoughts on how certain events fit into larger arcs kinda kept creeping in. Mostly, though, it's general overview and episodes 1-9 of season 1.

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Dear Farscape,

You are fab and I adore you most of the time, but for the love of all that is holy, could we PLEASE STOP SLUT-SHAMING CHIANA? It's really getting on my frelling nerves.



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Netflix and I are breaking up, so I've been spending my free time lately watching/rewatching Farscape on Amazon streaming. This SHOOOOOOW. I just finished season 2 last night, and I am 99% sure I haven't seen anything after that, but I'm kinda spoiled on general stuff. I don't recall being such a diehard John/Aeryn shipper the first time around, but GOD THEY GET TO ME. Anyway, I may have more rational thoughts later, but for now, fun Farscape-inspired poll!

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Breaking Bad

6/4/12: Links and Breaking Bad (1.01-3.08)

8/26/13: Linkspam + Breaking Bad Thoughts (5.11)

9/29/13: This is how it ends (Breaking Bad 5.16)

10/1/13: Breaking Bad linkspam (more on the series finale)


8/12/08: I should have a Xander icon... (Xander's character arc)

8/15/08: Cordy/Angel meta

12/2/08: Spike has two doors!

3/4/09: Food for Thought (comparing Riley's "As You Were" speech to Spike's "Touched" speech)

5/7/09: Spike... again (AtS S5)

6/1/10: Not Fade Away

7/13/10: Yeah, I'm going there (season 8)

8/19/10: Comics wank, must be... a day ending in y (BtVS/AtS crossovers)

8/25/10: "That was real." (Cordy/Angel and Spike/Buffy)

10/16/11: Book review: Whedonistas!

12/2/13: Meme: December 2 (Favorite season)


6/8/10: Dexter (season 1)

6/10/10: Dexter, Part 2 (season 2)

6/22/10: Dexter, Part 3 (season 3)

9/13/10: Dexter - it's been a while (season 4)

9/29/10: Final (?) TV premiere round-up (5.01)

1/6/11: Let's talk about Dexter! (season 5)

9/27/13: Beginnings and Endings (series finale)

The Hunger Games

1/29/11: The Hunger Games (Finally!) (book)

2/12/11: OMG YOU GUYS!! (Catching Fire book)

2/27/11: Epic Mockingjay review (book)

3/26/12: The big epic Hunger Games review (movie)

11/24/13: OMG Catching Fire (movie)


8/12/10: I'm Freeeeee (1.01-1.02)

8/13/10: More Lost thoughts (1.03-1.09)

8/17/10: Even more Lost thoughts (1.10-1.16)

8/18/10: I has finished season 1! (1.17-1.25)

8/23/10: Lost season 2 (2.01-2.10)

8/26/10: Yep, more Lost (2.11-2.18)

11/20/10: Super-huge pop culture round-up (2.19-2.24)

12/5/10: Hey, remember when I used to watch Lost? (3.01-3.08)

3/20/11: "Remember when I used to watch Lost?" 2: Electric Boogaloo (3.09-3.16)

3/26/11: Lost season 3 thoughts! (3.17-3.22)

3/31/11: Lost Season 4

4/10/11: More Lost talk (5.01-5.10)

4/31/11: Incoherent Lost flailing (5.11-5.17)

5/22/11: Yes, I still watch Lost! (6.01-6.10)

6/23/11: I has more Lost thoughts! (6.11-6.15)

6/28/11: The epic Lost post (6.16-6.18)

12/9/13: Meme: December 9 (Juliet's work with the Others)


7/2/13: So I finally saw Iron Man 3

12/7/13: Meme: December 6 (oops) (Why you should love Captain America)

5/26/14: State of the (Marvel) universe

10/14/14: Well all righty then (Captain America 3 and the MCU)

10/27/14: So I started watching Arrow

10/30/14: Let's talk about TV! (The Flash and Arrow)

11/2/14: Linkspam and TV talk (Agents of SHIELD and Marvel vs. DC)

5/18/15: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Vampire Diaries

9/30/10: The Vampire Diaries, take two (season 1)

10/12/10: The Vampire Diaries, take three (up to 2.05)

11/6/10: Semi-belated Vampire Diaries thoughts (2.07-2.08)

1/30/11: Let's talk Vampire Diaries (2.10)

9/16/11: TVD Thoughts (3.01)

10/14/11: The Ghost-pire Diaries (3.05)

10/14/11: This is an actual reaction post (3.05)

1/6/12: TVD thoughts (3.10)

3/23/12: What's that? A reaction post? (3.17)

10/17/12: TVD 4.02

1/3/13: Linkspam + rambling (The problem with Klaus as a villain)

Other TV

11/10/09: Friday, December 13, 1963. Four guys shot their own legs off. (Mad Men 3.13)

2/9/10: Proof that shippers are stupid everywhere... (Chuck)

4/1/10: Caprica (season 1)

4/10/10: This is a ranty rant (Bones 5.16)

6/28/10: Doctor Who (season 5)

6/29/10: Dead Like Me (season 1)

7/8/10: Dead Like Me (again) (season 2)

7/14/10: Because I really needed another TV show to watch... (Huge 1.01-1.03)

8/24/10: Six Feet Under season 2

9/10/10: Huge (1.10)

9/20/10: Last night's Mad Men... (4.09)

9/25/10: Community is back!!! (2.01)

10/18/10: Catching up (Mad Men 4.13)

8/1/11: Let's talk Sports Night

8/31/11: The Tudors

9/29/11: Faaaarscape! (1.01-1.09)

10/9/11: Farscape meta, part two (1.16)

1/29/12: Chuck thoughts (for real this time) (season 5)

1/22/13: British TV! (Wallander and Party Animals)

7/15/13: I watch things (The Newsroom)

12/14/13: Meme: December 13 (oops again) (Friday Night Lights favorite female character)


9/5/07: Shadow Undies (Shadow Puppets commentary)

6/16/10: Boys from the Dwarf (Red Dwarf: Back to Earth)

6/18/10: Strictly Sexual (note: review is access-only)

7/9/10: I did a stupid thing... (Dead Like Me: Life After Death)

1/19/11: Black Swan

12/29/12: The big Les Miserables review

3/16/14: Worth Every Penny (Veronica Mars)

11/26/14: Thanksgiving linkspam (and Into the Woods angst)


8/19/09: Head-scratcher of an ending (the Sevenwaters trilogy)

8/31/10: Book Review: Swordspoint

9/1/10: Book review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

9/23/10: Book review: The Fall of the Kings

10/21/10: Feeling like I'm always playing catch-up (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

10/22/10: Book review: The Passage

12/15/10: Book review! (Finally) (Doomsday Book and Blackout)

1/8/11: Book review: The Privileges

1/11/11: More book reviews! (Miracle and Other Christmas Stories and All Clear)

4/14/11: Stuff I did (The Privilege of the Sword and Speak)

5/3/11: Book Reviews! (Heir to Sevenwaters and Freedom)

5/14/11: More book reviews (The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and Seer of Sevenwaters)

7/16/11: End of Semester Book Reviews (The Art of Choosing and Pearls, Politics, and Power)

7/21/11: More book reviews! (Big Girls Don't Cry)

9/27/11: Book Reviews (The Handmaid's Tale, One Day, and Delirium)

8/14/12: Wanted: Friends! (MWF Seeking BFF)


9/2/10: Review: Billy Elliot

9/8/10: Review: A Little Night Music

9/12/10: Review: In the Heights

9/19/10: Musical Sunday! (Next to Normal)

9/26/10: Musical Sunday! (Next to Normal)

7/12/11: At long last! (Next to Normal)

4/23/12: The Newsies Review

9/15/13: The (brief) return of Musical Sunday! (Miss Saigon)

11/25/13: If/Then

2/2/14: First Date


11/14/09: In which I prove I think too much (BtVS/Into the Woods parallels)

9/20/10: It's like my perception is warping back to normal... (high school shows)

9/27/10: The Vampire Diaries, or Why Buffy is the Best (the use and abuse of dramatic irony)

10/2/10: Romance =/= Geometry (love triangles)

12/16/10: Being Erica! (S3 finale, parallels with BtVS)

3/3/11: I have a one-track mind (Hunger Games/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Next to Normal parallels)

5/27/11: Whee! (Is Katniss a Buffy or an Angel?)

6/25/12: Where are all the female anti-heroes?

12/4/12: My advice? Don't watch for the plot (Homeland, Lost, and the importance of plausibility)

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