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[1-4] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[5-39] Chris Evans' stupid face (many of them from here)

From the HAIR post:
[40-45] Being Erica
[46-51] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[52-57] Doctor Who
[58-62] The Vampire Diaries
[63-67] Veronica Mars

[68-91] First Date
[92-95] Krysta Rodriguez and Zachary Levi
[96-99] Catching Fire
[100-104] [community profile] iconthat challenges: Longmire, Revolution, Supernatural, Bones
[105-110] Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
[111-113] Robert Downey Jr.


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And we begin! I am a major slacker who only put the request post up yesterday, so there are still plenty of days to fill if you want to see me blather and/or assault your eyes with graphics.

Today's topic comes from [personal profile] ever_neutral:

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As part of my renewed effort at making this dating thing work, I've been advised to "know what I want." I mean, when I try to create a wish list of the qualities/characteristics that I want my ideal guy to have, I typically get as far as "intelligent, good sense of humor... uh... likes Buffy?" and give up. I am all like, "I DON'T KNOOOOOOW. I DON'T HAVE A ~TYPE." Even though I totally do. I just don't really know what it is?

But, as we all know, I have FAR TOO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. So I figured, maybe that's a place to start? Figure out what I like about these particular characters I envisage as my future husbands, and see what they have in common!

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19 Being Erica (1.04)


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47 Being Erica (1.03)


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26 Being Erica (1.02)
23 Downton Abbey (1.01 and 1.02)
7 Homeland


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Sorry, guys. I have a ton of stuff tabbed and comments to respond to (and memes! I must give you all your icon memes), but I've been busy in work this week and I have exams this weekend, so. More icons! I'm not particularly happy with this batch, but... meh.

13 Vampire Diaries (2.01 "The Return")
14 Being Erica (1.01 "Pilot")
13 Dollhouse


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31 Being Erica icons



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Went to see it at the Kennedy Center last night with my college roommate - who also loved it, which I was SO happy about. I thought she might, since her experience with mental illness is way more complex than mine, but for the same reason, I was also worried that she might find it too intense or upsetting. But she declared it "the perfect show" and was utterly gleeful at My Psychopharmacologist and I. :) (Well, who wouldn't be?) More detailed review coming up as soon as I have time to write one.

In the meantime, linkspam!

* This has already made the rounds, but if you haven't seen it yet, an early (slightly spoilery) review of SMG's new show, Ringer. I AM EXCITE.

* Charisma Carpenter will guest star on Burn Notice this season. Woo!

* More set pics from Being Erica season 4. OMG that HAIR!!!

* Some interesting news on The Office's new boss.

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Just figured I should drop in and let y'all know I'm not dead or anything. Been super busy with two papers due this week, and my parents coming down every weekend to work on the condo. I've been reading the flist when I can and sporadically leaving comments, but I know I have about a zillion comments to respond to. I also totally did a picspam for the next Awesome Lady, which I hope to put up soon. In the meantime... linkspam?

* Super crazy awesome Being Erica spoilers for season 4! I AM EXCITE.

* Jennifer Lawrence is gonna sing in The Hunger Games! I mean, not that this is a shock or anything, since Katniss' singing ability is an established part of her character, but I didn't know if Lawrence could sing, so I wasn't sure how they'd handle it. I am so going to be crying my eyes out during this movie, aren't I?

* Speaking of The Hunger Games, this is apparently a thing that is happening. I'm kind of torn between hoping it's an elaborate joke and wondering exactly how you cook groosling...

* The Emmy Awards ballot is posted. I am contemplating doing my own little voting thing, since the people I like never win, lol.

Bonus! Quote of the Day, brought to you by my Film & Politics class:

"There's a difference between a real human being's nudity and, say, Donald Duck." - the professor, explaining the importance of context in film ratings
"Is that an issue? I mean, he NEVER wears pants." - student


Jun. 8th, 2011 02:29 pm
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Because I'm tired and unmotivated. I swear, I haven't forgotten the Awesome Ladies meme. I just got stalled on female antagonists.

* Matt Smith is definitely coming back for Season 7 of Doctor Who. Was this actually uncertain? It's possible that my desire for Matt Smith to be the Doctor forever and ever (amen) may be clouding my sense of reality, but I didn't think there was any question that he'd come back or that Moffat wanted him back.

* John Barrowman might show up, too. I've always preferred Jack on DW over Torchwood, so yay. I am kind of side-eying that "Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill likely not around" bit, though. I DISAPPROVE OF THIS NONSENSE. ELEVEN/AMY/RORY/RIVER 4-EVA!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT BREAK UP THE BAND.

* Dan Harmon talks about every episode of Community season 2.

* Erin Karpluk has been tweeting pics from season 4 of Being Erica (which just started filming and is supposedly airing in September). Things that make me excited: SEBASTIAN PIGOTT WAS AT THE CBC PREVIEW! Does that mean Kai's coming back?? *fingers crossed*

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Hehhhhh, so I kind of got carried away with Day 4? I can't help it, I have a tendency to overidentify with characters, lol. Plus, they're all so strong and broken and yet utterly adorable that I couldn't choose just one!

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Good news: Being Erica was renewed for a fourth season! \o/

Bad news: It's going to be the last season. :(

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I should be baking cookies, or finishing my Christmas shopping, or probably plenty of other things, too. But first, thank you to [ profile] louise39 for the Christmas card! (which I received back during final paper madness and neglected to mention it)

In TV news, Alexis Denisof is coming back to HIMYM, and Danny Strong will be joining the extended Buffy reunion that is that show.

Also, as if we needed MORE proof of Being Erica's awesomeness, this interview with the showrunners includes pop culture trivia in which Buffy Summers and Starbuck are named as favorite female TV characters, Dexter is a favorite male TV character, Buffy comes up again as a favorite TV show, Glee is most overrated, and Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams are cited as having pickable brains. Clearly these people have good taste.

Coming up hopefully before the holidays: reviews of  Dexter season 5 and The Privileges. I am putting Musical Sunday on hiatus until after New Year's (I suppose I've technically already done that, since I haven't done a post in the last few weeks), partly because I feel like I should be able to come up with Christmas-themed musicals and don't really have any. :( Perhaps when we return, I'll regale you with middle school drama club anecdotes.
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ABC is making a US version of Being Erica? WHAT? WHY? I mean, I know Canadians are like a totally different species and all, with the funny way they pronounce "sorry" and "about," and the whole Mounties thing, but is it really necessary to make a new version for Americans?

I am rolling my eyes at the "the original has been too widely seen to just reair it" excuse, because um, what? Widely seen by the twelve people who get SoapNet and the dedicated few who download it? I DON'T THINK SO. With the exception of The Office, American TV has ruined just about every foreign show they've gotten their hands on, and the original is already so good that it might actually, I don't know, ATTRACT AN AUDIENCE if it were on a channel normal people actually watch. Yes, even though they're Canadian!

Don't be dumb, ABC.
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At this point, I might be better off waiting a day or two so I can watch the season finale (Christmas episode! Yay!) but I've got a lot to say, so a way belated reaction post to the penultimate episode, coming right up...

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SO. I managed to watch some TV last night - Being Erica, Chuck, and Dexter, to be exact. First, let's talk about Being Erica.

I am going to attempt to be more eloquent than "Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai!" but it's difficult )

I don't really have much to say about Chuck (not that it was bad, but it feels sort of like a two-parter, and it's hard to judge the episode when nothing was resolved), except that I still hate Summer Glau and still don't understand the point of the Greta character. I probably talked enough about Dexter on [ profile] goldenusagi's review post (and she said most of what I would have said anyway), so I don't know if I need to make a separate post for that.
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Haha, I feel like this week's Being Erica deserves a serious write-up (oh, Leo...), but then Erica opened the door and I was way too excited to care about anything else. Eeeeeeee!!! I am so excited for next week. I don't think I can wait a whole week. (Except it's not a whole week because it's Thursday already and it airs on Tuesdays. Yay! Need Kai now!)

I will say that this episode seemed particularly preachy for some reason. I mean, I know Erica always learns a lesson, but this one seemed to hit the moral especially hard. (Or maybe it's just because I disagree with it. Violence is always the answer. *g*)

Now that we're a few episodes in, some thoughts on how the group therapy is working:
  • Whenever Erica gets whisked into a session, everyone already knows what's just happened to her. How does this work, exactly? Dr. Tom always knew, but I assumed that omniscient knowledge of your patient's life was part of the time travel therapy package. So is he just gathering everyone and briefing them on what's happening before he pulls Erica in? That seems awfully sketchy, considering they'd be judging Erica based on Dr. Tom's interpretation rather than seeing things for themselves - and Dr. Tom is clearly not the most objective person when it comes to Erica. (Does anyone think it's a coincidence that he came down on her so hard for something that he himself struggles with? Not a chance.) Do they get to watch it on some kind of magic surveillance feed or something? Or do they have omniscient knowledge, too?

  • Along the same lines, will we ever see Erica getting pulled into someone else's session (which would answer the question of how they know what to talk about), or are all these people just there to serve Erica's mental health needs?

  • On a completely frivolous note, I loved everyone showing up in their pajamas last week. :)

  • I want to see more done with the group dynamic. So far, it seems like Adam is the only one who gets to do anything with Erica, and the rest of the group is just there to give Erica a reason to interact with Adam. And I'm not a fan of Irish!Kai - he's a poor replacement, and I'm not ready to see Erica in a relationship with a new guy yet, so I don't like the hints of where that might be going.

  • When they time travel in pairs, how does it work with the second person? Like, in this episode, obviously Erica goes back into her own body like always, but Adam just appears out of thin air? Doesn't anyone notice? And then at the end, did he just disappear? Didn't Leo wonder where Erica's weird older guy went? Or, for that matter, their cabbie? And would present!Erica even know what happened? Would she remember that Adam was there, and if so, how on earth would she rationalize that?
Maybe I am thinking too much, lol.
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So, I had all sorts of plans about reviewing TV shows as they premiered, but I'm getting rather behind, so here's the quick and dirty version. :) Going forward, I'm not going to make an effort to post about everything I watch - I'll comment if something strikes me, but as much as I'd love it if watching TV was my full-time job, I am not actually a TV critic, so I've got to keep it reasonable.

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Day 01 - A show that never should have been canceled

Day 02 - A show you wish more people were watching

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And the rest of the days, for those who want to play along...

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