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LOL this is probably where I start to offend some people?

The full list of days, if you want to play along.

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The full list of days, if you want to play along.

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The full list of days, if you want to play along, is here.

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The full list of days, if you want to play along, is here.

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Finally - FINALLY - decided to start posting, in the hopes that it will motivate me to complete the rest of the days (I have the first seven, as well as a few random later days, picspammed). The full list of days, if you want to play along, is here.

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Last Galentine's Day post! Before I get into it, I want to say thank you to [personal profile] angearia for the Galentine's Day v-gift. Also, [personal profile] chaila wrote me FNL meta! Go read!

This picspam is for [profile] maharet83, who asked for Anya or Oz. In the spirit of celebrating the ladies, I went with my favorite Anya moments.

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YOU GUYS. I have been so excited to post my Galentine's Day stuff, I COULD BARELY CONTAIN MYSELF. So I am starting a day early!

This one is for [personal profile] semele. I'm... not entirely sure what to call it? Sort of a meta-shaped graphic thing?

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Hiya, folks. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (or, outside the U.S., a totally normal Thursday). Mine was... action-packed. Which is perhaps why it's been a week since I last posted. I needed time to recover.

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It's here! The end of the Awesome Ladies meme!

Hahaha, okay, technically I could've finished it a while ago, but I made the picspams and then I got distracted by icon-making and... well, then I kinda wanted to redo the picspams but didn't have time because of all the iconning and I've been very busy rebuilding Elizabethan England (the Queen was very pleased with my work, and I made over 50 million pounds - at which point, I probably could've just BOUGHT England - but there were so many droughts and leaky roofs and my workers kept dying of the plague or something. It was all very stressful).

Where was I? Right. Picspam. FINAL DAY.

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Next to last day of the Awesome Ladies meme! What am I gonna picspam now? Hahahaha, I started making icons. I am insane.

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We are nearing the end! Which means the next few posts will just be random collections of awesome ladies, lol. YOU CANNOT CONTAIN ME WITH YOUR PUNY CATEGORIES, MEME! But this one I actually wanted to stick to, because I think it's just as important to celebrate the creators who give us these awesome lady characters. Even if it's harder to picspam, lol.

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AKA: the point at which I completely gave up on the meme and just started posting random awesomeness.

Speaking of which, I am pondering possibly doing a round-up of my favorite "We Love the Women Fandom Hates" posts from this week. I missed, like, 90% of the thing and didn't get a chance to participate myself, but lots of people have posted awesome things. (Shout-out to [personal profile] ever_neutral for being the stanniest Elena stan there is!)

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We are approaching the end of this, the longest month in the history of EVER.

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What is with all the memes going around, eh? It's like we're all bored and waiting for the fall TV season to start or something. :)

Comment to this entry with a crazy capslocked phrase of your choosing, and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

Because[personal profile] ever_neutral is a horrible person (jk I ♥ you!), she gave me the letter U.

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Well, now that the earthquake excitement has passed (yes, I'm fine, building is fine, everyone's fine except the whiny dog down the hall), I have more awesome ladies for you.

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First, hop on over to OH MY GOD, ME TOO!: The Unusual Opinions Amnesty Post that [ profile] pocochina is hosting. It's cathartic. :) Then come back here and celebrate some awesome ladies!

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I seem to have settled into a once-a-week pattern for this meme, so hopefully it won't take me the rest of my life to finish it.

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As threatened promised.

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