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* Jonathan Banks is officially in the Better Call Saul spin-off, which, IMO, makes it 10x better already.

* And here's an interview with Aaron Paul and his young Hellion co-star, who happens to be a Breaking Bad fan.

* Another image of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

* Tom Hiddleston jumps rope, does push-ups, and breathes heavily. You're welcome. Also, Tom wearing the Captain America suit in a Thor: The Dark World behind the scenes feature. He even does Chris Evans' VOICE, hilarious.

* The new Maleficent trailer is creepy and awesome as fuck.

* And, since we haven't had a cooking post in a while: Garlic-Lemon Mahi-Mahi. Super simple, probably doesn't really need a recipe, but I made it and it was yummy so I'm gonna brag about it.

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