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* Leonardo DiCaprio is remarkably blase about almost being eaten by a shark.

* The Office's Craig Robinson has a new sitcom coming to NBC.

* SNL finally hired a black female cast member.

* If you've managed to get that obnoxiously catchy song from this week's The Good Wife out of your head, this video will put it right back. But it's worth it.

* How that surprise cameo in Community's season premiere came about. Also, an interview with Alison Brie about the new season.

* Agents of SHIELD is back tonight, so the cast and crew are out in full force to promote it. I spotted at least two interviews with Clark Gregg, as well as another with Jed and Maurissa. Also, Stan Lee will be making an appearance to buck up its Marvel cred.

* First on-set photo of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor... but it's not the Doctor's new costume? So, what, Capaldi just showed up on set dressed like that for fun?

* Yet more evidence Neil Patrick Harris is the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed. (Also, OMG IT LOOKS SO WARM THERE.)

* Josh Holloway talks about his new series, Intelligence, premiering tonight, the premise of which sounds an awful lot like Chuck without the nerd love (which, of course, was the best part).

Date: Jan. 8th, 2014 04:01 am (UTC)
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It seems I have not respected Leo enough.

but it's not the Doctor's new costume? So, what, Capaldi just showed up on set dressed like that for fun?
I guess this is before Twelve has the customary dramatic self-makeover where he decides sombreros (or whatever) are cool?

This comment on the NPH article

So sad to see another former child star turn to a life of drugs and alcohol to the point of being literally washed up.

is everything.


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