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* Batman and Captain America saved a cat from a burning building. NO REALLY. YOU GUYS I CANNOT STOP GIGGLING AT HOW ADORABLE THIS IS.

I hope the inevitable Marvel/DC crossover movie involves saving kittens.

Okay, fine. Here are more links to make this an actual "spam."

* 12 Breaking Bad storylines that never made it into the series. I hope Badger is in the Saul spinoff, because I really want to see him shoot a flaming arrow at ANYTHING. Expert!Archer!Badger FTW.

* Vince Gilligan and the cast of Breaking Bad drop hints about what's coming for each character in the final four episodes of the series.

* If you haven't seen it yet, the Parks & Recreation season 5 gag reel is fairly epic. I could really do without all the Councilman Jamm, though. He is not nearly as funny as the show seems to think he is.

* Pinata cookies! These look absolutely awesome and I waaaaants them but they are way too involved for my lazy ass. Someone make them and send them to me, and I will shower you with... idk, whatever you want!


Date: Sep. 9th, 2013 09:17 am (UTC)
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Bahahaha for a moment there I thought you meant Chris Evans and Christian Bale saved the cat. BUT THIS WAS SO MUCH BETTER.
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