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So [personal profile] ever_neutral and [personal profile] semele have both started this meme, thus shaming me into finishing the damn thing myself. :-P

The full list of days, if you want to play along.

Day 8: The ship you want to break up so you can stan the hell out of them
Tony Stonem/Michelle Richardson (Skins)

I did not like Tony Stonem in s1. When I mentioned this to [personal profile] ever_neutral she replied, "I should think that's obvious? He's an emotionally abusive, manipulative sociopath." Which, absolutely, he is. But ordinarily, I am all over the raging asshole character, lol, but something about Tony just cut too close somehow. I think maybe it's because the characters of Skins are so achingly realistic and relatable that it stop being about fictional assholes douchecanoing around and becomes just unpleasant to watch. It's heartbreaking to see Michelle and Sid being treated the way Tony treats them. IDK, for whatever reason, I just felt like he totally did not deserve either of them as a girlfriend or a best friend. I wouldn't say I particularly wanted Sid and Michelle to get together in s1, but I sympathized with Sid and his unrequited love, and I desperately wanted Michelle to wise up and dump Tony's sorry ass.

AND THEN! Then they broke up and Tony got hit by a bus and EVERYTHING CHANGED and suddenly I stanned the hell out of them, lol. Here's this guy for whom everything was so easy, and now he's trying to rebuild his life and every little thing is a struggle. And this girl who thought the boy she loved had finally learned to respect her, and now he can't even remember their relationship. Careful what you wish for, Michelle: she wanted him to change, and now he's a completely different person.

I also really love the way that the relatively straightforward Tony/Michelle/Sid love triangle of s1 gets deconstructed in s2. Usually I am not big on love triangles, but I adore the fact that when Michelle and Sid get together, it's 90% about Tony, lol. It's about them not knowing how to deal with Tony's accident and how it changed him. It's like they ALL lost their sense of identity, because Michelle and Sid defined themselves so much by their relationships with Tony, and all three of them are floundering, trying to figure out who they are now and what they mean to each other.

Er, this is starting to sound like an OT3 manifesto, lol. Which, it kind of has to be, I guess, because Sid is such a crucial element of Tony/Michelle. But at the end of the day, it's always going to be these two.

Icons are here if you want 'em.
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